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Sketchy 30-07-2017 05:07 PM

Hi Katy. How are you? What you been up to today?

Buttons. 30-07-2017 05:10 PM

I'm okay, walked the dog and collected a parcel had a maccies (terrible I know :P) and just chilled out.

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 05:10 PM

Well done for having a shower :)
Sketching and writing is good!

Thanks Katy!
On the home stretch now!
Train is running 1 min late though :p

Jealous of the maccies katy!!

Buttons. 30-07-2017 05:11 PM

I'm sure you can cope with 1 minute :P

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 05:16 PM

I suppose I have no choice but to cope!
*flails dramatically*

Buttons. 30-07-2017 05:17 PM

Get in touch with your inner aadvark-you can cope!

Sketchy 30-07-2017 05:22 PM

Sounds like a good day Katy.

Beckie you'll be home soon.

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 05:30 PM

Im home!
Now for a shower!

Sketchy 30-07-2017 05:31 PM

Yay, you'll be glad to be home. Enjoy your shower.

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 05:58 PM

Had a shower now settled down to watch day after tomorrow.
Im missing Katy's dog though! She is so freaking adorable and I love her!!

Torrential rain has just started. Im.lucky to have missed that!

Sketchy 30-07-2017 06:57 PM

Glad you missed the rain.

The photos of the dog in the pet picture thread are adorable.

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 07:21 PM

The photos don't do her justice!
And she's so friendly too!

Buttons. 30-07-2017 08:18 PM

Note: missing Katy's dog. Not Katy. Katy's dog :P

She is indeed adorable. I think she's starting to gain her own fan club!

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 08:27 PM

Oops! Busted!
Of course I miss you too Katy! :p

Buttons. 30-07-2017 08:32 PM

Have to admit I'd miss her too-who wouldn't miss this face:

Or her I've been really naughty and trashed something but am going to try to get out of it innocent guilt face:

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 08:36 PM

Awww my heart is going to explode!!

Buttons. 30-07-2017 08:38 PM

And she's mine ALL MINE *mwa ha ha ha ha*-evil cackle

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 08:41 PM

:plain: :plain: :plain:
We shall see about that....

Buttons. 30-07-2017 08:51 PM

*begins to think should have armed guards round my house* :P

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 08:54 PM

Ahahaha! Like they'll be able to stop me!
*plots intently*

Buttons. 30-07-2017 08:59 PM

I knew letting you know my address was a mistake!

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 09:02 PM

Hindsight is a wonderful thing :p
The dog will be mine!!!

Sketchy 30-07-2017 09:07 PM

Those pictures are adorable! I'm terrified of dogs, but she looks cute.

Cacoethes 30-07-2017 09:19 PM

She is very cute!!

Im off to bed.
Early night tonight, i can barely keep my eyes open!
Night night all!

Sketchy 30-07-2017 09:26 PM

Goodnight Beckie.

Buttons. 30-07-2017 09:31 PM

Night Beckie!

Lorraine I can sort of understand being afraid of dogs. I'm personally not overly fond of cats.

Sketchy 30-07-2017 09:35 PM

I love cats. My friend has the most adorable affectionate little cat.

I think dogs are cute, but I'm too scared to go near them.

Sketchy 30-07-2017 09:49 PM

I'm off to sleep too. Really tired. Goodnight everyone. Sleep well.

Shy_Bambi 31-07-2017 04:41 AM

Good super early morning everyone!! I had a bad seizure yesterday so my body clock is all out of whack and I feel really icky and sick :(

Buttons. 31-07-2017 09:36 AM

Sorry to hear that Rebecca *hugs*

Cacoethes 31-07-2017 10:10 AM

Sorry to hear that rebecca. Hopefully you can get some rest today

Morning everyone

Buttons. 31-07-2017 10:41 AM

Morning :)

Cacoethes 31-07-2017 10:54 AM

Hey Katy!

Buttons. 31-07-2017 11:02 AM

Well hello!

Cacoethes 31-07-2017 11:05 AM

How be you?

Shy_Bambi 31-07-2017 11:19 AM

Thanks guys :)

Eska 31-07-2017 11:45 AM

Hi everyone!

I hope you feel better soon Rebecca.

Shy_Bambi 31-07-2017 11:56 AM

Thank you :)

not_so_insig 31-07-2017 12:27 PM

Hi there!

Shy_Bambi 31-07-2017 01:14 PM

Hello dawn! How are you? Seems quiet here today.

Sketchy 31-07-2017 02:17 PM

Hello everyone.

I hope you feel better soon Rebecca.

What's everyone up to? I'm relaxing before I get ready to go out for a while.

Shy_Bambi 31-07-2017 02:24 PM

I'm on a train at the moment. I got something in the mail that was damaged but I have to take it back myself because they won't pick it up, it's a 2 hour journey

Sketchy 31-07-2017 02:31 PM

That must be annoying. Can you go for a coffee or something to make the trip not that bad?

Shy_Bambi 31-07-2017 02:38 PM

I've never been in a coffee shop before, I think my anxiety would get in the way of that. I just want to get home as soon as I can.

Sketchy 31-07-2017 02:40 PM

Fair enough. Maybe one day you could try it with your mum. I find coffee shops helpful in getting me out, but if it's too chaotic I have to leave.

What you doing for the rest of the day?

Sketchy 31-07-2017 05:14 PM

It's quiet here today.

Good news. I'm having pizza for dinner tonight.

Eska 31-07-2017 05:27 PM

Oooh pizza :)

Sketchy 31-07-2017 05:29 PM

Hey Eska, how are you?

Eska 31-07-2017 05:30 PM

Hey :) I'm ok, not been up to much but I'm going out tomorrow and meeting a friend for coffee (not that I drink coffee but still). How are you?

Sketchy 31-07-2017 05:39 PM

That sounds good. I like going out for coffee. You could always have tea or something.

I'm ok thanks. Sore muscles and tired, but ok. I'm making plans for next week to go back to life drawing which I'm pleased about. Haven't been in ages.

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