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Imaginary_friend 10-02-2010 09:05 AM

*hugs everyone*
I am so hungover....well no. i think i'm still drunk. i broke my phone last night and i've just missed a lecture. shiiiiiiiiit

Kahlia1981 10-02-2010 10:47 AM

*cuddles everyone*

I feel like *****. I went to a place this morning called the Mental Illness Fellowship of North Queensland to put in an application form to join one of the programs that they run. I was told (in no uncertain terms) that I was to leave because of their procedures which required an interview. That was fine in itself and was also expected .... HOWEVER .... the staff member that was talking to me was tactless, rude and treated me like I was lower than the dirt under her feet. My housemate, who was a member and had encouraged me to become the same, has decided because of the way I was treated that he is no longer going to participate, and I've pretty much decided the same way.

The crisis team called me tonight and I asked them for twice weekly contact ... they've told me that I should be the one to initiate this so I should ring them on Friday or Saturday. Meh.

Scarletdreamer 10-02-2010 11:08 AM

Good morning, everyone...

*cuddles Oliver* I know what you mean, my mum & I rarely talk about things that are really & truly important. I think it's because they - the important things, like life with a mood disorder/eating disorder/anxiety/etc., are too scary for her to really cope well with, even though she struggles with similar. Maybe the same for your mum? maybe her MS scares her to talk about, & maybe she cares about you so much that your troubles - which she can't solve - scare her too? Just a thought. *more cuddles* How're you doing this morning?

*cuddles LauraFriend* I wish I could help you, sweetie. You know you've got a problem with the drinking... it's up to you to quit drinking (as much, anyway)... and I'm sorry that you broke your phone & missed a lecture. *gentle hugs* Sorry if any of that sounded harsh. :-/ Didn't mean it to.

*cuddles Kahlia* I agree with Crimson (a_m) - maybe spread the awareness around the globe instead of just in Queensland, where a lot of people probably already know how shitty the care is. If you get the book written, send it to a publisher(s) outside Australia. :) How're you feeling this morning? (or night, rather) and I'm sorry how you got treated at that meeting... stupid people!! :(

*cuddles Crimson* How're you doing, love?

*cuddles everyone that she might've missed* How're you all doing? LauraStar, Helen, Franz, Ayla, anyone else that I missed? ♥

I just got up... early I know - 5:40am - but I wanted time to go on WoW then do schoolwork... urgh. It's snowing here & I'm desperately hoping that my night class is cancelled... *crosses fingers* Heh, I doubt it but it might be. Later, anyway, as my prof for that class has to drive quite a ways (okay, 15ish miles, not huge compared to some of the profs who drive ~75 miles - one way!!). It's not cancelled as of yet, I just checked... but if the snow keeps up today... it might be. Don't get me wrong, I like the class, it's just that it goes SO LATE!! (for me) 9pm... urgh... and then have to get a shower when I get home... and want to wind down a little before bed... so yeah. Yuck.

I has a snuggly kitty on my lap, so kitty snuggles are up for dibs!! :D He's drooling on me a little though, just so you know... lol. He's so much like a puppy... :P

Anyway. Sending cuddles to everyone... *sigh*

Absynnthe 10-02-2010 11:48 AM


*hugs to everyone* Thanks for all of your support. :') Love love love....

Feeling better than yesterday. The screams and crying in my head have stopped. o.O

Imaginary_friend 10-02-2010 11:48 AM

bleeeeeugh. i feel skank. urgh urgh urgh.

*hugs April* i know i know....but i only took out like...4 last night. and i still managed to get ****ed because my friend owed me 6....urgh. i hate myself.

*goes to hide in the toilet*

Kahlia1981 10-02-2010 11:53 AM

The current suggestion with the book is to have it available on Amazon.com so pretty much anyone can read it ... and then if the government finds a way to ban it, to make it downloadable as a torrent.

*cuddles everyone then crawls into the denial tent so that life can bearable*

Absynnthe 10-02-2010 11:54 AM

*wanders over to Laura and Khalia and gives gentle cuddles*


nologola 10-02-2010 12:25 PM

*cuddles everyone*

Sorry for not writing personal messages, my head is all over the place today.
Just wanted to leave a message before I head to the library. Today is a bad day. I woke up at 9 and have only just managed to get myself out of bed, I'm feeling incredibly anxious about being on my own at the moment. I'm heading to the library today so I can sit in a quiet corner and try and make myself work without having to be on my own in my room. I just can't be alone with my thoughts anymore. I'm frightening myself. I'm so sick of this predictable cycle that I'm trapped in.

Scarletdreamer 10-02-2010 01:06 PM

Gahhh... I am so frustrated with myself!! I have all of this work to do & no motivation at all to do it... and I have to go in to campus today & it's snowing, and my car only has 2WD... so I'm scared about the traction as I don't think the roads have been taken care of. They tend not to do that around here until it's stopped snowing & it's still snowing sooo... :(

I just want to hide & hide & never come out... :(

*cuddles Franz* How're you doing, love?

*cuddles Ayla* I'm sorry you're in such a bad place right now... what's making you feel so bad? any idea(s)? I wish I could help you more... I wish I could snap my fingers & make everything better for everyone... that would be awesome. Or hand out magic pills that would make everything better - heh. In any case... feel free to talk about it if you want to... we'll be glad to listen, I'm sure!! :)

*huggles LauraStar* How're you doing, sweetie? Missed you the first time 'round but caught you this time!! :D lol. :-/

*cuddles Kahlia* That sounds like a good idea. Do you feel excited about writing it?

*pulls LauraFriend out of the toilet & onto a comfy beanbag, cuddles & rocks* Things will be okay, love. I promise.

*more hugs & cuddles for everyone*

MammaMia 10-02-2010 01:20 PM

*cuddles everyone*

Sorry for going quiet at the moment. Today is probably going to be another quiet day, we shall see. I think I'm angry but holding it in.

Scarletdreamer 10-02-2010 01:44 PM

*cuddles Helen* Try to get the anger out constructively if you can... I know it's difficult without turning it on yourself, but I think that you can do it. :) Is it the situation(s) with your friends that is causing you to be angry?

ARGH don't wanna do schoolwork!! *temper tantrum* lol... I'm pitiful I know, but I am so frustrated with my computer with not being able to open certain files because I need to enable cookies on my computer & I have no ****ing clue how to do that... stupid me. :( Computers are mysteries to me as far as how they work & how to operate them even, sometimes.

*hides in deep dark corner with a fleece blanket and stuffed dog*

Absynnthe 10-02-2010 01:46 PM

can't handle replies right now.



Scarletdreamer 10-02-2010 01:51 PM

*holds Franz & rocks* No, you're not an fail at life. That's me!! :eek: Heh, just kidding... :) *gently strokes back* You'll be okay, sweetie. What's going on that's making you feel like a failure?

I'm BS'ing a journal/reflection for one of my classes now... it's going to be difficult to write, grrrrr. :(

And it's STILL snowing... blah. Am NOT looking forward to driving in it...


MammaMia 10-02-2010 02:02 PM

Well the anger started off as a angry question for my best friend. Then it's been directed back to my boyfriend, as it so rightfully should be. I can't wait to be free of him :/ We're having a huge argument, or were til he popped out. *rolls eyes*

MammaMia 10-02-2010 02:22 PM

& we're over.

Sorry for lack of individual replies at the moment.


Imaginary_friend 10-02-2010 02:28 PM

*hugs Helen* aww sorry hun :( *cuddles*

*hugs April* hope the snow stops soon. we keep having random bits of snow...weeeird. and you're not stoopid. computers are annoying. get a mac :) lol 's my solution to everything ever. :)

*hugs Franz* hiiii :) *waves*

*hugs Kahlia* the book sounds really good :) good luck!

i feel disgusting. i'm so hungover i just wanna go to bed but i really should do some work but i dunno what the point is really cos it'll just be crap. urgh. i hate myself. i'm such a ****ING IDIOT.
*bangs head against wall*

*hugs Ayla* hope the library was ok and u feel a bit better *cuddles*

quiet1 10-02-2010 02:42 PM

quiet1 checking in. need support. will check up later today.
i asked for help at work.
my therapist suggested an intensive outpatient program.
i think i will do it.

sorry if this is not a good place for this post but i feel like i need someone to be in touch with.

*snuggles with giraffe*

Scarletdreamer 10-02-2010 04:39 PM

*cuddles quiet1 (sorry can't remember your name!!)* This is a good place for you to post, to check in. :) I'm glad that you're getting the help that you need; that's EXTREMELY important for a full recovery from whatever you're struggling with. Hope it helps a lot... *more cuddles*

*cuddles LauraFriend* I'm sorry that you feel like crap... are you feeling any better now as it's a few hours later? ♥

I'm so tired... but guess what?! My uni is closing at noon!! :eek: :D which means I don't have senior sem, health psych lab, intro to soc, or Women & Spirituality!!!! My worst day made soo much easier. I'm going to finish up the work for senior sem though, so I have it in by 2:30 this afternoon, & then I'm going to RELAX and maybe read with some hot chocolate... or play WoW with some hot cider... or do more uni work, urgh. But still - I am soo happy about that!! lol. It makes my life so much easier, at least for today. >_<

Right now I'm reading about positive psychology. It's interesting... and pertinent to what we talk about here on RYL. I might make a post about it as so many of us here are psych majors/minors.

*cuddles all* ♥

MammaMia 10-02-2010 04:59 PM

*curls up and hides*
Trying to drag myself to the shower.

frenchhorn 10-02-2010 05:10 PM

*cuddles April* that sounds good about uni being cancelled, wish my rehearsal was cancelled!! Relaxing sounds like a plan.

*cuddles mammamia* (sorry dont know your name)

I'm feeling less tired now, been doing weights and practice which have helped to wake me up a bit. Been talking to my sister and she got the highest mark in her class for her AS level chemistry coursework, 80%, really proud of her. She is coming to visit this weekend, I am in a massive dilema about whether to come out to her or not, both decisions have positives and negatives, meh its tough.

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