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~Kaytee~ 09-11-2010 10:40 AM

Yay group hug! *joins in group hug* :)

wolfos3d 09-11-2010 12:05 PM

I'm okay. Finished with school stuff until February which is nice. Having a bit of trouble with eating stuffs again though. Housemate is certainly not helping that. *sigh*

nicole94 09-11-2010 01:28 PM

*hugs everyone, especially mark*
lia-i'm sorry for going offline so suddenly last night, i couldn't face a conversation :( sorry if i made you worry *extra big hugs*

Doikers 09-11-2010 01:41 PM

*Joins in group Hug*

I'm just back from my parents, I had to AND wanted to be there for my parents , especially my Mum.

Crimson , I like the House , very cool :)

nicole94 09-11-2010 01:43 PM

*squishes mark*
it was nice of you to be there for your parents, but remember to look after yourself too ok? how are you feeling?

Doikers 09-11-2010 02:10 PM

My Mum is waiting for my grandmas Death Certificate , she can't organise ANYTHING without it and it can take days FFS.
I'm numb woth bouts of tearfulness today but I have 2 meetings today and Sharron my Nurse said I could go there ANYTIME expet 12.30 - 1pm if I needed her support to talk to or anything which is SO nice of her. I have a great support network and I include you guys in that , you've been so grea with me , Thankyou .It may be stateing the obvious butI think I'm going to be a bit fragile over the next few weeks so bear with me please.

I'm Self debating writing in the berevement thread here on RYL, Has anyone done this in the past, are they nice and helpful ?

nicole94 09-11-2010 02:17 PM

*hugs* i'm glad you have such a good support network mark, please use it and dont just hide away from things. and of course we are all here for you and we are all gonna support you through this *hugs*
i don't know about the bereavment thread, as i have never been on there, but there's no harm in posting, and if you think it could help, go for it.x

Doikers 09-11-2010 02:57 PM


I posted this in the greif thred , If anyone wants to look at it and comment it would be nice , I get the feeling that it is a VERY slow moving thread .

Like I say in that post I think I've got shock a little :S

MammaMia 09-11-2010 05:07 PM

*hugs ward* Nice to see it so busy

Ian, welcome to the ward :D

SoMuchMore 09-11-2010 05:13 PM

*hugs jess* im sorry that you are struggling with eating stuff. Can you tell your housemate that she/he is not helping you? finishing school must be exciting!

*joins group hug with lia, kaytee, julie, and nicole*

*hugs mark* i posted in your other thread, but here if you need to talk too.

*hugs helen* how r u?

Off to class now, be back in awhile.

FlyingNy 09-11-2010 05:46 PM

*Hugs everyone.*

Mark, Nicole's right, we're always here for you. I see today's also the 9th. I hope you're alright with that as well. *Hugs*

Don't worry Nicole, at least you're alright :) How are you today?

*Hugs Laura* Have fun in class (slight oxymoron there).

*Hugs Helen* How are you?

*Hugs Katie* Hey :)

*Hugs Jess* I'm sorry about your room mate. What is it he/she's doing to make things awkward for you?

*Hugs Heather* You alright today?

Wow, that's a lot of hugs.

MammaMia 09-11-2010 05:54 PM

*hugs Laura and Lia*

I'm okay, bit stressed. Supposed to be starting my placement on Thursday. However, my CRB check is yet to arrive & I phoned my placement (after finally getting in touch with my placement officer) to find the person I need to speak to isn't in today. FML!!!

nicole94 09-11-2010 06:30 PM

*hugs everyone*

PoisonedApple 09-11-2010 06:45 PM

Thanks Khalia and Laura I know exactly what you were saying Kahlia :)
*hugs you both*

*joins the group hug*

*hugs everyone*
can't today just be friday already?

Doikers 09-11-2010 06:52 PM

*Hugs Crimson*

*Hugs Nicole*

*Hugs Laura*

*Hugs Lia* Today is indeed the 9th but what with the grief and emotions all thoughts of "my plan" had gone out of my mine until tonight .
My social worker is going to call my mobile at 8pm to check I'm okay andmy nurse Sharron is going to leave her work mobile on tonight in case I need to ring her . People are so caring .

Cazki 09-11-2010 06:58 PM

Thanks Helen :) glad your ok. *Hugs for everyone*

nicole94 09-11-2010 07:04 PM

*hugs mark* i'm glad you have so much support for tonight, i realised earlier about the date, but didnt wanna say anything in the hope that you had forgotten. :/ hope you're feeling ok.
eugh. i told my indiviual therapist about my plans. she....well, she didnt take it too well :(

Doikers 09-11-2010 08:47 PM

I'm running a bath , I need a bath , Not because I honk too much but to relax me a bit , I don't know why I'm telling you all this , The ward is empty and I'm a bit lonely , My social worker just called so I'm no longer waiting for the call and can be away from my phone and in the bath :)

SoMuchMore 09-11-2010 08:58 PM

Mark - hope you have a nice relaxing bath. Ive been in and out of the ward all day but it has been quiet for awhile... sorry you are feeling lonely. *hugs*

*hugs ian* how r u?

*hugs nicole* did your therapist offer you any support or anything like that? Im very proud of you for telling someone.

*hugs helen* oh no i'm sorry you couldnt get a hold of the person. Try calling back tomorrow maybe. Hope that you can still start on thursday.

*hugs crimson* i wish it was friday too. My week has been long and its only tuesday heh.

*hugs lia* lol a fun class is a bit of an oxymoron. How r u doing?

PoisonedApple 09-11-2010 08:59 PM

*hugs Mark* Teleports to Mark's place and Sets up a game of Scrabble and another of Backgammon in case Mark doesn't like Scrabble*

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