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Doikers 06-08-2011 12:15 PM

*Hugs Lindsay*

Oh and I know you can't get on RYL at the weekends Crimson but *HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!*

one_step_closer 06-08-2011 12:20 PM

How are you, Mark?

I've taken an overdose :( I don't know what to do now because i'm not sure how to take care of myself. I can't get medical attention because my psychiatrist will find out and he'll stop giving me my medication. Breathing Space told me to keep in touch over the weekend but if I phone them they will put me through to NHS 24 who will try and get me to go to hospital.

Doikers 06-08-2011 12:24 PM

Well, The Stupid Vets Woulden't come out to vist our family dog and Mum didn't want to carry her ( She coulden't really walk ) To the vets as she woud get so stressed so they called my sisters friend Helen who is a qualified vet and she came out and poor scoobs was so ill she had to put her down . Like I need this sadness . At least she was at home . *Cries*

Doikers 06-08-2011 12:25 PM

Lindsay, Please don't take anymore pills *Hugs You* I'm about should you want to talk.

one_step_closer 06-08-2011 12:27 PM

I'm so sorry , Mark. *hugs*

Emo 06-08-2011 12:58 PM

Lindsay please get medical help. call someone * hugs*

Mark am so sorry about your dog * hugs*

feeling a bit scared ...want my husband to come back from the shops soon
dont like being alone

Doikers 06-08-2011 01:05 PM

*Hugs DarkAsylum* I forgot your name , sorry , I hope your husband returns soon.

I'm going for a walk , I need it.

Emo 06-08-2011 02:05 PM

my name is Ella * smiles*
i hope the walk helps
* hugs*

Doikers 06-08-2011 02:11 PM

*Hugs Ella*

Emo 06-08-2011 03:12 PM

Me and my alters are feeling really bad at the moment , my husband is back from the shop and is watching tv. But we feel that we need to cut.
we need to die

Doikers 06-08-2011 03:20 PM

*Hugs Ella*

BWchick 06-08-2011 03:53 PM

*huggles all who want waves to everyone else* hey guys... I have been having it hard lately... I have been having bad thoughts of my brother again and... last night when I was trying to sleep I pictured him dead and it just really disturbs me and I am so scared.....

Doikers 06-08-2011 04:38 PM

*Hugs Megz* I'm sorry the dreams troubled you :/

Cazki 06-08-2011 11:27 PM

*Hugs Mark* I'm sorry to hear about your dog

*Hugs Lindsay* I'm sorry you od. I'm here for you if you want to talk.

*Hugs Ella*

*Hugs Megz*

frenchhorn 07-08-2011 01:00 AM

*hugs you all then hides and cries*

Cazki 07-08-2011 01:03 AM

*Hugs Oliver* Hey mate you ok? *Sits with you*

Doikers 07-08-2011 09:14 AM

*Hugs Ian*

*Hugs Oliver*

*Hugs All my other wardies*

frenchhorn 07-08-2011 02:24 PM

*hugs Ian and Mark* how are you guys?

Doikers 07-08-2011 02:43 PM

A Bit Depressed Oliver but thats not unuusual ,How are you? *Hugs*

frenchhorn 07-08-2011 02:51 PM

*hugs Mark* I've got the flu and feeling on edge, my mood keeps swinging.

Doikers 07-08-2011 04:57 PM

Anyone Heard from Lindsay Today?

Louise 07-08-2011 05:04 PM

no i am really worried, normally she has been on by now.

frenchhorn 07-08-2011 05:10 PM

I'm worried about her too, I really hope she is ok.

*hugs Mark and Louise*

Doikers 07-08-2011 05:13 PM

*Hugs Louise*

*Hugs Oliver*

I have texted Lindsay , hopefully I'll get a response, Perhaps she did get medical attention and is in Hospital?

Louise 07-08-2011 05:15 PM

hugs mark and oliver - i hope that is the case mark, how are you both

frenchhorn 07-08-2011 05:29 PM

I hope she got medical attention too.

I'm not doing so great, plus got the flu.

*hugs Mark and Louise*

misskitty112 07-08-2011 05:52 PM

*hugs ward*

Louise 07-08-2011 06:16 PM

* hugs Felicia* How are you?

Doikers 07-08-2011 06:32 PM

*Hugs Oliver*

*Hugs Louise*

*Hugs Felicia* I Love You <3

frenchhorn 07-08-2011 07:39 PM

*hugs Felicia, Louise and Mark*

SoMuchMore 07-08-2011 09:00 PM

*hugs Oliver* Hope you feel better soon. Flu's are nasty.. plus they really can do a number on your mental state :-/ Here if you want to talk.

*hugs Mark* sorry you are feeling depressed.

*hugs Felicia, Ian, and Louise* How are you are you three doing?

*hugs Megz* sorry you had a bad dream. it sounds like they are really troubling you. I can understand that, sometimes dreams really screw with me too. in the end, try to remember that despite everything, it is only a dream and in no way reality.

Feel free to PM me if anyone needs to talk.

Doikers 07-08-2011 09:01 PM

*Hugs Laura* How are you hun?

SoMuchMore 07-08-2011 09:14 PM

*hugs* I've been better but I'm fine. Been thinking a lot more about SI but trying to stay distracted since its been so long (almost 6 months with only 1 slip up... so its not exactly 6 months but its better then before.)

shattered1 08-08-2011 04:43 AM

Hi everyone, it has been a while since i have been on here. i just thought i would pop on and let everyone know I was thinking of them still. take care.

Doikers 08-08-2011 10:12 AM

*Hugs Laura* Almost 6 Months is Awesome!

*Hugs JAR*

Doikers 08-08-2011 10:48 AM

I'm not sure what I'm at liberty to say but Lindsay is safe :) Not well but safe. She texted me .

Doikers 08-08-2011 01:19 PM

I NEED Hugs , am extremely stressed . :(

frenchhorn 08-08-2011 01:40 PM

*huggles Mark* whats up? and thanks for letting us know about Lindsay.

Louise 08-08-2011 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by Doikers (Post 2916587)
I'm not sure what I'm at liberty to say but Lindsay is safe :) Not well but safe. She texted me .

Glad she is safe, thanks for letting us know. Thinking about her.


Originally Posted by Doikers (Post 2916694)
I NEED Hugs , am extremely stressed . :(

*hugs mark* Do you what is causing you to feel extremely stressed?

Doikers 08-08-2011 02:35 PM

Well I'm back , Isn't it lovely when you walk 20-25 minutes somewhere only to be told that it's not on today as Amy called in sick and no'one thought to let me know? *Le sigh*

frenchhorn 08-08-2011 02:52 PM

*hugs Mark and Louise*

Doikers 08-08-2011 04:45 PM

*Schlorps Oliver*

PoisonedApple 08-08-2011 04:53 PM

*hugs all*
thanks for letting us know lindsay is safe mark.
and thanks for the happy birthday mark :)

Doikers 08-08-2011 05:27 PM

*FLORGSHUMS Crimsin* How are you today?

PoisonedApple 08-08-2011 05:45 PM

I wanna crawl back into bed, how're you doing?

Cazki 08-08-2011 06:31 PM

*Hugs Crimson*

*Hugs Oliver*

*Hugs Mark*

Doikers 08-08-2011 06:36 PM

*Hugs Crimson*

*Hugs Ian*

Ever get the feeling that because My (Support worker) tells me stuff that he tells my personal stuff to others? My former social worker Outted me to my housing worker as a cutter and I'm sure he must tell people , I know a **** load about my neighbours , I bet it go's the other way , he is not a pro .

PoisonedApple 08-08-2011 07:39 PM

*hugs Mark and Ian*
have you asked about it Mark?

Doikers 08-08-2011 08:21 PM

I do not trust him Crimson

risenfromperdition 08-08-2011 08:35 PM

*hugs everyone* <3

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