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MammaMia 19-01-2010 10:44 PM

I'm 19 heh, nearly 20

*curls up in denial tent*

Scarletdreamer 19-01-2010 11:09 PM

Ah cool, thought you were older for some reason. I'm 21 nearly 22. :)

Just got off WoW, which was a nice escape from reality for a bit... but now back to reality. Ugh. And it's suppertime, which means I'm going to want to purge afterwards...

*sigh* And so it goes.

Imaginary_friend 20-01-2010 12:09 AM

i only ever come in here to curl up in a corner and cry. guess that's what it's here for huh? *grabs a pillow, duvet and teddy and snuggles down* this is not my day and its only 00:09. oh dear

BeautifulDirtyRich 20-01-2010 12:17 AM

Hi, I'm new here nice to meet you all.
My name is jennifer (or Jen)

[Awakening] 20-01-2010 02:06 AM

Hi everyone, sorry i haven't been around for a bit. And welcome again Jen!

How you all doing?

I'm quite tired of living atm, feels like everything is crumbling :-/

*cuddles and love to all* x x x

SoMuchMore 20-01-2010 07:14 AM

*cuddles kahlia* i echo what everyone else has said about fighting the urges/temptations. Hope you are alright.

*hugs helen* did u talk to ur mom? if u did, hope things went okay.

*hugs april* Sorry about ur car, that really sucks. Glad ur classes went by fast, thats always a plus. And yeah, i had a 2 hour science reporting and writing class and then a 4 hour publication design class.

*hugs gil* omg.. i dont even know what to say.

*hugs imaginary* you can come in here and curl up anytime. *hands over some blankets*

Hi jen! nice to meet you.

*hugs jocelyn (?)* - i think thats ur name - Im sorry things feel like they are crumbling. Stay strong hun.

My first day was kinda sucky. Mainly because i am scared of my classes.. and the job i got. Stupid social anxiety. I wish i could cut that part out of me.

~*Rainbow*~ 20-01-2010 08:28 AM

yeah April its cool to call me Gil,

sorry Hells i did try and tell people but i was so scared because i still thought at that point it was my fault!

*hugs laura* i dont think there is anything you can say - its not the easiest thing to reply to

*hugs jocelyn*
*hugs Jen* welcome welcome
*hugs imaginary* - *hands New Mr Monkey over* He'll help - he helped Hells

Kahlia1981 20-01-2010 09:43 AM

*cuddles everyone*

I can't hang around long as I can't think straight. Damn hospital and crisis team are as useless as ever. I just want to disappear into nothingness. My housemate has actually called the Minister for Health to place a complaint at that level about the MI treatment (or lack of treatment) through Qld Health. Meh.

*disappears into a dark corner to cry*

Imaginary_friend 20-01-2010 10:59 AM

*cuddles everyone*
hi jen :)
*cuddles New Mr Monkey* thank you. i want to sleep for a very very long time...

Scarletdreamer 20-01-2010 11:23 AM

Ooh, lots of posts... hello hello & welcome, Jen. *hugs* How are you doing?

*hugs Imaginary* Always fine to come in to have a bit of a cry or cuddle. :) That's what we're here for. What's up that's making your day so bad?

Gil, how're you? *hugs*

*cuddles Laura* I understand about the social anxiety... I think that was why I was so anxious in my health psych class - there are only 5 other people in it, so it's really small & intimate, and that scares me. :-X I like the prof & the other students are okay... I dunno. I'm just an anxious person I guess. :-/

That's insane, having a 4 hour class!! I have a 3 hour one tonight but that's a night class... then a 2 hour lab early this afternoon for health psych, but still!! That sucks. Are they at least interesting classes?

*cuddles Kahlia* I'm so glad that your housemate is trying to help, on some level - especially the highest. Maybe eventually there will be better care... and I do hope that you can make it through this rough time. Is this a "bigger" rough spot than you are accustomed to? or do you get seriously suicidal frequently? Sorry if that sounds offensive, not meant to be so. :-X

*huggles Joc* How're you, love? Long time no see, in here at least. What's been happening? how've you been feeling?

I'm doing okayish... crampy and bloaty feeling, ugh. I'm really tired too, just got up half an hour ago. I has a kitty in my lap again - anyone want kitty snuggles? :D He's very friendly.

*hides in a dark corner away from life*

Imaginary_friend 20-01-2010 12:30 PM

*cuddles scarletdreamer* kitty cuddles sounds awesome :) i miss my sister's guinea pigs - they're good for hugs too :(

i've just been having a really bad day..starting at about 1030 last night. but i've handed in 2 essays so i guess that's good. i just wanna go out and get really drunk tbh. and it's only lunchtime. :s hmm...

*snuggles down for a good sleep*

much love to everyone :)

Absynnthe 20-01-2010 12:33 PM

Had to fill in some stupid test/assessment thing for a mental health appointment. Symptoms list. Whoop.

And another one for a eating disorder clinic thing.


Love to all, hope everyone's okay. I'd reply, but finding it hard to stay in the room. Switching alot.


[Awakening] 20-01-2010 12:38 PM

*hugs Kahlia* stay strong hon, keeping fighting for the support that you deserve, I'm sorry you're feeling so hopeless but this feeling willl fade eventually... just hold on sweetie. It sounds like your flat mate is very caring, keep talking to people x x x

Hi imaginary friend! *hugs* im sorry you want to disappear. Have you got anyone to hold on to? any support? x x

Hi April! Oo Id love a kitty cuddle! I'm so tempted to get a dog but i know that would be impulsive and prob not the best idea right now :-/ hmph! *cuddles back* Are u still feeling tired? I am I had some sleeping pills last night and I'm so zonked still! I'm sorry ur feeling bloaty and i hate cramps they're so painful!

I feel sick.. I'm worried, and tired and triggered :(

*hugs to everyone* anyone making tea? I could really do with some :P x x x

[Awakening] 20-01-2010 12:42 PM

Hi Franz! Weldone for form filling! Did u find that emotional hard to do? You have anything nice planned for today?

*hugs imaginary* Weldone for handing in two assignments, thats really good! Whats making you want to drink? can u do anything to distract yourself? see a friend or something? x x

Scarletdreamer 20-01-2010 12:43 PM

*hugs Imaginary* Sorry that your day is so rough... heh, lunchtime, here it's breakfasttime, lol. Funny timezone differences. :P Erm anyway, here's teh kitty (his name is Daniel) - *hands over cuddly kitty* Be careful, he's gone a bit wild in the past few minutes so he might dash about the ward a bit. What year are you in uni? what are you majoring in?

Franz!! *tackle hugs* I'm sorry to hear that you're not doing too well, but I hope that you feel better soon & get the help that you need. Aw, switching is bad... hope that today goes better than yesterday. I miss you and your cuddles. :)

*cuddles everyone*

Scarletdreamer 20-01-2010 12:48 PM

*cuddles Jocelyn* I'm sorry that your girlfriend is upsetting you... a pro-ED or such type of forum, I take it? That's not good... I used to be into that :o but I've stopped as I know intellectually it's wrong and very very harmful. Have you talked with her about it? because communication is one of the very main keys for a good sustained relationship.

Rants are fine... *holds you gently* Things will be okay, I just don't know when or how. How are you doing now? besides triggered... is there anything I can do to help?

And yeh I'm still tired... had a really funky dream last night too. And when my husband wakes up I keep thinking it's the weekend... so weird & disoriented.

I might get to hang out with my bestie sometime this morning before I go to my first class... that would make me happy. She's an awesome person. :) I don't know what we'd do but we'd figure out something...

I feel like ****... still. Triggered, want to purge what little I just ate, and am SO ****ING SICK OF FEELING LIKE THIS.

Sorry, ranty myself. :o


Absynnthe 20-01-2010 12:57 PM

*giggles and huggles back* ILY April! <3

And fankoo Joc. :) It wasn't thrilling to do, but I managed. :) <3

[Awakening] 20-01-2010 12:57 PM

ERRR IM SO FRUSTRATED I dont do this not open thing! Im so sick with worry!

I feel really achey and tired.

*hugs* Im sorry your feeling like this. Try to think rationally, i know its virtually impossible but u dont need to purge sweetie. Remind yourself that what uv eaten is nothing really in the grand scheme of things x
Its great that ur seeing ur friend! When u meeting her? I hope u have a lovely time April x x x x

*curls up and tries to forget this living thing*

MammaMia 20-01-2010 01:20 PM

Woah, lots and lots of posts *cuddles everyone and welcomes new people*

Scarletdreamer 20-01-2010 01:33 PM

*cuddles Helen* How're you doing this morning?

*hugs Jocelyn* Thanks for the support... I know I don't need to purge & I didn't, it's just so freaking hard!!! But I know that a lot of you understand that... *sigh* Wish that no one had to go through what I go through, you know? but at the same time, I'm glad that I have support.

I feel so fat. So undesirable. So gross. :crying:

It's 8:30am and I'm on campus and will be for a looong time... just want to go home & sleep!!! :(

*huggles Franz* :P

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