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one_step_closer 19-06-2021 02:48 PM

Sometimes nature is bad. Lucky there are nice things to make up for the badness.

nonperson 19-06-2021 02:49 PM

Agreed. Like baby Egyptian geese and coots.

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 02:53 PM

True lindsay!

Geese are also evil! Don't have much experience with coots!

nonperson 19-06-2021 02:56 PM

Egyptian geese aren't as evil as the Canada ones. Baby coots are just chirpy and fluffy and their feet are far too big.

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 03:00 PM

I see
When me and Jasmine fed the ducks last week there were some grey geese. Not sure what type they were but they were very well behaved!

Baby coots sound cute!

nonperson 19-06-2021 03:27 PM

Greylag maybe, with bright orange beaks?

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 03:30 PM

Yes I think so!

nonperson 19-06-2021 03:46 PM

I like them. =)

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 03:49 PM

They were very well behaved!
Other geese would probably be bullying the ducks for the seeds but they were just hanging at the back keeping to themselves!

nonperson 19-06-2021 05:54 PM

Well behaved.

The coots were beating up the geese here. =P

I've just done a load of washing up and now need to make a shopping list... =|

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 06:10 PM


Well done!
Oh no, not a shopping list!!!

one_step_closer 19-06-2021 06:11 PM

Number one on list - a yummy treat.

nonperson 19-06-2021 06:16 PM

Yep, treats on the list already. Might get some more of those "brookies" too.

Are either of you (or anyone else) fans of the music at Download festival?

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 06:17 PM

That should definitely be number one!

Yes I LOVE the type of music they have at download. I've wanted to go since I was about 14!

one_step_closer 19-06-2021 06:21 PM

What's a brookie?

I know nothing about Download.

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 06:24 PM

I've never tried a brookie but I think np described it as a brownie and cookie together! It sounded delicious!

It's rock/metal music lindsay

one_step_closer 19-06-2021 06:25 PM

Oh well that does sound good - both.

nonperson 19-06-2021 06:31 PM

They are exactly as Beckie described and pure heaven. They're in those little plastic bakery boxes in Asda.

It's Download this weekend =o I've been once, was pretty good. Although I think my music tastes have softened a bit nowadays as I don't know many of the bands any more. It's being shown on Sky Arts tonight.

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 06:42 PM

I might have to watch it!
I listen to a wide range of music!
I'm quite unto pop punk at the moment, fall out boy, green day etc.
Also my chemical romance.
My music taste has not changed in the last 15 years XD

nonperson 19-06-2021 06:52 PM

I think it's on at 9pm!

Lineup: https://downloadfestival.co.uk/lineup/#poster

Aah Green Day reminds me of school and college! I revert back to pop punk sometimes although find that I can't listen to Blink 182 much any more because of them being the ex's favourite band... >.<

But Green Day and the Offspring are still up there <3

I left during Mr Chemical Romance's set at a festival I saw them at! XD Couldn't cope for the whole thing lol.

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 06:56 PM

Oooh iron maiden! And the pretty reckless!

Ah yeah. I hate it when bad memories tarnish a song/band for me!

I tried SO hard to get tickets for their uk tour but they sold out :'(
My brother and his girlfriend got tickets though!

I'm watching that new Disney film Luca

nonperson 19-06-2021 07:02 PM

Biffy Clyro are good live.

But on the other hand the Enema of the State album reminds me of my GSCE art exam which was before I met him so that one's all good still =D

And yeah, I don't know what it is about MCR that I can't deal with... Maybe they're just too emo!

Sucks that you couldn't get tickets. Your brother should have taken you!

Don't think I know what Luca is about. Any good?

I should go shopping soon, nooooo.

nonperson 19-06-2021 07:09 PM

I'm confused. Not sure if I'm making the entire Download festival thing up. That poster says 2022 lineup...

But there was stuff on the news about it this morning being on now. Further research needed... Hm.

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 07:14 PM

MCR are incredibly emo! And that's why i love them :p

He totally should have taken me!

It's about this sea creature thing that turns into a human when on the surface but they are all forbidden to be on the surface but he wants to be on the surface.

Oh noo! Not shopping!
I'm getting a tesco delivery later. No shops for me luckily!

Hmm. Weird!

nonperson 19-06-2021 07:15 PM

Ok, I'm totally wrong. Download has been cancelled this year...!

There was stuff on the news this morning from what I thought was Donington where everyone was being interviewed saying how much they've missed festivals and how many covid tests they've all had to have to be able to be there so I dunno what I was watching but it certainly wasn't Download... although I swear that's what they said...

And it should have been LAST weekend, not this one. AND they were playing old stuff on Sky Arts last weekend.

So basically ignore everything I've said...

Kinda bummed out now, was looking forward to it!

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 07:19 PM

Ah that sucks!

nonperson 19-06-2021 07:20 PM

However there is Download Festival Reloaded on NowTV if you still have that. Best bits from 2011 to 2019. The evening isn't entirely ruined then!

And now that I've spammed this thread with nonsense I'm gonna go shopping. >.>

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 07:21 PM

I do still have nowtv!

Good luck!

zombiehunter 19-06-2021 07:48 PM


Cacoethes 19-06-2021 07:53 PM

How the **** are you?!

zombiehunter 19-06-2021 07:54 PM


I'm pretty damn good thanks

been back to work and my martial arts training nd had my first covid jab

AND on thursday i got to see my wee granny for the first time since march last year :-D

how the **** are you??

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 07:58 PM

That's all awesome!

I'm great thanks!

zombiehunter 19-06-2021 08:04 PM

been the **** up to much?

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 08:09 PM

Nope! Same old! Very boring!
I was supposed to go to Morocco on the 12th but bloody easyjet cancelled my ticket!

zombiehunter 19-06-2021 08:10 PM

stupid easyjet

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 08:12 PM

I know! How very dare they!

zombiehunter 19-06-2021 08:17 PM

you should kick their arses

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 08:26 PM

Still waiting for my refund from them!

zombiehunter 19-06-2021 08:30 PM

they definetly need an arse kicking

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 08:33 PM

I've just sent an email because I could reaallly do with that money!

nonperson 19-06-2021 09:12 PM


Zombie appeared at the mention of metal \m/

Download are doing a weird mini trial festival this weekend and that's why it was on the news. I'm not going mad after all! >.>

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 09:14 PM

Well done np!

Ah ok!

nonperson 19-06-2021 09:28 PM

Thanks. =) Picked a trolley with a really dodgy wheel so I got a bit of a core workout too.

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 09:35 PM

Haha! Always good!

My tesco delivery is coming between 9-10
Genuinely so excited! Is that sad? :p

nonperson 19-06-2021 09:48 PM

Nope! Deliveries of any kind are always exciting even if they're the most boring item.

tamobhuuta 19-06-2021 09:49 PM

I remember Greenday etc! A bit later I got into a bit of emo.

Two news items from me:
2 people from my mum's office have coronavirus. Luckily she is working from home.
More importantly:
We're going to a chocolate cafe tomorrow.

Cacoethes 19-06-2021 09:51 PM

That's what I think np!!!

Ooooh a chocolate cafe! Enjoy!

nonperson 19-06-2021 09:56 PM

Glad your mum is away from the infected people, tamo! It's scary when people close by get it =/

What items does a chocolate cafe do? =o

tamobhuuta 19-06-2021 09:56 PM

I will! Apparently they do really posh hot chocolate, like single origin etc. I may even have cake...

tamobhuuta 19-06-2021 09:59 PM

Ninja post! They do all kinds of hot chocolate and cakes.

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