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Doikers 10-05-2016 03:37 PM

Welcome to the thread , Ashley :) I'm Mark.

Marshmallow. 10-05-2016 03:42 PM

Thanks, nice to meet you Mark.
How are you? :)


Doikers 10-05-2016 05:50 PM

Ashley , you've caught me in a very stressful and frustrating time of my life . How are you?

Marshmallow. 10-05-2016 06:40 PM

I'm sorry to hear that Mark :( *hugs*
Not doing so great either tbh, having quite a distressing time right now.


Doikers 11-05-2016 09:10 AM

Oh I'm sorry Ashley :( *Glomps* We are here should you wanna talk about it :)

Kahlia1981 11-05-2016 10:49 AM

Hey Ashley. Welcome to the madhouse. I hope you enjoy your stay. ;-) Sorry to hear you aren't going so well. There's pretty much always someone around so feel free to talk/post, find yourself a comfy pillow fort/couch/corner/whatever and just chill around people who won't judge no matter what.

Hey big brother. Sorry that I haven't been around as much. D*mn uni assignments, hospitalisations and all the wheelchair stuff.... *big hugs*

Hiya Haile. Not sure how much has changed since I was last in here for anything much more than a cry in a corner or hiding from the world.

Uni assignment due on Monday and I only just finished getting it typed/drawn up on the laptop and will spend tomorrow ensuring that everything that is supposed to be there is there and that the page spacing makes sense. Fun. Next two days will be interesting and hell. On one hand trialing some wheelchairs and possibly a more suitable walker but Friday it's funeral followed by wake. Too many people lost already this year. *sigh*

The darkness is just trying to pull me in and it would be so easy to let go. I feel like I'm either invisible or the source of everyone's hatred.

*leaves tea, coffee, hot chocolate and brownies on the table*

*heads to her corner and cries*

Doikers 11-05-2016 11:34 AM

Kahlia , You're not invisible and I sure as sure can be don't hate you *Hugs Tight*

Marshmallow. 11-05-2016 02:53 PM

I'm waiting on the crisis team coming round. It's such a waste of time, they don't listen to me. I tell them I'm not coping, I'm not sleeping, I'm literally not doing anything. My entire flat is a mess, I haven't done dishes in a week, I'm running out of clothes. I can't remember the last time I went shopping, I'm surviving on bread my mother gave me and tins of soup.
The crisis team are going to tell me the same thing they always do, I need to go out with friends (who?) or if I go for a walk I'll feel better, I don't think so. I think today will be my last visit from them.
I'm sorry to hear that you guys are also struggling. I wish I had a magic wand to wave and make all of our problems disappear. Kahlia, you are in no way invisible.
*grabs tea and a brownie*


Doikers 11-05-2016 05:00 PM


I need to go out with friends (who?) or if I go for a walk I'll feel better, I don't think so

Marshmallow. 11-05-2016 09:01 PM

At least someone gets it.


Doikers 11-05-2016 11:19 PM

I've been told that rubbish , Ashley.

Was told to "Get out there" by a psych , but not how.

Doikers 12-05-2016 10:46 AM

How are you all today?

Marshmallow. 12-05-2016 02:17 PM

They tell you to do these things like its so easy. The nurse actually said to me I have lots of friends I could spend time with. I literally have 2 people I would call friends. They don't seem to understand that I don't speak to my friends or family about how I'm feeling all the time.
Been prescribed zopiclone so actually had some sleep last night. Other than that I feel upset but empty at the same time.
How is everyone else doing?


Doikers 12-05-2016 03:10 PM

I'm sorry Ashley, it seems the same where ever in the country you are , the CMHT here is a joke.
My only friend has moved away yesterday. This town is dodgy as all hell. Don't drink but "Get out there"

Anyhoo, I'm still here.

Kathryn_Anna 12-05-2016 08:27 PM

Sorry I haven't been here in what seems like forever. I just can't keep up with things.

My youngest is sick. If it weren't for all of our experience with my middle child we would have been sent to be admitted. I've had like 3 referrals for her alone in the last 3 days. On top of the 7 people my middle sees and the 4 people my oldest sees. If I wasn't done adulting before I am so done now! To top things off, hubby is out of town and I had to pick the oldest up from school early because he felt like he was going to pass out.

*curls up with a blanket and pillow to take a nice long nap*

Eir 13-05-2016 10:12 AM

Hello everybody, how's things?
I'm just hiding my brain here.

Marshmallow. 13-05-2016 02:06 PM

Sounds exactly like the CMHT in my area, it's like they don't listen. It makes me not want to open up to them. It's been over a month since I was d/c from hospital and I've still not been seen by the psychiatrist...

RescueIsPossible 13-05-2016 04:22 PM

Hey I'm ok I think. I've been debating suicide alot lately I'll be fine though I always am. What's up with you?
side note does anyone have advice on getting responses from a thread?

Doikers 13-05-2016 05:51 PM

Some threads are slow Haile ..... Sorry idk what to say .

Mind swimming.

Marshmallow. 13-05-2016 08:48 PM

I'm feeling so lonely at the moment. It feels like forever since I last spoke to my ex partner. I miss him so much, without him I spend all my time alone and have no one to speak to. Pathetic, I know.
I have an appointment with my GP on Monday to see if I'm ready to return to work. I need to go back because my sick pay will run out soon but I know that I'm not ready. If someone asks why I have been off I know I will burst into tears.
I just need someone to talk to.
How is everyone else doing?

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