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Sketchy 17-07-2017 09:31 PM

Good night Beckie.

Knee-Socks 17-07-2017 09:32 PM

@Cacoethes Good night sleep well!

@Bambi I'm almost done with 200 Pounds of Beauty it's really funny. I haven't heard of You're Beautiful, I shall add it to my long list of to watch XD.

not_so_insig 17-07-2017 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by Shy_Bambi (Post 4120758)
Oh I've never heard of that one *makes note*
My favourite ones are 2000 Pounds of Beauty and You're Beautiful.

Good night Beckie!

Wow he has his own radio show?! What does he do? Broadcast go compare adverts all day

It is on bbc radio wales so no adverts. I don't know what it's like because of the fact that I have never listened to it. His real name is Wynne Evans.

Shy_Bambi 17-07-2017 09:42 PM

Oh wow I just noticed I put 2000 Pounds xD yeah I meant 200. It's really good! Kinda sad at the end in a good way. Made me shed a tear!
I love You're Beautiful because I love Jang Geun Suk :P

Oh yeah I was trying to think of the guys name! I'm really curious for what his shows are about. I may look it up!

Knee-Socks 17-07-2017 09:49 PM

XD It's okay I knew what you meant. I need to get more into Kdramas. Hellllooo Jang Geun Suk he's a cutie.
I've just been going through all the ones on Netflix right now. Have you seen Beauty Inside. I think that's my favorite Korean Movie right now.

Sketchy 17-07-2017 09:50 PM

I'm logging off for tonight. I'll catch you guys tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.

Knee-Socks 17-07-2017 09:56 PM

Good night Lorranine sleep dreams!

Shy_Bambi 17-07-2017 09:57 PM


Originally Posted by Knee-Socks (Post 4120767)
XD It's okay I knew what you meant. I need to get more into Kdramas. Hellllooo Jang Geun Suk he's a cutie.
I've just been going through all the ones on Netflix right now. Have you seen Beauty Inside. I think that's my favorite Korean Movie right now.

Wait you mean there are Kdramas on Netflix?! D8 I didn't know that!! I've been watching them on YouTube xD I haven't seen that but I will be looking it up tomorrow!!

Goodnight Lorraine!

Knee-Socks 17-07-2017 09:58 PM

XDD yes there is! Don't worry boyfriend had to show me and I am proud to say I squealed when he showed me XD.

Shy_Bambi 17-07-2017 10:01 PM

Awesome!! Thank you for letting me know. So are you learning Korean too? Listening to Kpop and stuff?

Knee-Socks 17-07-2017 10:03 PM

I would love to but it seems way to hard for me to learn. I know a few simple words but I haven't gone out of my way to learn anything.

chinahorse 17-07-2017 10:11 PM

It seems like a hard language to learn.

Shy_Bambi 17-07-2017 10:14 PM

Yeah the subject and object particles have stumped me but I have to learn them for college on Wednesday Dx

Hello Lillie!

I think I'm going to go to sleep now, I'm super tired! Goodnight all!

Knee-Socks 17-07-2017 10:18 PM

Goodnight bambi.

Knee-Socks 17-07-2017 10:24 PM

So.....What does everyone want to talk about now?

Buttons. 17-07-2017 10:54 PM

Well how's your day been?

I'm just writing out some goals and watching Friends in the background while my dog sleeps on me :p

Knee-Socks 17-07-2017 10:59 PM

Mine has been really good. Took it easy played with the cats and went on a hike. Yours??

Awww what kind of dog? I miss having a dog. What sort of goals are you writing out if I can ask.

Buttons. 18-07-2017 08:15 AM

Sorry I got distracted! Sounds like a good day :) how many cats do you have?

She's a staff cross. Things like being able to get round bottom of my house with zimmer not wheelchair at all, get stuff for college cours and a few over bits.

Knee-Socks 18-07-2017 09:49 AM

You're good promise! We have a total of three, one is mine and two are my boyfriends.

Is she your only dog? Going to sound stupid but what is a zimmer? Cool, what are you majoring in?

chinahorse 18-07-2017 10:17 AM

Morning guys.

Good goals Katy and your dog is adorable.

Hey socks.

Sketchy 18-07-2017 10:27 AM

Good morning everyone.

I'm just getting ready to meet my sister. We're going for a walk through our local park, which has a reptile house.

How is everyone?

Cacoethes 18-07-2017 10:30 AM

Morning guys!

Sketchy 18-07-2017 10:37 AM

Morning Beckie.

Cacoethes 18-07-2017 10:48 AM

How are you Lorraine?

chinahorse 18-07-2017 10:56 AM

Rwptiles scare me but I hope you enjoy it :)

Cacoethes 18-07-2017 10:58 AM

I love reptiles!

How are you Lillie?

chinahorse 18-07-2017 11:11 AM

They're scary!

I'm rubbish tbh.

How're you?

Cacoethes 18-07-2017 11:13 AM

I can see why people wouldnt like them.

Sorry you're feeling rubbish. Anything i can do to help?

Im ok thanks. Sleepy but can't nap because I'm setting off for mum's soon.
Im looking forward to giving Jasmine her present though!

Shy_Bambi 18-07-2017 01:39 PM

Good afternoon guys!!
I love reptiles too. It's just spiders I have the issue with!!
I hope you feel better soon Lillie :(

Cacoethes 18-07-2017 02:04 PM

Hey rebecca!
Yeah, spiders are awful!

Im just waiting for my mum to pick me up. Its too bloody hot!!
There are blue dragonflies all over the place.

Buttons. 18-07-2017 02:04 PM

Knee socks a zimmer is a zimmer frame to help you walk.

I'm not bad with reptiles but can see why people wouldn't like them.

Ooh Beckie exciting stuff let us know what she thinks of it. Does she know she's getting it?

Buttons. 18-07-2017 02:04 PM

And agreed spiders are evil.

Cacoethes 18-07-2017 02:06 PM

I will!
She knows shes getting it but she doesn't know I'm coming today so it will be a nice surprise!
I text my mum to remind me to pick me up after work because i had a feeling she would forget. Which she did. Classic mum!

Shy_Bambi 18-07-2017 02:20 PM

Blue dragonflies?! That sounds amazing, I'd love to see that. The last time I saw dragonflies was in a zoo. They were wild, they weren't part of an exhibit.

I hope your mum arrives soon Beckie! It is rather hot, it's a reason I'm not going out today!

I'm watching Judge Rinder.

Cacoethes 18-07-2017 02:22 PM

There's a ton of them around here because theres a huge country park with a lake and loads of rivers.

I would rather sit in the cold than in this heat!!

I like judge rinder. Hes funny!

Shy_Bambi 18-07-2017 02:26 PM

Then again, if it was cold you wouldn't see the pretty blue dragonflies!! I guess it depends on if you like them or if they're a nuicence!
But I do prefer the cold to the heat too. When it's cold you can warm up, when it's hot, too bad!

Buttons. 18-07-2017 02:53 PM

I'm with both of you cold beats heat any day. I just dissolve in heat.

Sketchy 18-07-2017 03:45 PM

It's soooooooooooooooooooooooo warm. I went a long walk with my sister. We went for lunch and then had a cold beer in the beer garden. We're now back at her flat trying to cool down.

not_so_insig 18-07-2017 03:52 PM

I am waiting for my tesco order. I have been swimming today. last session for a while now.

Sketchy 18-07-2017 03:53 PM

Did you have a good swim Dawn?

Shy_Bambi 18-07-2017 04:27 PM

That sounds good Lorraine! It is very warm!

I kind of miss swimming. I haven't been for 10 years or more now. I have a thing where I don't like being near people, and that's a hard thing to avoid in a pool.

Sketchy 18-07-2017 04:33 PM

I can't go swimming because I take a bad reaction to the chlorine.

I'm going to do more walking. Today I walked a lot. So tired now.

not_so_insig 18-07-2017 04:35 PM

Yes but the jacuzzi was marred by a load of kids. They were in and out all the pissing time. They opened the slide and rapids (normally it's only open during school holidays and weekends) but I didn't go in it.

Buttons. 18-07-2017 04:43 PM

Rebecca what about trying to go at times when there'll be fewer people like v early in the morning or late evening?

I can appreciate kids being off putting Dawn when they're messing about.

Walking sounds good Lorraine, understandable to be tired though!

The head of the support company who help me popped round and Loved the dog which is a support win, and even offered to take her when I have landlord inspection which is massive practical win! Feel cared about as well which is nice.

Watching Big Hero 6...it's okay, wouldn't shout about it.

Sketchy 18-07-2017 04:51 PM

That's great Katy. Nice to have people help you out. Shows people are nice.

We're watching bobs burgers.

not_so_insig 18-07-2017 05:16 PM

That sounds good Katy. I am watching Pointless.

Cacoethes 18-07-2017 06:57 PM

Hey guys!
Im back home now. Have to leave for slimming world in a bit!
It was Jasmines school swimming session today, its different from her lessons, this is just kids from school having a splash about in the school's pool!
I was very jelous, it looked so lovely and cool!!

Shy_Bambi 18-07-2017 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by Buttons. (Post 4120856)
Rebecca what about trying to go at times when there'll be fewer people like v early in the morning or late evening?

I guess maybe that would be a thing but the nearest baths to me is where my old school was, and lots of people from my old school live around that area too. I hated school because I was bullied the whole time.
Maybe if I ever go Butlins again I'll risk the pool there. The adult section, I can't be dealing with sprogs lol

Sketchy 18-07-2017 07:14 PM

I hope jasmine had fun at swimming.

Cacoethes 18-07-2017 08:34 PM

Yep she had great fun!
Lovely seeing her with all her friends :)

Anyone watching holby tonight?

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