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chinahorse 12-11-2018 06:06 PM

What was in the parcel Dawn?

Hey everyone :-)

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 06:07 PM

Hey Lillie
How are you?

not_so_insig 12-11-2018 06:08 PM

A microchip pet feeder for one of my cats. The others are stealing her food so it was needed.

chinahorse 12-11-2018 06:10 PM

Poor kitty! Glad she's got her own personal feeder now.

I'm fairly rubbish tbh. Bit better after a nap.

not_so_insig 12-11-2018 06:15 PM

Sorry to hear that you are crappy Lillie.

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 06:18 PM

Sorry to hear that Lillie
At least the nap helped a little

Eska 12-11-2018 06:19 PM

Aw Lillie I'm sorry you're feeling bad :(

I'm glad your parcel got to you safely Dawn and that your cpn can change your assessment for you.

I'm ok considering I'm on my way to an appointment I've been stressing about. Survived a Monday in work which is always good.

chinahorse 12-11-2018 06:20 PM

Thanks guys. <3

Hope it goes ok eska.

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 06:46 PM

Hope your appointment goes ok eska

Eska 12-11-2018 06:49 PM

Thanks both <3

nonperson 12-11-2018 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4195662)
Quiet in here today!

Because I had to go back to work today... :sad:

Evening everyone.

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 06:58 PM

Hey np!

nonperson 12-11-2018 07:01 PM

Hi Beckie. How's it going?

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 07:03 PM

Not bad thanks!

How about you?

nonperson 12-11-2018 07:20 PM

Good good. =)

I feel a bit unwell from information overload and going back to work today but hoping some hot soup will fix it. =/

one_step_closer 12-11-2018 07:22 PM


Hope your soup is magical NP.

nonperson 12-11-2018 07:23 PM

Hey Lindsay.

It's pumpkin so of course it's magical. =P

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 07:33 PM

Pumpkin soup is always good!

I've applied for a million more jobs
Someone hire me dammit!!!

chinahorse 12-11-2018 07:37 PM

You can have my job beckie- on the good days its only slightly awful rather than full blown hideous. :P

My GP was on time!

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 07:38 PM

You're not really selling it to me there Lillie :p


chinahorse 12-11-2018 07:41 PM

Erm, you get called nurse rather than your name by every single patient? Sometimes they just grunt at you. And on special days you get hit on by a 50-something COPD'er with a 20 a day habit who hasn't washed in about 20 days either.

nonperson 12-11-2018 07:42 PM

That sounds horrific. o.o

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 07:44 PM

Wow yeah I am NOT having your job!
Although my old job as a care assistant was quite similar! With added sh*t

chinahorse 12-11-2018 07:45 PM

Bahaha Beckie. Mine comes with added spit.

nonperson 12-11-2018 07:45 PM

Suddenly my job in the cold/wet/heat/mud seems amazing.

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 07:51 PM

Why would people ever take jobs dealing with bodily fluids!!!
Even though most of the jobs I've applied for have been care jobs!

Haha np!!

nonperson 12-11-2018 07:53 PM

To be honest, I don't understand why people take jobs dealing with people as a whole, not just bodily fluids.

chinahorse 12-11-2018 07:56 PM

I'd go stir crazy if I had to spend all day by myself though np.

Aubergine 12-11-2018 07:58 PM

The patients at work are mostly lovely! Some of them are... Not. Hah.

I am so tired. Today has been non stop.

chinahorse 12-11-2018 07:59 PM

Early night aubergine?

nonperson 12-11-2018 07:59 PM

I like it sometimes but not for long periods of time.

But there's a difference between working within a team of people or having customers or clients or people that ARE your work, if you get what I mean.

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 08:00 PM

I don't mind people sometimes

Hope you can relax a bit now aubergine!!

nonperson 12-11-2018 08:20 PM

My parents ate all my chocolately treats yesterday. *frown*

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 08:35 PM

Oh no!!

nonperson 12-11-2018 08:44 PM

I did buy it for them though. =P

chinahorse 12-11-2018 08:46 PM

Still they could have left you a bit!

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 08:50 PM

What Lillie said!!

I'm gonna get some chocolate tomorrow :-D

nonperson 12-11-2018 08:57 PM

They did leave me some (not much) but I ate it yesterday!

I got chocolate orange brownies from Asda. Super yum... hence why none left.

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 09:01 PM

Chocolate orange brownies?!?!

nonperson 12-11-2018 09:06 PM


They're in those clear boxes in the bakery if you're interested. =P

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 09:07 PM

I may have to go and look!!

chinahorse 12-11-2018 09:08 PM

OOO were they gooey?

nonperson 12-11-2018 09:10 PM

Not gooey but very moist. =D

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 09:12 PM

My god I hate that word *cringes*

nonperson 12-11-2018 09:14 PM

Mwahaha. >=)

How else would you describe the perfect moisture level of a brownie?!

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 09:17 PM

I don't know!
It's a real problem

nonperson 12-11-2018 09:20 PM

I don't know why so many people hate that word.

I like to use it as much as possible. =P

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 09:22 PM

You're mean!!!

I can't explain why I hate it though....

nonperson 12-11-2018 09:25 PM

I'm not mean! I'm being very careful not to say it again.

I don't think anyone can explain why they hate it... but you're not alone!

Cacoethes 12-11-2018 09:27 PM


I know lots of people hate it
Its just....eugh

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