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Sketchy 21-01-2017 04:51 PM

Yip that's my name .
Could you buy yourself a treat too?

Buttons. 21-01-2017 05:00 PM

Hi Lillie sounds good face mask pampering etc.

Hope everyone else is having a good day as well :)

I remember the Horrid Henry books, didn't know there was a film of it though Beckie!

I'm having a v lazy day. Got the good news that on Tuesday I have an appointment with skin camouflage people which should help a bit on days lacking in self confidence.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 05:03 PM

I hope the appointment goes well Katy.

I'm having a lazy day too. I was planning on going for a walk but I just couldn't get up. I'm so exhausted for no reason.

Buttons. 21-01-2017 05:07 PM

Thanks :)

Sometimes we just need a rest and that's okay.

chinahorse 21-01-2017 05:13 PM

Rest days are good too. I know the feeling of exhaustion. I'm going to have to save going out for another day.

Katy that's great news about your appointment.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 05:14 PM

I'm having a lazy day too!

Glad you got that appointment through Katy! Hope it goes well :)

Sketchy 21-01-2017 05:18 PM

Good to see we are all having lazy days. I feel less guilty.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 05:24 PM

Gotta love a lazy day!! I think lazy days are far more acceptable in this weather as well. It's freezing!

Sketchy 21-01-2017 05:33 PM

Exactly. It's too cold to be going out.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 05:48 PM

Definitely! Will have to go to asda tomorrow though. Booooo!!

Sketchy 21-01-2017 07:56 PM

The heating is on and I'm still under my duvet. I hope I heat up soon. Can't wait for better weather.

chinahorse 21-01-2017 08:51 PM

Hot water bottles are the way forward.

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 08:55 PM

I currently have a cat sitting by me.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 08:55 PM

I should get one.
What are you up to? I'm waiting for casualty to come on tv.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 08:56 PM

Lucky you Dawn.

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 08:57 PM

Yes it's not even one of mine. It's my parents neighbours cat.

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 08:58 PM

Also no spoilers for tonight's casualty please as I am watching it tomorrow.

chinahorse 21-01-2017 09:02 PM

Jealous of the kitty!

I stopped watching casualty ages ago. Dunno why. Are the story lines any good rn?

I'm just watching silly tv and wondering if I'm hungry for dinner yet.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 09:03 PM

I'm also waiting for casualty to come on!

I'm nice and warm because I've had the heating on pretty much all day! Still under a blanket though!

Ninja post Lillie!
Casualty is pretty good, there's been some good story lines lately.
I was talking to my friends about it though and they said they stopped watching because there wasn't enough drams or major incidents or anything.
Although there was a helicopter that crashed into the A&E department fairly recently!

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 09:07 PM

What do people think of Charlie and Duffy getting married? I personally think that they make a good couple.

chinahorse 21-01-2017 09:08 PM

I saw that helicopter episode. I just got a bit dialusioned with it.

I'm warm too. I have a small room and an oil filled radiator. Tis the best.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 09:09 PM

Don't worry Dawn, I won't post any spoilers.

There have been some good storylines.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 09:10 PM

I'm not sure about the Charlie Duffy thing.

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 09:11 PM

The kitty is now asleep. He must be dreaming because every now and again he gives little meows.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 09:12 PM

That is so cute. I wish I had a cat beside me.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 09:15 PM

I think Charlie and Duffy make a good couple.
I love them both individually anyway!
They're the type of nurses I would want looking after me!

Aww cute kitty! I'm more of a dog person myself but I do like cats too!

Sketchy 21-01-2017 09:16 PM

I'm scared of dogs.

chinahorse 21-01-2017 09:18 PM

Awh that's so cute.

Oh no lorrain dogs are the best! My dad's just got a new puppy called frank lol

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 09:19 PM

I am scared of dogs but I am ok with my next door neighbours dog and my friends dog. Upstairs dogs I am not sure of.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 09:19 PM

I can appreciate them from a distance and think some are cute, but I've been bitten and had quite a few bad experiences that I'm terrified of them.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 09:23 PM

Well I'm logging off to watch casualty. I'll be back later.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 09:27 PM

What breed is Frank, Lillie?

I'm not surprised you're scared of them after being bitten Lorraine. That must have been awful.

chinahorse 21-01-2017 09:52 PM

Being bitten must be awful lorraine. Poor you.

He is a black lab becky. He is adorable. I wanna go visit just to meet him.

I just did 10 mins of washing up. None of which was mine.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 10:00 PM

Awww black labs are adorable! And such lovely dogs in general!

That sounds annoying Lillie. I don't even like doing my own washing up let alone anyone else's!

Sketchy 21-01-2017 10:21 PM

I've just done my own washing.

Everyone laughs at when I was bitten because it was in the middle of a three legged race at school sports day. It's ok, you can laugh too. It is ridiculous.

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 10:32 PM

The cat has gone out now. He took himself to the door. I am enjoying a bottle of wine now.

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 10:33 PM

We are not very far off 200 pages now.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 10:34 PM

That's a shame. Enjoy the wine though.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 10:34 PM

Yip not long until we reach 200.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 10:38 PM

It is a bit random being bitten during a 3 legged race! Wouldn't laugh about it though. Being bitten is no fun!
I've never been bitten by a dog but I've been bitten by horses quite a few times!!

Sketchy 21-01-2017 10:40 PM

That must hurt being bitten by horses. Poor you.

chinahorse 21-01-2017 10:41 PM

Horses don't have such pointy teeth though. She says having had a horse bite that drew blood.

Just realised I've done 3 loads of washing now. Well am doing the last. That's a lot of washing!

Sketchy 21-01-2017 10:43 PM

That is a lot of washings. Well done.
I've done mine and hung them up to dry so at least I've done something today.

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 10:49 PM

The worst bite I have ever had is from a miniature Shetland. But saying that I had a really bad bite from a cat.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 10:54 PM

It does hurt being bitten by a horse! But you're right Lillie, their teeth aren't pointy like a dog's.
My old riding instructor had to have stitches because of a horse bite before!
Being bitten doesn't hurt as much as being kicked though. That really hurts!!

That is a lot of washing Lillie!!! Glad you managed to get it all done.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 10:58 PM

I'd imagine being kicked must be really painful. I've not been around many horses.

chinahorse 21-01-2017 11:01 PM

Or being stood on. I had a perfect shoe shaped bruise.

One load was bedding and the other half a load of delicate tops so not full on clothes but still.

Cacoethes 21-01-2017 11:06 PM

Ah yes, being stood on also hurts a great deal!
Still love horses though!

Still a good deal of washing to be done!
And freshly washed bedding is one of the best things in the world!
I don't get my washing back until Monday. I really need a new washing machine!

not_so_insig 21-01-2017 11:12 PM

A pony once kicked me in the groin. Boy did that hurt.

Sketchy 21-01-2017 11:12 PM

Monday will come along soon enough Beckie. It must be incredibly frustrating though. When mine was broke I was lucky I had my sister nearby and it was replaced by my landlord. My flat came with washing machine, cooker and fridge.

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