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tamobhuuta 24-02-2022 01:36 PM

Usually he's hard to get hold of, but he has texted me back already.

Cacoethes 24-02-2022 01:55 PM

That's good!

one_step_closer 24-02-2022 03:57 PM

I'm glad you managed to get a hold of your CPN Tamo.

Any progress on moving back to the ward Beckie?

one_step_closer 24-02-2022 04:14 PM

Has anyone got snow? There's quite a bit here and it's continuing to fall. The bins haven't been emptied so far.

Cacoethes 24-02-2022 05:11 PM

Apparently they are picking me up soon.
The ward said they won't have a driver after 5pm so fingers crossed they'll come before then!!!

I'm on the 4th floor and the windows are obscured but i don't think there is snow. Lots of wind but also sunny!

one_step_closer 24-02-2022 05:32 PM

I'll keep my brain fingers crossed for you.

I hope everything is ok when you get back to the ward and you can settle.

not_so_insig 24-02-2022 05:45 PM

It was snowing here Lindsay. It's also very cold here too.

Cacoethes 24-02-2022 05:53 PM

I am back on the ward!
But have to see a doctor now for some reason

Apparently it did snow here earlier!

tamobhuuta 24-02-2022 06:39 PM

No snow here.

Cacoethes 24-02-2022 07:05 PM

I have showered and put on clean clothes!
Also doing some washing
Feels good!
Oh and I've ordered a subway salad :)

tamobhuuta 24-02-2022 07:08 PM

Well done. I've never had a subway. What flavour is your salad?

nonperson 24-02-2022 07:14 PM

I used to like subway subs. Yum.

No snow here but we did have an almighty hail shower this afternoon and thunder.

Cacoethes 24-02-2022 08:19 PM

Thanks :)
I had turkey and ham with lettuce, spinach, tomato,sweetcorn and olives and cheese. With garlic aioli as a dressing.
Delicious! And filling!


nonperson 24-02-2022 08:42 PM

Mmmm yum. Except the olives. What is garlic aoili?

And yep, a massive roll of thunder. Then it was sunny and blue skies minutes later.

Cacoethes 24-02-2022 09:01 PM

Not actually sure. I had it all the time in spain and loved it! Think it's basically garlic mayo

Ah British weather never disappoints

Cacoethes 25-02-2022 10:07 AM

Morning everyone
I slept in until 9 this morning
Which unfortunately means i can't make a coffee until the dining room has been mopped etc. After breakfast!

nonperson 25-02-2022 11:16 AM

Hope they've finishing mopping by now.

I really really want an Italian BMT from Subway...

Cacoethes 25-02-2022 11:21 AM

They have!
They are now mopping the corridors which is super annoying but the path to the dining room was clear!
They get really annoyed when you walk over where they're mopping. But sometimes it can't be helped.

Get one!!!

tamobhuuta 25-02-2022 11:42 AM

Our wards are always clean, the domestic staff are very hardworking. If they can they leave cleaning your room until you have left, then they do it.

Cacoethes 25-02-2022 11:52 AM

I never leave my room lol
But I do leave so they can clean.
I'll just go and make a coffee and loiter a bit.

tamobhuuta 25-02-2022 12:08 PM

Sounds good, I hope people aren't too annoying!

Cacoethes 25-02-2022 12:44 PM

People are always annoying! Lol
My room is now clean!

tamobhuuta 25-02-2022 01:52 PM


I need to put my washing in the dryer.

one_step_closer 25-02-2022 03:40 PM

The cleaners in my ward come in even if people are sleeping. Then one day a week they do a deep clean where we all have to leave the dorm. I get up really early and dress so I'm not in my pjs and being woken up by the cleaner or the staff.

Did you put your washing in the dryer yet Tamo? I have a washer dryer combo and I don't know where the steam goes which worries me because it might blow up or there might be something I'm supposed to be cleaning so it doesn't get blocked. The instruction booklet isn't helpful.

nonperson 25-02-2022 07:19 PM

Lindsay, I imagine it drains out the same place the washing water does. It won't break, don't worry.

Cacoethes 25-02-2022 07:25 PM

I have the same worries about mine!

nonperson 25-02-2022 07:39 PM

My tumble drier isn't hooked up to a drain so I have to manually empty it after each use. You'd know by now if you were meant to be doing something!

Cacoethes 25-02-2022 08:04 PM


tamobhuuta 25-02-2022 08:53 PM

I did eventually put it in the dryer.

Cacoethes 25-02-2022 08:55 PM

Good :)

Cacoethes 26-02-2022 09:42 AM

Morning guys

tamobhuuta 26-02-2022 11:03 AM

Good morning. How are you?

Cacoethes 26-02-2022 11:06 AM

I'm ok thanks
Got my friend visiting today :)

How are you?

tamobhuuta 26-02-2022 11:21 AM

That's nice. I am ok, might shower later.

Cacoethes 26-02-2022 11:24 AM

Sounds good

tamobhuuta 26-02-2022 01:48 PM

I'm clean :)

Cacoethes 26-02-2022 01:53 PM

Well done

one_step_closer 26-02-2022 03:06 PM

I hope you enjoy your time with your friend Beckie. Give you a bit of a break.

Well done for showering Tamo. Are you going out or doing anything today?

not_so_insig 26-02-2022 05:07 PM

I am watching Homes Under the Hammer Beckie and they have a house in your town.

Cacoethes 26-02-2022 05:44 PM

Thanks lindsay

Ooooh! I'm sure that will be the talk of the local fb page Dawn! Lol

one_step_closer 26-02-2022 06:24 PM

I was bidding on it :tongue2:

How are you all this evening?

Cacoethes 27-02-2022 09:35 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 27-02-2022 11:37 AM

Hiya :) how are you getting on?

Cacoethes 27-02-2022 11:40 AM

I'm ok. Brain feels a bit fuzzy.

How are you?

tamobhuuta 27-02-2022 11:52 AM

Do you know the cause of the fuzziness? Try to take care of yourself.

I am ok. I'm going to walk back from Mass with my brother this evening. Dad's not coming because he's in hospital for a knee replacement.

Cacoethes 27-02-2022 12:20 PM

Not sure. Maybe the hit to the head yesterday?

Sounds good.
Hope your dad is ok

tamobhuuta 27-02-2022 12:48 PM

He says it's very sore.

Have you told any staff about the fuzziness?

Cacoethes 27-02-2022 01:23 PM

I bet

No point.
I'm annoyed with them anyway.
I knocked on the office door and was ignored. 2 other people knocked straight after me and they were answered within seconds :plain:
And by the time i actually got to talk to someone it was 'protected mealtime' so they wouldn't let me get my washing out of the dryer.

one_step_closer 27-02-2022 02:58 PM

Some ward rules and staff in general can be very annoying. Look after yourself though and keep trying to talk to the staff if you need to.

I hope you enjoy Mass Tamo and your Dad's knee replacement goes well.

Cacoethes 27-02-2022 04:13 PM

I'm just in a bad mood now lol
And don't want to talk to anyone

How are you lindsay?

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