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Antebellum 08-05-2011 01:36 PM

*hugs everyone*

I'm moving back to University today for the last 3 weeks of this semester. Then after that I'm coming home (Where my mum lives) for good :-(

I didn't think I was going to be so upset about this. I feel like when I leave my flat at Uni I'm going to be leaving my home... I've been in the same room and flat for 4 years! *sighs*

I'm going out for a family meal this afternoon and then mums going to measure me up for my cap and gown for graduation. Then I'm going back to University... I feel like I'm going to burst out crying, I don't want this part of my life to end.

Am I alone in feeling like this? because everyone else I know is really looking forward to graduating and moving on and I just feel like I'm losing the best part of my life so far!


ljmeep 08-05-2011 01:53 PM

Wish I could help, but I'm still in college and married w/ 3 kids so once I graduate I don't think it will really feel as though I'm moving on so much as continuing on with this chapter of my life. *hugs if that's ok*

It's perfectly normal and ok to feel a little sad about ending a chapter of your life to begin another... especially when it is/was a very good chapter. Hang in there. You may even be pleasantly surprised to find that the next chapter is even better :)

Doikers 08-05-2011 04:26 PM

*Hugs Rhi* I Don't know I never went to UNI.Really sorry:S.

*Hugs Kelly* How have you been hun?

Louise 08-05-2011 04:26 PM

hugs everyone

Doikers 08-05-2011 04:44 PM

*Hugs Louise*

frenchhorn 08-05-2011 05:15 PM

*hugs all*

one_step_closer 08-05-2011 05:18 PM

Rhi, I felt like that when I finished uni. It's like you are experiencing a loss, which you are, and it takes time to come to terms with it. Life is all about moving forward though and there will hopefully be other good times ahead.

I'm feeling like I want to overdose again except I have nothing 'safe' to overdose on. I don't want to overdose on painkillers because I know how dangerous that it. I also feel like i'm going to have to start cutting again if I can't overdose any more.

frenchhorn 08-05-2011 05:38 PM

*hugs Lindsay* please try to stay safe, is there someone you can talk to

Doikers 08-05-2011 05:46 PM

*Hugs Oliver*

*Hugs Lindsay* I echo Oliver , please stay safe .

frenchhorn 08-05-2011 05:49 PM

*hugs Mark* hows you?

ljmeep 08-05-2011 06:20 PM

I was doing fine for a while... my scars were all starting to fade even. then this morn. i was promised to get to sleep in (only thing i asked for for mother's day) and ended up getting up at 7 to take care of the kids while hubby slept. it set me off and i've been fighting off and on w/ hubby all day. :'( the i lost it and cut ... if i could crawl into a hole and hide I would.

How have you been, Mark?

How 'bout you, Oliver?

I miss my wardies and sooo need to stop by more :(

one_step_closer 08-05-2011 07:25 PM

I'm sorry to hear that, Kelly. Please take care of yourself.

I could phone the voluntary crisis team but I don't really know what to say and i'm not sure that they would take me seriously.

SoMuchMore 08-05-2011 08:35 PM

Sorry I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to say hi.


Rhi - I know what you mean. I am finishing Uni this year as well.... and it just hit me the other day and this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia took over and I was so sad. You are definitely not alone hun.

Doikers 08-05-2011 08:41 PM

*Hugs Laura*

Louise 08-05-2011 08:47 PM

hugs everyone

Doikers 08-05-2011 09:02 PM

I think I have demons inside me.....
Realyreally sorry

dazed1989 08-05-2011 09:11 PM

*wanders in and does some deep breathing*

My mind needs to slow down and my will power needs to buck its ideas up... hmpf :-(

Doikers 08-05-2011 09:55 PM

I'm sic, and I'm sorry

ljmeep 08-05-2011 10:22 PM

finally some peace and quiet! *takes a deep breath* i wish i could nap, but there's nooo way I can sleep right now... i hate feeling so down like this :/

Cazki 08-05-2011 11:40 PM

My grandad is very poorly :(

*Hugs Mark*

*Hugs Laura*

*Hugs Kitty*

*Hugs Oliver*

*Hugs Meep*

*Hugs Louise*

*Hugs Lindsay*

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