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Billy! 19-02-2011 12:53 PM

Hey Lindsay *Hugs* How are you?

Doikers 19-02-2011 01:24 PM

*Hugs Charlie* How are you hun?

*Hugs Lindsay* How are you too hun?

Well I went and paid 2 Water payments so they have no reason to have issue with me anymore. I got so far ahead (Like 300 total) On my Gas and Electricity that I've just been not paying them as I didn't need to and I forgot to pay my water one fortnight too it seems , Still I have the receipt and can prove I have paid it now.

Billy! 19-02-2011 01:27 PM

*Hugs Mark* Thats good, at least you don't have to worry anymore :)
I'm ok thanks, 11 days SI free now. Longest i've gone since october.

Doikers 19-02-2011 01:59 PM

I'm still anxious about the Water companys letter , I guess I'll feel better in time *Hopes* 11 Days is pretty huge Charlie :) Way to go you!! :)

Billy! 19-02-2011 02:02 PM

*Hopes with you*
Thankyou :) I'm very proud of myself, I haven't even had that many urges!

one_step_closer 19-02-2011 02:30 PM

Well done, Charlie!

I'm not feeling great. Just fed up with life in general and wish that I could end it all.

Billy! 19-02-2011 02:36 PM

Thanks Lindsay *Hugs*
Please stay strong hun, feel free to PM me if you wanna chat <3

Doikers 19-02-2011 03:12 PM

*Squishes Lindsay*

FlyingNy 19-02-2011 03:48 PM

*Hugs Lindey Mark and Charlie.*

11 days is great Charlie :) I'm proud of you.

'Hold on Lindsey' seems a little lame, but I just want you to know I'm thinking of you and I care, even if I'm not sure what to say right now.

Billy! 19-02-2011 04:16 PM

*Hugs Mark, Lindsay and Lia*
Thanks Lia :D How are you?

FlyingNy 19-02-2011 04:41 PM

Hey Charlie :) I'm alright atm, tired despite sleeping for 10 hours last night, but then, I'm always tired nowadays. In more ways than one. Bumface.

I'm going to get my friend to order me a self injury recovery bracelet from the shop. I want a 'trying to stop' one but she thinks I stopped years ago so that would lead to awkward questions and I can't get it myself because I don't have that kind of bank card. Another bumface.

Doikers 19-02-2011 04:52 PM

*Hugs Lia*

Billy! 19-02-2011 04:54 PM

lol. Try and have an early night?
That sucks, maybe you could just get an awareness one? Then she doesn't have to know how long it's been?
The baking thread makes me hungry -.-

FlyingNy 19-02-2011 05:20 PM

I'm just gone a get a 'recovery' on, that doesn't say how long you've been off it for. There's a baking thread?

Billy! 19-02-2011 05:36 PM

Thats a good idea.
And yeah, in the picture boards, where people post pics of all their baking. It looks SO yummy. <3

FlyingNy 19-02-2011 05:58 PM

Mmm...I remember the last time I cooked. Christmas cookies. They were alright actually, but my husband and I made such a mess making them.

Billy! 19-02-2011 06:06 PM

I baked a cake a few weeks back, but my mum banned me from ever cooking again cause I made such a mess :(
I thought 'Huh?' when I read that, but then I rememberd a long ago conversation about your friend being your 'husband' and was like 'oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh'

FlyingNy 19-02-2011 06:10 PM

Lol, yeah, not my official husband. I married my best friend. It's the only way I'd allow her to call me 'Ronnie'. Long story.

I'm not banned yet which is a shocker due to my many kitchen disasters. Mind, most of them occured at school. Like when I nearly set fire to the place. And when I grilled my cakes. And when I forgot to put sugar in my cheescake. And asked for the elbow greese. And touched a tray as soon as it came out of the oven. And forgot to turn on the oven so ended up with dough rather than cookies. Yeah...I'm a fail in the kitchen.

Doikers 19-02-2011 06:27 PM

Elbow grease , That made me smile Lia :)

Billy! 19-02-2011 06:29 PM

Lol Lia. Don't worry you can't be as bad as my friend. She set fire to the toaster at school, it was only a little fire and she could have put it out easily. But instead she screamed, smashed the glass to set off the fire alarm, and then went running off to the field where we line up in case of a fire XD

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