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shadow13 24-11-2010 10:09 PM

Yeah I apparnatly had a high blood pressure from stress.... eh. what can you do?

Doikers 24-11-2010 10:10 PM

Felicia , What is a Penguin Pillow Pal? , They sound Fun :)

misskitty112 24-11-2010 10:12 PM

They're a stuffed animal that unfold, I guess you say to be a pillow too.
you can check it out on the website. That's the one she bought me, cause I think penguins (and panda bears) are the cutest things ever!

Doikers 24-11-2010 10:17 PM

They are Neat Felicia :)

misskitty112 24-11-2010 10:23 PM

Thanks. I'm like a little kid sometimes, I really really love stuffed animals.

FlyingNy 24-11-2010 10:23 PM

How's it going Felicia? With the phone call and everything.

I love google too Shad, you know you're screwed when google doesn't know...Two months free is really great!

And well done you too Kahlia on making it so far! Especailly since you've been struggling so much recently, you could have easily gone back to it and you haven't, you should be proud of yourself :)

I'm like Sarah myself, I avoid counting because to me, it's not a promblem. I will cut when the urge arises and hardly ever bother to try and resist. I don't see why I shouldn't and I don't like myself enough to stop. But I am getting better. I've found someone to stop for.

SparkleKitten 24-11-2010 10:24 PM

So cute. My new bag fell apart and my old one is almost done for. But getting a new t-shirt free because one of my almost new ones had a manufacturer flaw sooo I'm going to get a new plain black bag and dress it up with my old t-shirt, yay motivation to do something :)

I love stuffed toys too Felicia - one of my christmas presents is a giant Hello Kitty from Build-a-bear!

Yeah mine's a lot like Lia's, its infrequent but I don't really want to stop yet. I'm trying but I don't think my heart is in it yet. *shrugs*

Kahlia1981 24-11-2010 10:30 PM

On the topic of google ... have any of you seen this pic?


It really amuses me.

SparkleKitten 24-11-2010 10:33 PM

That picture is awesome.

shadow13 24-11-2010 10:34 PM

I took the suggestion of keeping a diary. I'm sure my doc will be interested and possibley pass it on to my psychiatrist when i finally get one. My next appointment is on january 7th at 9:20am - go me, i remembered! So we'll see what happens, i guess. :)

Doikers 24-11-2010 10:34 PM

Thats very funny :)

misskitty112 24-11-2010 10:35 PM

Lia, I'm going in on Monday, my team wanted to see me Friday, but being the holiday weekend it is, they can't. I told them I had a date set; and I honestly wanted help. And obviously, everyone knows I'm such a control freak, I set a date so I could get things ready and have everything mapped out for those who have to handle my funeral and such, so I'm safe for the weekend. Sooo... *crosses fingers* I'm missing class on Monday, so this better not have a turnout I'm gonna hate.

FlyingNy 24-11-2010 10:37 PM

Lol Kahlia!

And good luck with the appoinment Shad.

Most awesome song ever!

I'm like that Sarah, my heart just isn't in it right now and I don't have much will to stop.

I'm glad you have an appointment Felicia, good luck and please do try and stay safe in the meantime *Bigs bear hugs*

SparkleKitten 24-11-2010 10:38 PM

Thats good Shad, my diary helps me from time to time.

*cuddles Felicia* I really hope it turns out well for you hun. We all care about you deeply x

Oh Lia if I listen to that I'll cry, I always cry my eyes out at Puff the Magic Dragon

Edit - 5 seconds in I welled up, 36 seconds in I cried. I'm so soft :p

FlyingNy 24-11-2010 11:01 PM

Sorry Sarah. Why's it so sad for you? It's a song from my childhood and makes me remember times when I was happy. Ish.

Doikers 24-11-2010 11:02 PM

Night Night My Ward Mates
*Hugs all who can accept and waves at those who prefer waves*

FlyingNy 24-11-2010 11:11 PM

Night night Mark. *Hugs* Sleep well.

MammaMia 24-11-2010 11:26 PM

I'm 9 months free in just over two hours. Yay for Kahlia & was it Shad who's two months in just over two hours????

*cuddles ward*

I'm feeling really bad tonight & really really want my best friend. But she's really bad, maybe worse than me. I'm so selfish I know.

Kahlia1981 24-11-2010 11:31 PM

I've got half an hour to go until I make my 27 months ... then I'm going to get out on the psych ward dance floor and bust a move - but gently of course so that I don't damage my leg any more lol. Early congrats Hels. Well done, especially since I know you've been struggling lately. Lets throw ourselves (and everyone else because we like to share) some confetti, and have a major ward party ... just because we can! :-D

FlyingNy 24-11-2010 11:42 PM

You're not selfish Helen, everyone needs someone, but I do get that. Where you feel you can't talk to someone because they have their own problems. And well done on your 9 months :D That's amazing!

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