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Scarletdreamer 25-05-2010 09:42 PM

Kitkat, congrats on making it about a month SI-free!!! *throws confetti and does the happy dance for you as well* :D That's better than a lot of us here, including me... I don't bother counting days anymore, although I had gone since December without cutting (but not without SI'ing) until a few days ago. :-/ Anyway, am proud of you!! *cuddles*

*cuddles Crimson* Are you feeling any better, love?

Kitkat :) 25-05-2010 09:50 PM

Hehe thankyou (: I don't know how many days... but it was in April somtime I think xD
I'm proud of you too that you went that long without cutting (:
Well done (:
*lots and lots of hugs*

Scarletdreamer 25-05-2010 10:52 PM

Blah. Triggered. Beyond. Belief.


xxjuliexx 25-05-2010 10:57 PM


Originally Posted by Scarletdreamer (Post 2316578)

me to i never answer my phone not even my cell if my mum is going to ring my cell she'll txt me before hand so i no it's her

nnggghhh feel like ****.
mum thinks it's the flu or a 24 hour bug

PoisonedApple 25-05-2010 11:09 PM

A little. I'm just gonna keep telling people that if I wasn't doing two people's jobs doing my job wouldn't be a problem.
One of my two-legged roommate type people may be leaving soon. J pissed D off last night and M hasn't been home from when she left town and has called in sick to work 2 days in a row so far *crosses fingers* maybe D will kick 2 out instead of one. If M, J n L leave then it'll be down to *counts on fingers* 7 people in my apartment... still a lot but better than 11. And about half of the extra stuff crowding my house with clutter'd be gone.
but ya know if I can spend just 500$ a month to feed 10 people... imagine how awesome just feeding me, d and the kids'd be... I imagine we'd be able to have sushi night once a week again. And think if I didn't have to pay MIL's cell bill and car insurance for her (with a most of the time unfulfilled promise to pay us back each month) either... *happy sighs* ok yeah I know, now I'm just daydreaming...

MammaMia 25-05-2010 11:17 PM

I'm really sorry about earlier. I mean posting that & then disappearing for hours on end. I really want to talk about it but kinda scared. *rocks*

I didn't do anything, almost did though :'(

Kitkat :) 25-05-2010 11:19 PM

You can get past this, I know you can

MammaMia 25-05-2010 11:26 PM

*hugs back* Thanks sweetie =[

Kitkat :) 25-05-2010 11:42 PM

You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to (: at least you didn't do anything, thats a plus (:
And that's okay, any time (:

MammaMia 25-05-2010 11:47 PM

I want to...but I kinda can't. Idk.

xxjuliexx 25-05-2010 11:48 PM

i dont feel sicki dont feel sicki dont feel sicki dont feel sicki dont feel sick:crying:

*curls up small shivering*

Scarletdreamer 26-05-2010 12:05 AM

*cuddles Hels* Don't talk about it if you don't want to, but know that we're here to listen if you do want to. Things will be okay, hon...

*germ-free cuddles to Julie* Hope you feel better soon, sweet. Being sick sucks... I'm fighting off a cold right now myself. :( It's icky, especially since I'm supposed to be at work and have missed the past 2 days. Oh well... anyway, try and have some vitamin C and maybe a banana? easy on the stomach and the potassium is good.

*cuddles Crimson* Kudos to you for putting up with so many people in such a small apartment!! It would drive me utterly nuts. Also with the financial situation... that has to be SO difficult - understatement, ey? but anyway, wish I could help somehow. :( Know that you're in my prayers - if it's okay to say that - and eventually know that things WILL get better.

*cuddles Kitkat* How're you doing, love?

I'm so tired. And so triggered. And very very anxious. I think I'm going to update r/v, I don't know. I've already written in it at least twice today... but I guess that's what it's there for, as much use as I need it for. Right? (I hope that sentence made sense... hah. My brain's fuzzy right now...)

I hate coughing. It triggers panic. :(

I just want to go to bed. And feel cool... this warm weather is killing me. :(

*hides in a a/c'd hole in the warren, since her apartment is lacking a/c*

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 12:09 AM

:sad: do u no wat really stupid the only thing i'm really worried about is the fact i might not be able to go to my 2 fitness classes tonight

Scarletdreamer 26-05-2010 12:13 AM

Aw Julie... if you need to take tonight off from those classes, that's okay, you need the rest if you're ill. *huggles* Why are you worried about it?

R/v updated......... :'(

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 12:16 AM

*looks at the ground feeling real stupid*:notsure:
coz then i'll miss exercise and i've already missed 1 class this week

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 12:23 AM

*offers hugs to april* i'm sorry ur so ankshus (i no thats spelt very very wrong it's just how the word sounds) hun

i'm to lazy to go and copy and pasted the word

MammaMia 26-05-2010 12:30 AM

*rocks back and forth* They're getting so intense again :'(

Scarletdreamer 26-05-2010 12:32 AM

*hugs Julie* It's okay to miss a bit of exercise, especially if you're ill. You don't want to get even sicker, I don't think... and the stress that all of that exercise puts on your body is a bad thing when you're ill. :)

I wish I weren't anxious too... :( Hate feeling this way. Especially when it comes in waves. I just want to go to sleep but I can't because I cough too much. :'(

*hides in her a/c'd hole*

Scarletdreamer 26-05-2010 12:32 AM

*cuddles Hels* What are, honey? the urges? Is there anything I can do? ♥

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 12:41 AM

*offers helen hugs*

MammaMia 26-05-2010 12:54 AM

Well I told you on facebook now, but will still answer. Suicidal & cuting urges & stuff =[

*accepts Julie's hugs*

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 12:55 AM

oooo i'm on facebook

MammaMia 26-05-2010 01:06 AM

Awesome :) Think quite a few of us are xD

Scarletdreamer 26-05-2010 01:18 AM

*spies a Crimson and a Kahlia*
*sends cuddles out to them both*

Just took a hot shower. Jarrod's kind of cranky, dunno why, or so it seems anyway. Meh. I am too. And my stomach hurts, probably since it's 8:17pm and I've not eaten anything since lunch. :-S

*hides in her a/c'd hole*

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 01:21 AM

holy **** it is beyond pouring outside

PoisonedApple 26-05-2010 01:25 AM

*pokes head in*
*cuddles april* well some people think i have infinite patience, david knows otherwise but eh *shrugs* i manage but most who live with me too long start thinking i'm a total bitch but i have ocd and if you rearrange my set up every time you put dishes away hell yes i'm gonna get pissed and vocal about it... long story short most people who've lived with me don't talk to me much anymore... i still can't decide if that bothers me or not. though juggling the things i need to do is harder than the people in my place...

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 01:33 AM

i dont think ur a bitch angelic_monster
if there is away u like things put away i think it's ok but i can see both sides of it

MammaMia 26-05-2010 01:52 AM

I'm so scared. Someone keeps calling me from a private number & hanging up when I answer. It's gone 1am ffs.

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 01:53 AM

*offers hugs to helen*
can u take it off the hook

MammaMia 26-05-2010 01:56 AM

It's on my mobile, could turn it off, seems to have stopped though?

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 01:58 AM

turn it off or put it on silent thats wat i'd do

MammaMia 26-05-2010 01:58 AM

It's on vibrate anyway lol. Going to try sleep soon anyway, so exhausted & need to shut up my head.

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 02:03 AM

*tucks helen in*

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 03:49 AM

i ate soup and toast for lunch today:notsure:

risenfromperdition 26-05-2010 04:01 AM

*curls up in corner and sniffles*

risenfromperdition 26-05-2010 04:03 AM

good job julie =]

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 04:03 AM

heather *huggles*

SoMuchMore 26-05-2010 04:21 AM

*pokes head in and sets out some cuddles on the table*

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 09:25 AM

*curls up* :notsure: :notsure: :crying: :crying:

Doikers 26-05-2010 09:53 AM

Hey Wardmates :)
I'm waiting for my houseing support worker to show , 10 more minites(spelling?) , we have to sort out this E-on over-billing me still going on *Sigh*, I have put on to much weight in the past week and a half and now some of my tops are too tight , need to lose weight (Sensibly) but fast . I eat a large banana for breakfast , thats good for you .

*Hugs Julie* How are you tonight?

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 09:56 AM

mum thinks it's flu

Doikers 26-05-2010 09:59 AM

Oh Yuck , I hope you are taking it easy ? I hate being sick *Makes Julie some Hot Lemon and Honey drink*

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 10:00 AM

:crying: i hate being sick to i'm in bed now tho

Doikers 26-05-2010 10:13 AM

Oh good , It's good to rest when you're sick , I hope you sleep well and feel better tomorrow :)

*Spots a Hayley and Hugs*

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 10:21 AM

*curls up in bed blinking sleepily*

CrazyHayley 26-05-2010 10:24 AM

*huggles Mark back* yes, I was toddling round the ward catching up with everyone when you spotted me! Has your SW been yet? I really hope this Eon malarky can be sorted out once and for all, its not fair on you that its been messed up this long!

So wardies, gosh a lot can happen in an evening and night, I had planned on checking back in after my WoW but I got carried away playing until its was meds and bedtime. I'm having a pj day today, I should be doing things but my M.E symptoms have flared up again, my own fault for doing too much. I'd hoped I could just push myself a few more days, but if I don't rest up today I'll be far worse tomorrow and I don't plan on spending another birthday feeling ****.

I'll prob pop in and out of the common room a few times today, as my M.E symptoms allow.

*goes around the ward to give appropriate huggles/waves/tlc/comforting aids/calorie free snacks to all her fellow wardies*

EDIT: oh Julie - I didn't spy you so didn't realise you were still up. Hope that you manage to get some sleep. Sleep is important for your body to be able to repair itself when you're ill. *special get well huggles*

Doikers 26-05-2010 10:32 AM

Hey Hayley :) I'm still waiting for me Housing SW to show , he is half an hour late and his phone is off ,I left a message , I might ring the office hmmmm. I really want to try and sort out the E-on "Bill" :S

I rang the office but no answer , I better not go out because I might have gotten the time wrong but I don't think I did, I wrote on my calender whilst he was still here last week. hmmm

OOH OH! Whens your birthday Hayley ? I hope you have a nice restful day today in your P.J's

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 10:35 AM

i am trying to sleep i am

Doikers 26-05-2010 11:01 AM

So Tomorrow I have a Medical with the Benefits people that I have been told I HAVE to attend , it's to decide who is entitled to benefits and weed out those you are cheating the system . My social worker is going to take me and do all the talking but still I'm not happy about it , My SW is sure I am entitled to my benefits . I just feel like they are saying "you are guilty , come to the medical to prove you're not" Hmmmm .
Anyway I'd like to ask for Prayers from those of you who pray and general positive thoughts for tomorow at 1pm UK time , I hope it's ok to ask . I'm bricking it / numb so hard to describe .....

xxjuliexx 26-05-2010 11:07 AM

*prods my brain so words work* support for u markie

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