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FlyingNy 17-03-2011 12:15 AM

*Hugs Felicia* It's alright. I'm glad you're at least parcially sort of okay. It's better than a 'no I'm ****' at any rate. You can talk to me if you need to.

BWchick 17-03-2011 12:18 AM

as in tired brain or sad scary brain? I hope you're better than yesterday :)

Hi Lia! I know exactly what you mean! but... sorry but what is bretch? I go to a school that doesn't have a theatre class.... I'm doing fine! a little stressed about school, but its junior year so that is to be expected! :) how are you? (sorry if I already asked that. I am tired as well :))

FlyingNy 17-03-2011 12:23 AM

Brecht is a practitioner. In his theatre, he doesn't want to convince the audience that what they are seeing is real. He wants them to observe knowing they are in a theatre. His aims are to teach a lesson, not to relax and entertain the audience (although having said that, he likes to use spass, which is the German word for fun to entertain the audience so they are more likely to remember the play and therefore the social or political message). So we were able to break down the fourth wall (the wall between the audience and the actors) and engage with the audience.

I'm alright. Very happy my performance went well :) I was so worried (still am, I have to perform it again for my exam in two weeks :s). Atm, I'm writing fanfiction because I am just that cool ;) How are you?

misskitty112 17-03-2011 12:27 AM

Magana, more of a sad stupid brain. Family issues are still lingering, plus I'm coming up on a hard day Saturday... so I'm just not all here.

Lia, I'm glad your performance went well, and writing fanfiction is epically cool! I'm writing poetry... cause, I'm an English major, and I'm not feeling reading right now... so adding to my poetry portfolio it is.

Billy! 17-03-2011 12:29 AM

*curls up*

shadowedsoul 17-03-2011 12:30 AM

hugs all hmm feel like ***** tonight. dont want to do this anymore. everthings a waste of time, i just get screwed over

misskitty112 17-03-2011 12:32 AM

*Hugs Charlie*
*Hugs Jill* What's wrong?

FlyingNy 17-03-2011 12:33 AM

*Hugs Jill and Charlie* You can both do this :) Jill, there's a reason you've hung on this long, that you've resisted all these urges before. Hold on to that feeling <3

Billy! 17-03-2011 12:35 AM

I can't Lia. Why did I get rid of my blades? :'(

FlyingNy 17-03-2011 12:38 AM

Because you don't need them. Because you are better than them and have already gone so long without them. You can beat this.

shadowedsoul 17-03-2011 12:41 AM

hmm :( what if i dont want to this time. nothing is getting better. sorry guys you dont need this.

Billy! 17-03-2011 12:43 AM

No, I do need them, they are stronger than me and they always win. I should know that by now.

FlyingNy 17-03-2011 12:48 AM

But they aren't. You're winning this one and there will be urges and maybe slip ups but that doesn't make them stronger. You will beat this in the end :)

*Hugs Jill* don't apologise, we're here to support each other. You can do this Jill. Is there anything you enjoy doing that you can do right now?

I love you both. Don't give up.

Billy! 17-03-2011 12:50 AM

I can't give up tonight anyway. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better.

BWchick 17-03-2011 01:21 AM

you will feel better!

sometimes talking can get you through. but it wiil get better jill!!

aww Felicia, do you need to talk it out? what happens Saturday? family issues suck but things will be alright!

oh ok I get it now Lia! I know about the fourth wall and stuff but I'm still descovering my way through it. you fanfiction? I might have read what you do! what stories have you done?

xxjuliexx 17-03-2011 04:49 AM

um hi.... sorry i been gone for ages

Kahlia1981 17-03-2011 05:48 AM

Hello all. *huggles*

Still in hospital in Cairns
Managed to get onto a computer in order to update my thread with current events as I seem to be unable to get the emotions out any other way.
Really missing all of you.
Won't be able to read anything until I get home, but wanted to let you all know I'm missing, and thinking of you all.

*huggles all*

Doikers 17-03-2011 11:23 AM

*Hugs Charlie* Way to go you!
*Hugs Lia*
*Hugs Meganna*
*Hugs Crimson* Are you desended from Royalty???
*Hugs Felicia*
*Hugs Jill*
*Hugs Julie* Heeeey:)
*Hugs Kahlia* I miss you too hun

one_step_closer 17-03-2011 02:52 PM

*hugs everyone*

Doikers 17-03-2011 03:12 PM

*Hugs Lindsay* How are you feeling hun?

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