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Cacoethes 18-10-2020 09:09 PM

Ooo the Greatest Showman is on!

nonperson 18-10-2020 09:13 PM

My friend's not well tonight so we've rearranged for tomorrow.

Never seen the Greatest Showman. Not sure if it's for me.

Cacoethes 18-10-2020 09:15 PM

Aw that's a shame.

It's a good film if you like this sort of thing!

nonperson 18-10-2020 09:16 PM

I'm not sure I do. =P But never having seen it, I'm not sure how I can make that judgement! I guess I don't tend to watch things like that generally.

Are you home now?

Cacoethes 18-10-2020 09:19 PM

Fair enough! We are all different!

Yes I am.
After a very long detour because one single road in the middle of nowhere was closed!

nonperson 18-10-2020 09:24 PM

I'm watching the Vicar of Dibley now. =)

Argh that's a ballache. Was it a good day despite that?

Cacoethes 18-10-2020 09:27 PM

Awesome choice!

Yes it was thanks :)
Lots of pizza and cake and dogs and chatting and laughing! And mario kart of course!

tamobhuuta 18-10-2020 09:30 PM

I can't stand vicar of dibley!

Cacoethes 18-10-2020 09:41 PM

I have had far too much peach gin today

nonperson 18-10-2020 09:43 PM

Blasphemy, Tamo! =P

I decided it wasn't the right thing to be watching so have switched to Captain America now.

Gin seems to be the in drink lately. o.o

tamobhuuta 18-10-2020 09:48 PM

I like gin but not tonic.

nonperson 18-10-2020 09:50 PM

I have never tried either!

Not entirely sure what tonic is to be honest. o.O

Cacoethes 18-10-2020 09:50 PM

Tonic is gross.
I had it with lemonade!

tamobhuuta 18-10-2020 09:55 PM

Good choice!

Tonic is... bitter fizzy water.

nonperson 18-10-2020 09:57 PM

Kinda like sparkling water?

Cacoethes 18-10-2020 10:11 PM

No. Sparkling water is nice.
Tonic water tastes all......bleughhhhh

nonperson 18-10-2020 10:25 PM

Lots of people think sparkling water is bleughhhh too! I like it though.

Cacoethes 18-10-2020 10:29 PM

But tonic water is different level bleeugghh!

nonperson 19-10-2020 10:45 AM

Morning all.

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 11:10 AM


How are you?

tamobhuuta 19-10-2020 11:52 AM

Morning both, how are you?

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 12:00 PM

Morning tamo

I'm ok thanks.
Though the carer still hasn't turned up yet

How are you?

tamobhuuta 19-10-2020 12:58 PM

That's a pain, i hope they turn up soon.

I need to get dressed because my godmother is visiting, but first i am going to practice mindfulness.

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 01:13 PM

They turned up eventually!
And made up for it by giving me a lift to asda

Sounds like a good plan

tamobhuuta 19-10-2020 01:41 PM

Have fun at Asda!

chinahorse 19-10-2020 01:48 PM

Hey all :)

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 01:49 PM

I've already been and come back tamo!

Hey Lillie!
How are you doing?

chinahorse 19-10-2020 01:54 PM

Ive had the stupid landlord doing his inspection. And I thought now that was all over it'd be fine but no tumble dryer is now in the bedroom where it is so ugly :-(

And the cat just poo'd on my one night old bedding and jumper Id had on for 40 mins.

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 02:10 PM

Oh no :(

I really hope your day improves

chinahorse 19-10-2020 02:16 PM

Cant get a lot worse!

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 02:17 PM

No I imagine it can't!

chinahorse 19-10-2020 02:41 PM


What're you up to?

Im crocheting a baby blanket for a girl at work baby shower on wednesday. Left it a bit late lol

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 02:46 PM

Just watching TV.
I need a hobby.
Well, need the motivation to get back to swimming really!

Yes that is a bit last minute!

chinahorse 19-10-2020 03:58 PM

As you have to book it wouldnt that be motivation enough? I know Id feel too rude to just not turn up.

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 04:05 PM

That is very true!

I may book for Thursday as I have stuff to do tomorrow and Wednesday

not_so_insig 19-10-2020 04:19 PM

Hello all. I woke up late again at around 3 pm. That's all I seem to be doing lately is sleeping.

chinahorse 19-10-2020 04:21 PM

Anything nice beckie?

3pm is really late!

[Luna] 19-10-2020 04:26 PM

Hey guys

chinahorse 19-10-2020 04:28 PM

Hallo :-)

I just went to put my food in the oven after waiting 15 mins for it to heat. Turns out Id just set the temperature but not actually turned it on. Silly me. Now having to wait again.

[Luna] 19-10-2020 04:30 PM

Oh dear, that's annoying!

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 04:31 PM

No just boring stuff

Hi Luna! Nice to see you!

Oh no Lillie! How annoying!

tamobhuuta 19-10-2020 04:33 PM

I'm still lacking motivation to shower...

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 04:42 PM

I feel you tamo
I need to shower today too because depot tomorrow

[Luna] 19-10-2020 04:48 PM

I also need to shower but have no desire to do so

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 04:49 PM

*sends out shower motivation*

[Luna] 19-10-2020 04:53 PM

Cheers Beckie.
What are you up to?

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 04:58 PM

Not a lot really.
Just watching TV and random internetting.

chinahorse 19-10-2020 05:26 PM

Well although later than I though my dinner was nice :-)

What's on the TV beckie?

Cacoethes 19-10-2020 05:36 PM

Glad it was nice Lillie!

I'm watching border force Canada.
I seem to be slightly addicted to border force shows!

chinahorse 19-10-2020 05:52 PM

The Canada one is more tolerable than the american one. The Australian one is still the best!

I've watched the rest of a film on Netflix. And am procrastinating crochet. Doing my 902nd load of laundry too. As at pooped on the bed.

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