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chingas 22-06-2007 07:47 PM

*smiles, closes her eyes and joins*

claireyfairy 22-06-2007 07:51 PM

you're so cute! >:3

chingas 22-06-2007 07:54 PM

:blink: Am I?
but don't tell anyone.. that would destroy what other's think of me..

claireyfairy 22-06-2007 08:07 PM

why? do people think youre scary?

chingas 22-06-2007 08:11 PM

they should.. 'cause I am.. I am!

claireyfairy 22-06-2007 08:17 PM

awh cutesywootsypoo
huggle puffing fairies with pink ribbon

chingas 22-06-2007 08:25 PM

:Gasp: shush! I said..
*pushes her mouth to Claire's to make Claire be quiet*

claireyfairy 22-06-2007 08:34 PM

you should put your hand...
never mind

chingas 22-06-2007 08:37 PM

oh.. oopsy...
*replaces her mouth with her hand*

claireyfairy 22-06-2007 08:56 PM

oooh were getting rather kinky in here

chingas 22-06-2007 10:45 PM

is that too bad for your young mind?


claireyfairy 22-06-2007 10:46 PM

pffft im 16! im legal! >:P

chingas 22-06-2007 10:51 PM

oh you're so young.. lovely..
though that makes me feel old.. hmm.. complicated situation..

claireyfairy 22-06-2007 11:10 PM

how come?

chingas 22-06-2007 11:20 PM

agh.. I better stop thinking that..
You already are my husband so it should not be a big issue if you're younger or anything..

claireyfairy 22-06-2007 11:21 PM

PFFFT im only about a year younger

chingas 22-06-2007 11:35 PM

nah.. almost one and a half year.. You're born in the end of November, right?


claireyfairy 22-06-2007 11:37 PM

yes but thats still not much!

chingas 22-06-2007 11:43 PM

well it is and it isn't..
I know I'm stupid but you're only second person born in 90's that I've "accepted" as my friend..
I don't like the idea that my friend/s is/are born in different decade..

claireyfairy 22-06-2007 11:43 PM

oh im sorry =[

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