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not_so_insig 16-05-2024 02:46 PM

Had my delivery and it's all put away. Just gotta get rid of the box now and then tackle the rest of the cleaning/tidying up. Am having a rest now.

one_step_closer 16-05-2024 03:27 PM

Do you not have a huge amount of boxes with all the deliveries you get? I usually have my cardboard bin full and some boxes in the kitchen and some boxes in my spare room that are bigger.

not_so_insig 16-05-2024 04:05 PM

Well I have a blue bag for my cardboard and that's half full today. It only got emptied this morning. Fortunately the council empty the recycling every week so I don't have to survive too long. I also have a spare bag so if needs be i can put out 2 bags.

tamobhuuta 16-05-2024 04:39 PM

Well done to people who have been busy.

I've just got back from my Quiet Day.

one_step_closer 16-05-2024 05:16 PM

That's good, Dawn. My paper/cardboard recycling bin only gets emptied every 4 weeks.

What was your Quiet Day, Tamo?

tamobhuuta 16-05-2024 06:13 PM

A talk and some quiet prayer time.

one_step_closer 16-05-2024 06:28 PM

Did you enjoy it? What are you doing with the rest of the day?

tamobhuuta 16-05-2024 07:18 PM

It was good but not Catholic enough for me! I'm catching up with doctors. What are you up to?

tamobhuuta 17-05-2024 08:26 AM

Morning people.

not_so_insig 17-05-2024 11:03 AM

Morning all.

one_step_closer 17-05-2024 01:10 PM

Afternoon everyone.

How are you Tamo and Dawn? How are your days going so far?

not_so_insig 17-05-2024 01:15 PM

I am suffering a bit from hay-fever today but otherwise good thanks Lindsay. Managed to sit outside without suffering too badly.

one_step_closer 17-05-2024 01:27 PM

Hay fever is horrible. Does anything help with it?

tamobhuuta 17-05-2024 02:23 PM

Today is laundry, exercise and hairwash day. So far I've managed laundry.

one_step_closer 17-05-2024 03:02 PM

Well done, Tamo. Hope you can get everything done and do something nice too.

tamobhuuta 17-05-2024 06:13 PM

How has everyone's afternoon been?

tamobhuuta 18-05-2024 08:14 AM

Good morning all.

one_step_closer 18-05-2024 11:15 AM

Morning Tamo. How are you?

I won't be about till later on as I'm meeting up with my brother to have a picnic.

Hope everyone has a good day.

tamobhuuta 18-05-2024 11:17 AM

I hope you have fun osc.

I've been to Mass. I don't know yet if big sister is coming round, she was still feeling not great yesterday.

long road 18-05-2024 11:50 AM

Morning (just) everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around much.

My friend K is coming round to play board games this afternoon. I. Looking forward to it.

tamobhuuta 18-05-2024 11:52 AM

I hope you have fun lr. My sister still feels too poorly to come round :(

not_so_insig 18-05-2024 12:01 PM

Afternoon all. Unfortunately I have woken up with cramp :angry: . I have seen the newest episode of Doctor Who it was ok but not as good as last week's episodes.

long road 18-05-2024 04:59 PM

I lost the game, which I usually don't care about as I enjoy playing the game itself but today I do because I felt I didn't play to the best of my ability (I've been in pain all day so was hard to concentrate) and pain makes me more irritable as well so got less enjoyment from the game in general.

Oh well it's only a game. I am just grumpy today. Probably doesn't help I only got 5 and a half hours of sleep.

Sorry your sister isn't well so you don't get to hang out Tamo that sucks.

Sorry you have cramp Dawn hope it has eased by now.

I still have all three episodes of this new season of doctor who to watch so no spoilers please.

tamobhuuta 18-05-2024 06:07 PM

I've started watching The Devil's Chord episode.

long road 19-05-2024 09:20 AM

Morning everyone!

Turns out when I get to sleep before midnight I wake up earlier than when I don't sleep until 3am. Weird that :p

tamobhuuta 19-05-2024 10:50 AM

Morning lr. How are you?

long road 19-05-2024 11:03 AM

Pretty good actually. Just come in from drinking my coffee outside in the sunshine.

How are you?

tamobhuuta 19-05-2024 11:43 AM

I'm good too thanks, had a nice lie in. What are you up to today?

one_step_closer 19-05-2024 12:06 PM

Hi everyone.

I'm glad you're both doing ok, hope your day continues well.

not_so_insig 19-05-2024 01:18 PM

Hello all. I keep on having cramp :-( . That's 2 days on the trot i have woken up with it. Same leg too.

I have to have a shower but other than that I have no plans.

tamobhuuta 19-05-2024 02:09 PM

Argh, leg cramp >:(

All I've got to do today is go to Mass at 5.

not_so_insig 19-05-2024 02:23 PM

I hope you find mass helpful.

I have had my shower. Now to find something to do.

tamobhuuta 19-05-2024 02:50 PM

I've started watching 24 hours in police custody, surprisingly interesting!

not_so_insig 19-05-2024 03:09 PM

I have found a book to read. I agree that programme is good.

tamobhuuta 19-05-2024 03:11 PM

I hope you enjoy your book.

one_step_closer 19-05-2024 03:18 PM

24 Hours is one of my fave shows.

Hope it's a good read, Dawn.

long road 19-05-2024 04:06 PM

Just woke up from a nap. Probably going to watch some TV now.

one_step_closer 19-05-2024 04:07 PM

Any idea what you're going to watch?

long road 19-05-2024 04:12 PM

Not sure yet. Been watching a lot of CSI lately as some of the later seasons I haven't seen are on netflix. But it can be a bit much sometimes. Got some MasterChef to watch. And been meaning to start the new seasons of Race Across the World and Doctor Who.

Or I might not watch anything

not_so_insig 19-05-2024 04:30 PM

Hope you find something Jen. I was sitting outside but it got too hot so I am indoors atm.

long road 19-05-2024 05:33 PM

Decided to watch CSI. There was a helicopter crash! All very exciting!

not_so_insig 19-05-2024 05:35 PM

I have never seen csi.

one_step_closer 19-05-2024 05:45 PM

Me neither.

long road 19-05-2024 06:03 PM

I watched it back when it first came out over here on channel 5. Hadn't seen it for years until I saw some of the seasons were on netflix a couple of weeks ago.

tamobhuuta 20-05-2024 08:20 AM

Morning all.

one_step_closer 20-05-2024 11:45 AM

Morning, Tamo. How are you?

not_so_insig 20-05-2024 11:55 AM

Morning all.

one_step_closer 20-05-2024 12:01 PM

Hi Dawn, afternoon now! How are you?

not_so_insig 20-05-2024 12:07 PM

I am waiting to go wild swimming. Other than that I am good thanks Lindsay.

one_step_closer 20-05-2024 12:17 PM

When are you going? Where is it you swim? In the sea, a lake...Hope you enjoy it.

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