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xxjuliexx 26-04-2010 06:48 PM

morning i'm heading out to the pool

PoisonedApple 26-04-2010 06:49 PM

Kat- I'm Crimson :) As for

wasn't expecting such an insensitive response from a vicar-to-be. Told me I should have sex with my husband once a week regardless of wether i'm ready to or not because it'll save our marriage!
that's ridiculous. Feeling like a rape victim with your husband will not save your marriage. I would speak to someone else. That wasn't just insensitive it could cause you mental harm and hurt the marriage more than not. Have you talked to your husband about it? - sorry if that isn't what you meant or if that reply didn't make sense. I'm feeling kind of jumbled right now -

Laura~ Sometimes I don't get on my computer on the weekends, sometimes I do. :) I feel kinda jumbled and a little off. So far I haven't done anything productive work-wise... I did redo my desk for the third time in a week though. I think this may fix my issues though. I can now sit up all the way straight and see my computer monitor correctly and my keyboard is now up at a height that isn't awkward... *shrug* We'll see if this does it.

*huggles April, Hayley, Mark, Oliver, Kat, JK, Julie, Helen, Laura, Kahlia, Nicole, and anyone else in the ward*
*wanders off for a bit to try to do 15 min of work (You can do amazing things in 15 minutes)*

katnovia 26-04-2010 06:55 PM

*hugs crimson* Yeah I spoke to him about it. He thought the suggestion was somewhat off. Now I just can't shake feeling like i'm supposed to be some kind of mens plaything. I hate it. I havn't felt like this for 2 or 3 years. Stupid man. I just feel so p***ed off at me for deciding he was safe to confide in. I even told him why a sexual relationship with hubby isn't on the cards at the moment, and he still thought i should make the sacrifice. *gets angry* stupid. stupid.

nicole94 26-04-2010 07:01 PM

*hugs everyone* really cant be botherd to read through all the pages i've missed. i didnt manage to go to school today, and april, i did read what you wrote about the school system, here we go through pre school. then reception. then years 1-11, then sixth form in years 12&13, then uni. i'm currently at the end of year 11.

katnovia 26-04-2010 07:08 PM

*hugs nicole*

nicole94 26-04-2010 07:12 PM

*hugs kat*

katnovia 26-04-2010 07:22 PM

*curls up in the corner under a duvet and shakes*

nicole94 26-04-2010 07:24 PM

*joins kat in corner and hugs*

Doikers 26-04-2010 07:24 PM

I'm going to bed . I've so had about enough of today .
Bad day.
Start afresh ( With a brand new scar ) tommorow .

"It will all be happy in the end , if it's not happy it's not the end"

Night night ward mates
* hopes it's not too early for bed , was up early so hopefully I'll sleep*

nicole94 26-04-2010 07:26 PM

*hugs mark and tucks him in* no sweetie, its not too early for bed if you feel like it, sorry you've had a bad day

PoisonedApple 26-04-2010 07:30 PM

*walks up to the tucked in Mark and gives him a super soft plushie to cuddle* It's never to early for bed if you need it.

*huggles everyone and sets timer then runs off for another 15 minute work session*

katnovia 26-04-2010 07:44 PM

*hugs back* I'm tired too. *curls up to sleep*

nicole94 26-04-2010 07:46 PM

*tucks kat in and hands teddy* night night

jonikd 26-04-2010 08:30 PM

*creeps in and hugs everyone quietly*

Hayley, Helen, Laura, thanks heaps for your individual comments, tbh 10 days didn't feel like any achievement until you gals said what you did. And I guess you're right, its the first 10 days of 2 months, or 20 months or....11 days ;)

*hugs Crimson back tight*

April, right now you'll be doing your talk, so I am sending you strength and courage and I bet you're doing great x

To everyone else, keep looking after each other in here, you guys are doing a good job.

*hugs and wanders off aimlessly*

PoisonedApple 26-04-2010 08:36 PM

Ohhhh I missed commenting back on the 10 days! *throws confetti and twirls noise maker* YAY! Congrats!

Kahlia1981 26-04-2010 10:44 PM

*hugs everyone*

Sorry it isn't more.

*sits down in a dark corner and starts crying*

frenchhorn 26-04-2010 11:09 PM

*comes over to corner, offers Kahlia a tissue, hug and a listening ear*
whats up?

MammaMia 26-04-2010 11:16 PM

*cuddles everyone and then curls up in a hidden space* :(

Kahlia1981 26-04-2010 11:38 PM

*cuddles Oliver* Just really not doing well right now. Bad SI urges and suicidal ideation and thoughts. So sick of fighting to live.

*cuddles Helen*

*cuddles everyone*

Scarletdreamer 27-04-2010 12:23 AM

*cuddles everyone* I made it through my presentation!!! and I only said "ummm" 61 or 62 times in 10 minutes... :-/ Not good. But oh well, at least it's over!! *bounces* I also got the most questions from professors etc. than anyone else did (there were three other presenters) :( boo hiss, I don't know if I handled that well. I also SI'd because I was so anxious, so another ugly misshapen scar from scratching. :'(

Oh well. At least it's OVER. And I am practically DONE with senior sem. :) Sorry no individual replies, am just popping on and popping off to let you all know that it went okay. :) And everyone, thanks for the prayers/good wishes/thoughts that you sent my way!!

*more cuddles for everyone*

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