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nonperson 28-06-2022 12:41 PM

Yeah, nothing to do again today. Just gonna watch tennis, descale taps and clean the shower.

I know the one. Yep it is a prism.

not_so_insig 28-06-2022 12:43 PM

I didnt realise it was from China as it was from a third party seller on amazon. I assumed it was from Europe. I didnt find out until it was despatched.

nonperson 28-06-2022 01:11 PM

That's tricked me before too.

And yesterday I was about to buy some shorts on Amazon and only realised something dodgy was going on when they tried to charge me a tenner for postage and that it would arrive in August!

No thank you.

one_step_closer 28-06-2022 01:23 PM

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a good day.

Enjoy your new nails., Beckie.

A lot of the descriptions of products on Amazon etc say they are from the UK but turn out to be from China. That's just wrong.

nonperson 28-06-2022 01:27 PM

It's very wrong. The brand names usually give it away as well sometimes.

one_step_closer 28-06-2022 01:32 PM

I once went to what looked like a legit shoe website with legit prices and bought some blue Adidas shoes and when they arrived they were fakes and weren't even blue. I didn't get my money back. I need to try to remember to look at Trustpilot if I'm on a website I'm not familiar with. This company had terrible reviews obviously. I can be pretty stupid when I see what looks like a good deal.

I'm having to wait in for a gas check this afternoon. I hope they don't come too late and aren't here long. Not that I have anywhere to go. It's strong winds and rain today. Sounds like it's just getting started with the rain.

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 02:48 PM

I have had my nails done!
They are awesome!
Well, apart from one little finger! The nail ripped when getting the old extensions off. So she couldn't do that one. But have an appointment on Friday to give it time to recover and then do it!

Buying stuff online is always a risk!

one_step_closer 28-06-2022 03:10 PM

I hope you'll be posting pictures, Beckie. What are you getting up to now?

Gas person has just arrived.

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 03:16 PM

I will!

I was going to go to a charity type place to drop off some strong supermarket bags for their food bank (i have loads that i don't need) but it looks like it could pour down with rain any minute so I'll go another day.
So I'm just waiting in for an amazon delivery and it's glow beatz tonight!

Hopefully they won't take too long lindsay!

nonperson 28-06-2022 03:34 PM

I'm also waiting for an Amazon delivery today.

I dunno why but this nail talk makes me cringe a bit. I'm not squeamish when it comes to broken nails (mine are usually terrible), I think it's the thought of extentions and stuff. For some reason it really creeps me out!

I hope they're not super long bitch claw type ones, Beckie! >.>

I bet the prisms look awesome though =)

Hope the gas check goes ok, Lindsay!

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 03:42 PM

Fair enough!

Noooo i can't stand the really long ones!
Mine are at a length that some people can grow naturally. I can't though because my nails have always broken before getting to any length!

nonperson 28-06-2022 03:52 PM

I didn't think they'd be like those awful long ones. Do they feel chunky and like... there? That's a weird question. I just can't imagine what it's like.

I can grow mine long, they're like super strong for some reason.

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 04:00 PM

Definitely not! My nail person said she HATES when people ask for the super long ones! Lol

I do notice them, simply because I'm not used to them! Not chunky though!

Maybe you get lots of vitamin E? I think that's the hair and nail one

nonperson 28-06-2022 04:46 PM

Hmm maybe.

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 04:55 PM

I used to bite my nails a lot.
Stopped years ago but they still don't grow to any good length! It's annoying

nonperson 28-06-2022 05:00 PM

Long nails are overrated =)

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 05:12 PM

I suppose so!

Have you got any plans for this evening?

nonperson 28-06-2022 05:33 PM

Well, actually I've been toying with the idea of going for a walk to a particular landmark and watch the sunset.

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 05:35 PM

That sounds like a lovely thing to do!

one_step_closer 28-06-2022 05:36 PM

I'm scared of getting my nails done. It would make people notice me.

I hope you enjoy glow beatz Beckie.

What's everyone else doing with their evening?

one_step_closer 28-06-2022 05:37 PM

That would be really lovely NP.

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 05:51 PM

I have blue hair, people tend to notice that before the nails XD
No one seems to notice nails anyway. How often do you look at someones hands in detail?


nonperson 28-06-2022 06:21 PM

Manicures and pedicures and even haircuts are too much close physical contact for me. *shudder*

I just had Amazon knock on the door and a phone call from my supervisor all at the same time.

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 06:54 PM

Haha! Fair enough!
I desperately need my hair dyed again. But that will have to wait!

Oh no! Hate it when that happens!

I have a time frame for one of my items but not the others. I assume it will all come at the same time.
Between 7:45-10 apparently.
Hopefully it won't come while I'm at glow beatz

nonperson 28-06-2022 07:08 PM

Mine was meant to be 5:45 to 8:45 but it came earlier and the thing that was supposed to arrive tomorrow came too.

How come sometimes you can track the deliveries on a map where it says where you are in the delivery order and other times not?

Will they leave it somewhere safe if you're not in?

not_so_insig 28-06-2022 07:13 PM

I have noticed that too nonperson. I assumed that it was something to do with the fact my area has poor phone signal and they couldn't get a signal for the tracker.

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 07:20 PM

That happens to me too.
Maybe it depends on the seller?

Yes i have delivery instructions saved.
So hopefully they'll put them in the outdoor cupboard if I'm not in. Tbh even if they put them behind the bins, I won't be out long. Leave at 7 and I'll get back at around 8:30 ish.

nonperson 28-06-2022 07:56 PM

Probably is the seller. Or maybe even the driver, who knows.

Have fun at glow beats!

Cacoethes 28-06-2022 08:14 PM

Who knows!

I always get here early so i can get a spot at the back..I'm the first one here though!

Cacoethes 29-06-2022 08:35 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 29-06-2022 10:46 AM

Morning Beckie.
How are you?

Cacoethes 29-06-2022 11:19 AM

I'm ok thanks!
Just arrived at work.
It is raining a lot!

How are you?

one_step_closer 29-06-2022 11:27 AM

Morning everyone.

How are you Kat? What time is it with you?

I hope your shift goes well and it's not raining when you finish, Beckie.

It's raining here too. I'm going to see my brother if the trains behave themselves.

Zurg 29-06-2022 11:27 AM

Work AND rain???!!? That is sooo not cool of the Universe!!!

I’ve been feeling like crap mentally. It's beginning to get better but then my body trolls me majorly and i feel really, really ill now :-(
I was with my friends and their kids about ten days ago so there is a chance i might have gotten chicken pox from them which i, of course, never had as an actual child. If it IS indeed chicken pox, i am unsure whether to feel really cool or really lame by getting that as a 40 year old ;-)

Zurg 29-06-2022 11:28 AM

Ninja post there, Lindsay :-)

It's 11.28 am here

one_step_closer 29-06-2022 11:32 AM

Only an hour ahead of us, I thought it might be more. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time Kat. That's not right for your body to look like it's getting you through the MH stuff and then hit you with feeling physically unwell. I hope you feel better soon. You should feel cool that you didn't have chicken pox as a child, you must be super human to avoid it. Look after yourself and get in touch with a healthcare person if you think you need to.

Zurg 29-06-2022 12:01 PM

I Will, Lindsay :-)

My mum was very strict by sending both me and my brother to kindergarden EVERY time there was chicken pox around so we could get it, lol. And we trolled her majorly by never contracting it, mwuahahahahaaaa!!!!

Contacting a gp Will be a hassle though. My own gp surgery is closed for their summer vacation and getting through to another is usually a pain!!! But it is do-able so i shall call them and woe if i legit feel like i am dying….!!

tamobhuuta 29-06-2022 12:02 PM

Hi everyone x

not_so_insig 29-06-2022 12:33 PM

Hello all.

Cacoethes 29-06-2022 05:05 PM

Hey guys.
I got to finish at 3 instead of 6 today :-D

not_so_insig 29-06-2022 05:35 PM

That's good Beckie. Are you finished for the week now work wise?

one_step_closer 29-06-2022 05:50 PM

How do you keep getting home early, Beckie?! Is it really quiet or something? I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

I you feel a bit better at least as the days go on, Kat. It's your Mum's fault you never caught chicken pox, she was trying too hard, and chicken pox know when you're trying too hard!

Hi Tamo and Dawn, how are you both?

not_so_insig 29-06-2022 05:57 PM

I am annoyed because I wanted to go swimming today and my alarum clock didn't go off. By the time I woke up it was too late.

Cacoethes 29-06-2022 05:59 PM

No dawn i have work tomorrow too. 12-6

It was very quiet!
And a couple of people came in at 3.
And most people start at 5 now rather than 6 so that's why i mostly get to leave at 5 these days!
It's good though because i forgot to go to the pharmacy yesterday so i did that after work.
Trying to get hold of gp/111 but that failed so cba anymore and i have glow beatz tonight!
And just put meds in dosset box.
I have snazzy new exercise leggings!
But I'm annoyed because i had something from dorothy perkins that got delivered by Royal mail and i had time to put the safe place. I got a message at the last minute about my other parcel from card factory and didn't have time to put the safe place but thought royal mail would just put it in the same safe place as the other one. But nope! So gonna have to go and pick the card factory one up at some point. And it's always a gamble trying to get to the sorting office when they're open! The times online mean nothing!

Sorry, that was a bit of a ramble!
I just have a lot of feelings

Hope you're feeling better zurg!

Sorry to hear that dawn

Zurg 29-06-2022 07:27 PM

Dawn, i'd love to go to the beach today for a Quick dip. Not the indoor swimming pool, that is too hot for me today. But i really Think the sea would have a very satisfying temperature. Nice and cool!!! But just a dip because i never learned to swim and i nearly got myself drowned in the caribbean sea once.
The morale of the story is; learn to swim!!!! The mammoths didn't swim and look what happened to them!!!

….i'll just see myself out now…. >—<

nonperson 29-06-2022 08:11 PM

Did the mammoths all drown? O.o

Cacoethes 29-06-2022 08:13 PM

The mammoths all drowned and that's why the frogs are all gay now

nonperson 29-06-2022 08:18 PM


Cacoethes 29-06-2022 08:37 PM

Glow beatz tiiimme!!! :-D

Zurg 29-06-2022 09:32 PM

Beckie; that makes PERFECT sense!!! You should do a thesis on that!!!! The world needs to know the truth!!!!

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