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tiptoes 10-10-2019 05:51 PM

I think there are some Facebook groups that can help you understand / answer questions about benefit options.

I'm so sorry that the cmht had little to offer it seems wholly unfair that you are left strugglingly like you are.

Is there anyone else that could phone the hospital on your behalf?

chinahorse 10-10-2019 10:19 PM

I will look into fb groups and citizens advice.

chinahorse 10-10-2019 10:31 PM

What more can I do to help myself? Seeing as services wont.

chinahorse 10-10-2019 10:56 PM

I'm never going to get well am I? Never.

Bellatrix 11-10-2019 12:20 AM

I'm not sure if it'd be something you'd consider, or I'd you already have ruled it out, but have you thought about consulting a lawyer? There are some who will take MH cases such as this pro bono. My dad did it as a legal consultant for Learning Disabilities. It might help.

ETA: I mean to make the NHS aware of the severity of their neglect. Hopefully they would implement changes in response

one_step_closer 11-10-2019 01:29 PM

I don't know if I've asked you this about where you currently live, but are there any MH charities who could support you? Citizens advice might have some info about that too if you are going to see if they can help you with benefits forms. I'm sorry you're being left to fend for yourself, you deserve support and a chance to move forward in the way you want to.

chinahorse 11-10-2019 09:22 PM

Don't think it'd work J.

There aren't any charities in the town no.

I need support. Please.

one_step_closer 12-10-2019 11:08 AM

I know in the past I've said to directly say that to someone, that you need support. Could you try that again? If you can't fight for yourself is there someone who can contact the CMHT on your behalf?

chinahorse 12-10-2019 12:37 PM

Why keep trying?

I'm in A and E. The doctor asked me how to deal with my injury. Hardly reassuring.

one_step_closer 12-10-2019 01:00 PM

I think you need to keep trying, giving up will only make things worse. How are you getting on at A&E now? Will you be seeing the psych team?

chinahorse 12-10-2019 01:03 PM

Seriously resigned to life like this until I die. There's no point any more.

The dr asked me if he could call them. I said ok. They said to me last time that they won't come unless it's a suicide attempt.

one_step_closer 12-10-2019 01:05 PM

You don't want to live like this though, do you? If not then continuing to try and ask for help and look after yourself too is definitely the best option I think rather than just giving up. I hope that psych do see you, that seems wrong to only see you after a suicide attempt. What do you need right now?

chinahorse 12-10-2019 02:17 PM

I have to find a way to get to bristol tomorrow.

Mental health say I have a comprehensive plan. Hah. I hardly think a blood test form and an appointment jn a month is a plan. Apparently I have a cpn (no one told me) who will call me on Monday and psyche liason think that's enough according to medical dr

one_step_closer 12-10-2019 04:47 PM

Is it a safe reason you need to get to Bristol? I'm glad your CPN is going to call you at least and I hope you get on well with them and they can offer you some proper support. Will you call crisis if you need to over the weekend?

chinahorse 12-10-2019 06:32 PM

Yeah. To the burns unit.

Not sure I'm allowed to call crisis if I haven't been referred.

one_step_closer 12-10-2019 07:05 PM

Could you ask about patient transport?

Do you have the number for crisis? It might be worth phoning if you need to and ask what the plan is with when you're allowed to phone etc. Some crisis teams allow self referrals.

chinahorse 12-10-2019 07:07 PM

Patient transport is not something they provide is what they told me.

one_step_closer 12-10-2019 07:08 PM

What are your options then?

chinahorse 12-10-2019 07:17 PM

Borrow money/use my credot card and go on public transport or don't go.

one_step_closer 12-10-2019 07:19 PM

How will you decide what is the best thing to do? I think it's important that you go for treatment.

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