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frenchhorn 06-07-2011 04:19 AM

*hugs Mrs Pan* hope you sleep ok

Doikers 06-07-2011 11:02 AM

*Hugs Laura*

*Hugs Lia*

*Hugs Oliver*

*Hugs Mrs Pan*

Laura2.0 06-07-2011 11:19 AM

*hugs Oliver*
*hugs Lia*
*hugs Pan*
*hugs mark*

how are you all?

one_step_closer 06-07-2011 12:36 PM

*hugs everyone*

Doikers 06-07-2011 01:59 PM

*Hugs Laura*

*Hugs Lindsay*

I don't know how I am yet , How are you gals?

one_step_closer 06-07-2011 03:21 PM

I'm still feeling suicidal. I'm going to try and contact the voluntary crisis team tonight but they usually just tell me to watch TV.

Doikers 06-07-2011 03:22 PM

*Squishes Lindsay Heaps*

one_step_closer 06-07-2011 05:00 PM

Thanks, Mark. How are you doing now?

aklx 06-07-2011 05:11 PM


Watching TV is bloody crap advice in a crisis. Is there nobody else you can contact?

one_step_closer 06-07-2011 05:25 PM

I might try and phone my OT tomorrow if they don't help, but she never knows what to do either.

I've decided that I have to kill myself to stop the men in my head from killing my brother. This is for the best. He won't have to die and I won't have to suffer any more.

Doikers 06-07-2011 05:30 PM

*Hugs Lindsay extra hard!*

*Hugs Mrs Pan*

aklx 06-07-2011 05:35 PM

*hugs Mark & Lindsay*

I know this probably isn't the most popular suggestion but have you thought about maybe being an actual impatient? Have you ever spoken to anybody about that?

I know that nobody wants you dead and we don't want anybody hurt at all. Maybe you could get help in there and you wouldn't have to suffer either.

Laura2.0 06-07-2011 05:49 PM

*hugs all*

does anyone have a hungry baby? I've got milk

PoisonedApple 06-07-2011 06:36 PM

*hugs everyone*

misskitty112 06-07-2011 07:03 PM

*hugs ward*
I'm still around, I've just been lurking.
I'll try to catch up later.

one_step_closer 06-07-2011 07:13 PM

I'm not allowed to be hospitalised unless my 'circumstances change' whatever that means because my old psychiatrist said that hospital isn't helpful for me.

Louise 06-07-2011 07:56 PM

hugs everyone,

Lindsay did you think that hospital or not?

PoisonedApple 06-07-2011 08:11 PM

How do they think circumstances are going to change that you will still need hospital, Lindsay? That just doesn't make sense to me... at all.

aklx 06-07-2011 08:27 PM

That doesn't make sense to me either :/
How do they know hospital wouldn't be helpful for you, have you been in one before?

PoisonedApple 06-07-2011 08:32 PM

Even if she has been, I'd think if one thing didn't work then they could try something else... Eventually something would be helpful.

Do you have a new psych that could determine if it would be helpful and send them new info to go off of?

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