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Cacoethes 24-12-2021 11:28 PM

I am! Lol

We just had shots
Grenadine, avoca and melon liqueur.
And now I have an archers and lemonade!
I think we have more alcohol than the pub!

nonperson 24-12-2021 11:35 PM

Oh no, I bet that will be worse?!

I imagine a lot of households have more booze than a pub at the moment.

Cacoethes 24-12-2021 11:40 PM

Most likely!

Yeah probably!
We're planning all sorts of shots and bombs for tomorrow!

not_so_insig 25-12-2021 07:14 AM

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have some nice presents and are not too disappointed.

nonperson 25-12-2021 08:03 AM

Happy Christmas everyone!

Hope you all have a nice day, whether celebrating or not.

not_so_insig 25-12-2021 08:09 AM

Hello nonperson.

Cacoethes 25-12-2021 08:43 AM

Merry Christmas guys!!!
Hope you all have a great day!

Me and Jasmine are the first ones up!
She's desperate to open her presents but we must wait for everyone else!

tamobhuuta 25-12-2021 12:52 PM

Merry Christmas everybody!

We opened Father Christmas presents earlier (I got lovely things) now it's teatime. I'm not dressed yet, I'm going to dress nicely for dinner and can't decide whether it's worth getting dressed before that.

Cacoethes 25-12-2021 08:35 PM

Hope everyone has had a lovely day!

tamobhuuta 26-12-2021 11:33 AM

Morning anyone.

Cacoethes 26-12-2021 12:46 PM

I'm home now

tamobhuuta 26-12-2021 12:55 PM

Good day yesterday?

not_so_insig 26-12-2021 12:56 PM

Morning all. Hope everyone had lots of nice things yesterday. I had an echo dot for Christmas so been telling it to do all sorts of things. Managed to set it up myself.

Cacoethes 26-12-2021 01:50 PM

Yes thanks tamo!
Though I did feel very sick
Still do!

not_so_insig 26-12-2021 02:36 PM

Sorry you feel ill Beckie

Cacoethes 26-12-2021 02:47 PM

Thanks Dawn

I had an echo dot last Christmas
They're great fun!

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 09:28 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 27-12-2021 11:31 AM

Hi :) how are you?

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 11:34 AM

Not feeling too well! I have covid! D:

How are you?

tamobhuuta 27-12-2021 11:57 AM

Oh no, that sucks. Are you looking after yourself?

I am sitting with a cup of tea, watching the rain.

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 11:59 AM

Yes I am.
Keeping hydrated and have a tesco delivery coming today.

Sounds good!
I love watching the rain

tamobhuuta 27-12-2021 12:16 PM

That's good :) have you had it long?

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 12:19 PM

I started feeling ill on Christmas day but only tested positive yesterday
I'm just gutted I have to stay in the house for a whole 10 days and can't go to work!

tamobhuuta 27-12-2021 12:44 PM

I hope you recover soon and the symptoms aren't too bad.

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 12:51 PM

Thank you :)

Do you have any plans today?

tamobhuuta 27-12-2021 01:05 PM

Not really. Granma is staying so I'll spend time with her. Also I need to use my coping skills to keep my anxiety at bay.

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 01:15 PM

I hope you have a nice day

one_step_closer 27-12-2021 03:02 PM

Afternoon everyone, take very good care of yourselves.

tamobhuuta 27-12-2021 03:06 PM

Hi osc, how are you?

tamobhuuta 27-12-2021 03:12 PM

I feel bad. I made my mum's birthday card and put 'happy 60th birthday' on it but my sister is deliberately not putting anything birthday-ish so now I'm worried she will hate my card.

not_so_insig 27-12-2021 03:22 PM

I am sure your mum will appreciate your card tamobhuuta.

I have washed my hair. I am listening to abba's latest album on alexa.

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 03:30 PM

Hi lindsay!

I'm sure she'll love it tamo!

I didn't know abba were still a thing!

not_so_insig 27-12-2021 03:40 PM

They released a brand new album a few months ago which got to number 1 Beckie. I got the cd for Christmas Beckie but it's currently free on alexa.

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 03:51 PM

Was never a fan so probably won't listen to it.
I have a completely different music taste!

tamobhuuta 27-12-2021 04:08 PM

I like ABBA :)

Thanks for the reassurance.

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 04:14 PM

I hope my tesco delivery comes soon.
It's coming between 2-6!

one_step_closer 27-12-2021 06:30 PM

Wow, I didn't know Abba were still around. Are you enjoying the new album Dawn?

I hope your Tesco order is here by now Beckie. Did you need to tell them you have covid/wear a mask.

Cacoethes 27-12-2021 06:38 PM

Its just arrived!
I don't know if I had to but I wore a mask and told him when he got here

Cacoethes 28-12-2021 06:52 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 28-12-2021 11:24 AM

Morning, how are you?

Cacoethes 28-12-2021 11:32 AM

Still feeling rather ill but I'm ok!

How are you?

tamobhuuta 28-12-2021 12:09 PM

Sorry to hear that. I am OK. I've had tea so it's time to get dressed. But will I....

Cacoethes 28-12-2021 12:11 PM


Are you going anywhere today?

tamobhuuta 28-12-2021 12:57 PM

Nope. But it is my mum's birthday.

Cacoethes 28-12-2021 01:04 PM

Happy birthday to your mum!

not_so_insig 28-12-2021 05:25 PM

Hello all. My postcard to Russia arrived today. I sent it in October. I am not sending any postcards until the new year.

tamobhuuta 28-12-2021 05:31 PM

That sounds like a good plan insig.

Cacoethes 28-12-2021 05:45 PM

Can anyone give me any ideas of stuff I can do without leaving the house?
I have a whole WEEK of isolation left :'(

not_so_insig 28-12-2021 05:49 PM

Drawing? Playing games on a games console? Baking/cooking? Watching TV? Also ask alexa to play Pointless.

Cacoethes 28-12-2021 05:54 PM

Good ideas dawn! Thanks :)

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