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Cacoethes 02-02-2023 07:25 AM


Zurg 02-02-2023 10:31 AM

Morning Beckie.
How are you??

Cacoethes 02-02-2023 10:59 AM

I'm ok thanks.
Better now I've done pilates. Nice destress!

How are you?

tamobhuuta 02-02-2023 11:04 AM

Morning guys, how are you?

Cacoethes 02-02-2023 11:12 AM


tamobhuuta 02-02-2023 11:14 AM

Im glad you enjoyed pilates :)

I'm just having a cup of tea with my dad.

Cacoethes 02-02-2023 11:23 AM


I'm getting my nails done soon.
Can't wait! They are a state right now

tamobhuuta 02-02-2023 12:29 PM

Are you getting anything fancy done?

Had tea, had a shower, it's all go here!

one_step_closer 02-02-2023 12:50 PM

Afternoon everyone. Let's all hope for nice calm days today.

Do you know what you want done to your nails, Beckie?

How are you, Kat?

Well done, Tamo. You're doing great. :-)

Cacoethes 02-02-2023 02:09 PM

The usual gel extensions and patterns! Hard to describe. They are pretty though!
Appointment flew by! I think because i tend to talk non stop! XD

Going to have lunch and then clean out the boys

one_step_closer 02-02-2023 02:46 PM

You always choose nice designs.

tamobhuuta 02-02-2023 02:57 PM

How are you osc?

I think being on my period is making my anxiety worse/increasing my heart rate so I feel like my anxiety is worse!

Cacoethes 02-02-2023 03:59 PM

Honestly picking a nail design is the hardest choice ever. I spend weeks googling XD

That would make sense.
I haven't had a period in like 9 years so I can't remember what it's like but i think it usually makes people anxious and irritable and just generally out of sorts!

I have cleaned out the boys and am on the last pirates of the caribbean film!

long road 02-02-2023 04:51 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am having a slow day today. Appointment yesterday took a lot out of me. So spent most of my day on the sofa.

Fancy nail designs look cool but far too much effort for me, I would probably break them in a day! What sort of colours did you go for Beckie?

I haven't seen the last pirates film, last one I saw was the weird fountain of youth one. Is number 5 any good? Or did you mean number 3 of the trilogy?

Cacoethes 02-02-2023 04:58 PM

Sometimes that's what you have to do!

They don't break easily at all!
I could literally try my hardest to pull them off and they would not budge!
It's only really when they start to grow out (weeks later) that they start to loosen.
Posted a pic on fb!

It's the 5th one. I like it!

long road 02-02-2023 05:07 PM

Impressive, maybe I will give it a try one day. Probably a good thing they don't break easily as you do taekwondo!

Might check the fifth one out. A generous family member has given me access to their Disney plus.

one_step_closer 02-02-2023 05:10 PM

Periods suck both physically and mentally. Look after yourself, Tamo.

I like your nails, Beckie.

It's ok to rest when you need to, Jen. I hope you have more energy etc tomorrow but if not just keep going with what you need to do.

Zurg 02-02-2023 05:12 PM

I had dinner. Kind of forced myself to. I was getting irritable and restless and sad, usually a sign that my blood sugar is low.
Sometimes i wish i was better at looking after myself. Not sure i'll ever get there completely.

Tamo, when my period is due i am a hormonal mess. I cry over everyhting, scream at people/pets/things whenever something goes wrong and i Think the safest approach is to just stay at a distance and maybe toss little bits of chocolate towards me…. This significantly increased when i hit my 30'ies.
As if being a woman alone wasn't struggle enough!!!!

I love fancy looking nails. I can't for the life of me wear them myself. I tried several times. I last about half an hour and then tear them off in desperation with significant amounts of violence….
I am equally mystified and in awe of those who can do it!!!!

Cacoethes 02-02-2023 05:13 PM

They are gel extensions and not acrylics. But I don't think either break too easily!
Gel extensions are kinder to your nails.
And builder gel is a thing now which helps you grow your nails.

I go through phases with disney+. Sometimes i ignore it for months but then I'm always on it!
It's way more than disney now anyway.

Thanks lindsay!

Ninja post!
You get used to the nails! And they aren't ridiculously long.

one_step_closer 02-02-2023 05:14 PM

Well done with having dinner, Kat. It can be hard to look after yourself, I know. There's so much looking after yourself to be done!

long road 02-02-2023 06:29 PM

So much looking after oneself to be done. Well done for making dinner Zurg, what did you have? I know some people find things like sticker charts can be good motivation for looking after self activities if you wanted to try something different to help motivate yourself.

I helped a little bit with dinner tonight. I cut the onion for our Bolognese. Was going to cut the other veg but got tired so listened to my body and my partner is finishing the prep.

Rest or not is a tricky balancing act but I think I did it today. How has your day been OSC?

Cacoethes 02-02-2023 07:13 PM

I'm glad your partner is able to help!

I'm back from taekwondo. We did 3 step sparring for the first time! Took a bit of getting used to but it was fun!
Have showered and have an asda essentials cheese and tomato pasta ready meal! Which considering is only 90p, it is actually delicious! So cheesy!

long road 02-02-2023 07:43 PM

My partner is very helpful, a lot of the time they are essentially my carer. But I am starting to be able to do little bits more.

Cheap, cheesy, Pasta. All of these words appeal to me. Om Nom Nom. Glad you enjoyed your dinner!

Cacoethes 02-02-2023 08:18 PM

I'm glad you have someone supportive

Yes me too!
A lot of the asda essentials range is really good!

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 09:42 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 03-02-2023 10:10 AM

Morning, how are you?

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 10:55 AM

I'm ok thanks!
Had a pretty productive morning.


tamobhuuta 03-02-2023 11:06 AM

Well done :) I'm ok going to do some mindfulness. Got what feels like a busy day - Confession and an appointment with my CPN.

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 12:13 PM

Ive been to an appointment, asda, aldi, poundland, pharmacy, piercing shop, got a hot chocolate and cleaned the house.
Now chilling until I get the bus for my blood test and then going to mum's for the weekend to look after jasmine while mum is away.

Hope confession and your appointment are ok!

one_step_closer 03-02-2023 12:51 PM

Now that is one extra busy day, Beckie! I hope you have a nice time with Jasmine.

I hope your day goes well, Tamo, and you get to do nice things too.

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 01:05 PM

Most of those were in town so didn't take that long! And the house was already pretty clean.

How are you lindsay?

one_step_closer 03-02-2023 02:42 PM

Still lots though. Do you have any plans for what you might do with Jasmine?

I don't know how I am. Maybe a bit detached/confused/sick of life.

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 03:24 PM

I think she wants to see matilda in the cinema again so we'll probably do that tomorrow.

Sorry to hear that. Can you do something nice for yourself?

I ran into a nurse from the crisis team. I was totally in my own world but he stopped me to say hi!
He's one of my favourites so had a quick catch up. He said I look well. Glad i decided to put make up on today lol

one_step_closer 03-02-2023 03:34 PM

Going by that Matilda must be really good. I'm just waiting till the DVD comes out.

I don't know what nice things I could do for myself.

Aww, that's kind of nice and kind of awkward too!

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 03:44 PM

It is really good!
I think i heard it's meant to be coming to Netflix?
Could be wrong though!

Is there anything that you enjoy that you don't usually do?

It was nice tbh!
I like bumping into them when I'm doing well and can brag about it lol

long road 03-02-2023 03:48 PM

*waves* I have just got back from the seaside. We drove to a nearby town and ate sausage rolls watching the sea. I also have a dessert pasty to try later (rhubarb, apple and custard). Got a bit triggered while I was out so resting now.

Would reading a book be a nice thing you could do OSC? I know you like to read.

one_step_closer 03-02-2023 03:50 PM

Haha! Some people are ok to bump into but some aren't. Most wouldn't talk to me beyond hello I don't think. I'm glad you're well and had a chance to brag about it!

I'm thinking of Easter eggs, which are in shops already. Tesco has a variety but I don't go there much now. I could get some on Amazon but they cost too much and the ones I'd usually get are a bundle of 5. I can't be eating so many this year. I'll maybe just go to Tesco for one when I have time.

one_step_closer 03-02-2023 03:52 PM

Ninja Jen!

I'm always reading but it's a bit of a chore right now.

I'm sorry you were triggered when you were out. Sounds like a nice time otherwise. I hope you enjoy your pasty.

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 03:57 PM

Sounds like a nice day aside from the triggered bit!

The crisis team love me and we have a laugh when things aren't super serious.

Easter eggs are a good treat!

one_step_closer 03-02-2023 04:35 PM

What a thing, to be loved by the crisis team! :laugh:

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 04:48 PM

I know! Lol XD
Apparently they fight over me when it's time for visits
And the lady I saw last time who I hadn't met before was told how lovely I am!

one_step_closer 03-02-2023 04:57 PM

Your greatness will be carried down the line to each new person until the day comes when you're properly better or too ancient for their services. Then stories of you will be told because you'll be a legend!

not_so_insig 03-02-2023 05:45 PM

Hello all. I am having a bad day but managed to sort out a shelf in my pantry.

one_step_closer 03-02-2023 05:51 PM

Sorry you're having a hard day, Dawn. I hope tomorrow is better. Well done for what you've managed.

Zurg 03-02-2023 06:03 PM

Woah Dawn, you have a pantry??? Oh boy, that's really fancy!!!! Cool points to you!!! :D

I finally Got around to buy a birthday present for my friend who is coming by tomorrow. I am normally not that late but i kept avoiding having to Enter a shopping centre or downtown…. Most of the time, places with a lot of people stress me out. It was quite stormy outside so i went on the bus.

I was glad to be home after spending the afternoon at my mum's. Findus was equally happy and equally pissed at me so he circled my legs in happiness and then bit me in the arm to welcome me home…. I'm unsure if i find this very cute or a bit on the dramatic side ;)

Easter eggs are legit comfort food, Lindsay!!! If you buy a package of smaller eggs you can spread them out on more days instead of feeling peer pressured by your brain into eating one giant Easter egg in one go!!! Handy right???

one_step_closer 03-02-2023 06:12 PM

Well done with getting the present, Kat. You're still on time! It's always nice to get home after things like shopping and visiting people. Was it a gentle nibble from Findus? Cats supposedly nibble people because they love them and it reminds them of washing their babies by licking and biting.

The Easter eggs online are medium size. I would happily get them but I'd eat them very quickly. Will just get one if there are any in a local shop rather than go to Tesco which is a bit of a walk.

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 06:13 PM

I hope so! :tongue2:

Shopping centres aren't great tbh!
Well done for doing it!

Lol at findus.

tamobhuuta 03-02-2023 06:30 PM

After encouragement from my CPN I am going to try to have a quick shower every day!

Zurg 03-02-2023 07:06 PM

Tamo, when i had dreadlocks i showered every day even though it wasn't good to wash your hair so often. So i wore one of those shower caps which i recommend if you want to shower but not neccessarily wash your hair every time :)
They make it pretty easy to avoid getting your hair wet.

Nah, Lindsay, he attempted to take a proper bite out of me XD But he does tend to do that to me when he gets very happy or excited. He hasn't done it with anyone else who comes into my home (quite fortunately!!!)

Now i feel a bit bummed that i didn't get myself a present too. But my personal accountant strictly forbid me to do such a thing….!!!

Cacoethes 03-02-2023 08:48 PM

I shower as little as i can get away with
Awful really!
I mainly shower when I have work or seeing mum

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