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nicole94 28-12-2010 04:45 PM

lol Helen. But then there are no decent shops around here, so it is kinda pointless having the buses XD

MammaMia 28-12-2010 04:46 PM

Fair enough =P

nicole94 28-12-2010 04:50 PM

lol. Hmmm. Which of these colleges look better?
I can't decide where to go next year.

Doikers 28-12-2010 05:00 PM

What do you want to study Nicole?

nicole94 28-12-2010 05:05 PM

Health and social care, I am currently studying a level 1 at the abingdon and witney college, but a lot of people say the tutors on the level 2 course are awful, so I cant decide wether to move to the oxford one :/

Doikers 28-12-2010 05:10 PM

Well , you could get a prospectous from the Oxford college , then you could read up on their facilitys and stuff , When I was deciding on a college they would send you a prospectous for free , I'm sure there will be a place on their website to order one or just e-mail them asking , can't hurt.

nicole94 28-12-2010 05:14 PM

I just looked and found the date of there open day, so i might go to that.

Doikers 28-12-2010 05:18 PM

Oh cool thats a Good Idea Nicole :)

nicole94 28-12-2010 05:26 PM

yeah mark. Honestly, colleges lol.
eugh I topped up 10 earlier and i let my brother use my phone to call up orange and now i only have 3.60 left.

Doikers 28-12-2010 05:33 PM

Ohhhhh Brothers eh? What network are you on ? Was he on the phone a long time?

nicole94 28-12-2010 05:37 PM

I know, i'm on orange aswell, and he was on the phone for about 20 mins? gah.

MammaMia 28-12-2010 05:58 PM

Families hey, we love to hate them =P

My brother likes to wind us up something chronic at times & he always make me laugh hahaha!!!

SparkleKitten 28-12-2010 06:00 PM

Hey guys. I had to go on Orange Contract due to their insane and random charges. As soon as my contract is up I'm heading over to O2.

Had a lovely soup today. And the Wii told me I was healthy. Got a nice clean room and my new ipod dock from my fiance kicks ass. I have a remote, so I can sit on my bed and play music, finally.

How are my Wardies today? *cuddles*

Doikers 28-12-2010 06:00 PM

Yeah I love My Little Sister , even though she's not so little anymore (28) .

nicole94 28-12-2010 06:04 PM

lol Mark, I think you are the only person i've ever seen say 'I love my little sister'

Doikers 28-12-2010 06:04 PM

Cool Sarah . I'm on Tesco Mobile , If you top up 10 on the 1st of the month they give you 20 extra credit free for that month . *Hugs*

LOL Nicole , It's taken a number of years , we used to drive each other barmy like all siblings but we got on as well :)

nicole94 28-12-2010 06:10 PM

lol. Me and my sister occasionally get along, not often though!
I'm on the dolphin package from orange, If I top up 10 a month I get 300 free texts and 100mb free internet, I also use 5 of my credit each month to buy unlimited texts (which are needed cause I have sent 247 texts in the last 2 days alone!)
Which reminds me, does anyone know how to use the text messaging thing for samaritans? It's just at night I can't use phone support for DBT and if I call samaritans then my whole family will be able to hear me.....

Doikers 28-12-2010 06:18 PM

I don't know their Text service number Nicole , I looked but coulden't figure it out , However their E-mail support is jo@samaritans.org although you won't get an instant reply they do get back to you , usually the next day in my few times I've contacted them experience .

SparkleKitten 28-12-2010 06:19 PM

Some of the packages are sweet on Orange, my sister is on one for 10 a month with 300 minutes and Unlimited texts, One I'm on is 15 for 100 minutes and unlimited texts and the O2 one I want is unlimited texts, 800 minutes for 20 like my fiance has...

I get on okay with my sister most of the time. Not got any real attachment to my family after everything that has happened though.

Not yet been shopping but this year I'm spending most of my Christmas money in charity shops in the local area. Possibly going to do some fundraising to next year. I may have very little but I have more than some people do.

Doikers 28-12-2010 06:25 PM

Charity Shops can be neat ,I got a deal on a game hehe , It's an old game but 1 so then when I had old DVD's too get rid of I gave them to that charity shop . I might go on a charity shop crawl tomorrow lol

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