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sapphire hearts 14-07-2012 07:24 PM

food is good *nods*

hope you have fun at the movies - let me know if the spiderman one is any good!

midnightphoenix 14-07-2012 07:31 PM

Since the early hours of the morning I've had this idea that I need to get rid of my ribs otherwise they're going to reach out from inside me and strangle me. I am so unsafe right now. I need one of my tools but it means I've got to go upstairs and get one.

sapphire hearts 14-07-2012 07:50 PM

all i do is hurt ppl. not gonna post anymore. so sorry to everyone i hurt. thank you for everything.

midnightphoenix 14-07-2012 08:12 PM

sapphire we're all here for you, please keep talking (hugs)

happiness...its all a lie 14-07-2012 08:48 PM

katie honey *snuggles* talk whats up? you havent hurt us we love you *snuggles more*

*makes kitty wave paw back* hes good to me really lol. I didnt bake in the end haha. My mum is dragging me out 2mz :( i dont want to go. I did random stuff now im chilling watching twilight getting my fix of edward and teaching my mum how to use ebay which is fun...

sapphire hearts 14-07-2012 10:48 PM

I hurt sum1 in the Safe Room. I'm poisonous and thoughtless and insensitive, and evry1 here has been thru 2 much for me 2 do this to them. im so so sorry

xMakeSomeNoisex 14-07-2012 10:54 PM

*hugs everyone* sorry everyone is having a rough time lately.

*lays in bed staring at the ceiling*
I feel pretty sucky physically today. Last night I ended up binging and purging, so naturally today I have a horrid stomach ache and a headache, that just adds to the fact that last night I laid in bed for 2 hours trying to sleep because I was tired but nope my mind apparently had other plans. So I was stuck awake all night and no amount of medication was getting me to sleep which sucks. So today I feel sick and am in a very very pissy mood and keep snapping at everyone around me because of it. I want to calm down but I can't and just feel annoyed and can't stand anyone.

happiness...its all a lie 14-07-2012 11:11 PM

Katie honey, i had a look. The person understands it was a mistake you didnt know, they are ok and not upset or angry. You dont do anything to hurt us. Honestly its all sorted and fine now :D

Hey makesomenoise sorry your having a hard time, maybe you could have a nice bath and take some paracetamol and get into bed and just try to relax with music or reading and then maybe drop off to sleep?

*leaves cuddles*

midnightphoenix 14-07-2012 11:18 PM


Originally Posted by sapphire hearts (Post 3297163)
I hurt sum1 in the Safe Room. I'm poisonous and thoughtless and insensitive, and evry1 here has been thru 2 much for me 2 do this to them. im so so sorry

No you're not insensitive sapphire :rose:

xMakeSomeNoisex 14-07-2012 11:23 PM

Thanks happiness,
I tried to lay in bed and relax with some music but it just isn't working.
I am just exhausted, I want to have a nice cup of tea but since I am out of my lactose free fat free milk I can't. I just haven't been getting much sleep and it really is wearing on me because I am already having a lot of trouble with my eating issues and the lack of sleep is turning me into a moody, grumpy, mean person. Also added stress for me is that tonight my mother decided we are having pizza, so yay now I get to be extremely anxious and stressed about that. On days like these I really shouldn't be around people because I tend to snap at everyone for the littlest things.

sapphire hearts 14-07-2012 11:32 PM

I am, all I do is hurt people. I'm so sorry, to everyone, here and in the Safe Room. I'm the person that you all want to hide from, the thoughtless, insensitive poisonous person that caused you all so much pain. I'm so so sorry.

RootsbeforeBranches 15-07-2012 05:19 AM

*hugs sapphire* Youre not that person at all.

I'm now planning how to harm and hide it - I feel like this is a whole new, bad, stage of SH

bluedusteyes 15-07-2012 06:47 PM

*walks in; settles in corner with a good book*

Laura2.0 15-07-2012 08:50 PM

*hugs all*
welcome to the ward bluedustedeyes.

midnightphoenix 15-07-2012 09:06 PM

*hugs everyone then goes into corner of ward and curls up shaking* it's all my fault

risenfromperdition 15-07-2012 09:22 PM

you dont hurt anyone sapphire <3 you not poisin. nope. <3

happiness...its all a lie 15-07-2012 09:59 PM

Sapphire your lovely sweetheart you always listen to me when your struggling. You are a kind caring considerate loving person *hugs*

*leaves hugs for everyone*

could do with some safe cuddles please feel scared and frightened and alone.

midnightphoenix 15-07-2012 10:01 PM

*Hugs and snuggles Happiness*

happiness...its all a lie 15-07-2012 10:03 PM

thank you midnight star x

Laura2.0 15-07-2012 10:15 PM

*hugs midnight-star*
*hugs Heather*
*hgus Faye*

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