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Pi.R^2 01-04-2024 07:02 PM

Woah woah woah none of this 'half-term' business - that implies only one week! It's two full weeks of 'bring your children to bother people who aren't me' thank you very much :P

But actually sympathy, that sounds so annoying at work.

Lindsay, not a lot so far, ngl I've indulged in a little more moping about not really having anyone to hang out with than would be considered appropriate.

Cacoethes 01-04-2024 07:09 PM

My sincere apologies jenna :tongue2:

It really is.
We do have some really super polite and lovely kids come in, so that balances it out a little!

How long are you alone for jenna?

Pi.R^2 01-04-2024 07:14 PM

Well like, two weeks and for the next week K is away and I have zero social plans beyond meeting my mother my coffee... There's people who claim to like me and are just like "oh sorry I'm so bad at organising/meeting up" but I worry that they just say that to be polite and I'm worried I'm being embarrassing if I'm like "shall we hang out". Sorry, little social crisis happening over here :P

Cacoethes 01-04-2024 07:18 PM

If i could drive or had the money for the train fare, i would have 100% come to visit!

Accidentally Abstract 01-04-2024 07:29 PM

I'm sure they do like you Jenna, some people are just terrible at making plans but are happy to have them. The fear of rejection is real though.

And hey everyone. I'm struggling a bit tbh but I'll be alright.

Pi.R^2 01-04-2024 07:35 PM

Haha, thanks you two. I know I’m really happy where I am and everything but can’t help a little bit of nostalgia for the glory days in London where I did little else besides wallowing in self-pity, failing to attend university and hanging out with loads of RYLers!

Sorry to hear that Luce- I read the old RV and implore you to just spew it all out.

Cacoethes 01-04-2024 07:39 PM

Sorry to hear that Luce
Here if you need to chat or anything!

And not answering my messages when i lived in east london and i had to emotionally blackmail (unintentionally) a hostel to let me stay there because i didn't want to go back to my 'supported' housing (they didn't notice i was gone) XD

long road 01-04-2024 08:09 PM

Hello fine friends!

I just read a lot of manga this afternoon/ evening! 6 whole volumes! It was a lot of fun. But now I am rather tired. Have more to read tomorrow if I want. But going to take a break today as got to a good place in the story to pause.

Hugs available if you would like them Luce?

I miss hanging out with you guys irl, wish I could have come to last meet but I am not well enough yet to travel up to London. Maybe I will be someday!

Enjoy your two weeks of not being bothered by children Jenna. May they be glorious!

Those feral children sound super frustrating Beckie. At least you get some polite ones to balance it out.

P.s Lindsay that Easter egg ice cream sounds amazing!!!!

Cacoethes 01-04-2024 08:11 PM

Sounds like an afternoon well spent jen!

Hopefully you will feel able to at some point!
I was thinking about starting up a new London meet thread, but i am too lazy.

I think we get more polite ones than feral ones, at least

long road 01-04-2024 08:34 PM

It was the best afternoon I have had in a couple of weeks I think. Was in the zone.

May you forever get more polite children than feral ones Beckie!

Cacoethes 01-04-2024 08:47 PM

That is very good to hear jen!

Thank you!

Accidentally Abstract 01-04-2024 09:08 PM

Thanks Jenna, I wish it felt safe enough to here but previous stuff just means it doesn't now and I can't get past it. I also sort of miss the days of London meets and hanging with RYL friends.

Thanks to you too Beckie, appreciate it.

Hugs definitely welcome Jen, thank you. And glad you had a good afternoon!

Pi.R^2 01-04-2024 09:27 PM

Beckie, I remember cackling away at your tales of trolling the staff at supported housing. You were 100% the coolest person I’d ever met!

Lindsay, agree that that ice cream thingy sounds epic, would love to see a jpg!

Luce, that’s such a shame :( Do you have somewhere private you can rant? I’ve got an RV in modland just because I can :P

Jen, so pleased that you had a good afternoon!

Pleased to update you that Lio took the bait and had to read a numbered list of the people I could potentially socialise with and my concerns about whether they wouldwsnt to hang out with me, after which she concluded: ‘For someone who is #cured you sure do talk a lot of shit’, which is my new favourite review of me.

Accidentally Abstract 01-04-2024 09:31 PM

Hahaha what an excellent review Jenna. And idk, not really. Just to a few safe friends I guess, but got to be careful with it due to triggerz. Sigh. I'll be alright.

Cacoethes 01-04-2024 09:34 PM

Trolling mental health workers has made up probably 95% of the last 20 years, so I'm glad someone appreciates it XD

As always, Lio sums things up perfectly!

long road 01-04-2024 09:41 PM

Well Beckie they say you become an expert after 10,000 hours. So you are clearly an expert at trolling mh professionals XD

#liosaysitlikeitis #bestrevieweva

I am now really tired but struggling to relax enough to rest. It may partly be cause I have been limiting caffeine for the last week due to head injury and today Is the first day I had coffee in 6 days...

Ahimsa 01-04-2024 10:25 PM

Luckily it's been a quiet shift so far, because I've spent the past hour and a half doing all the work the day team have ignored. Angry Beth!!!

long road 01-04-2024 10:28 PM

How frustrating Beth!

Ahimsa 01-04-2024 10:38 PM

I know, I've done none of my own work yet. Grr!

long road 01-04-2024 10:50 PM

*shakes fist at the day shift*

Accidentally Abstract 01-04-2024 11:15 PM

Ugh Beth that really sucks!! Sorry you're having to do all that as well, glad it's quiet but gah.

Ahimsa 02-04-2024 12:45 AM

Hope everyone has had a good evening

Cacoethes 02-04-2024 07:30 AM

Morning everyone

Zurg 02-04-2024 09:24 AM

Morning Beckie :)
What exciting shenanigans have you planned today??

Cacoethes 02-04-2024 10:14 AM

Morning! I've just been to the gym
Have crisis coming any second now, i didn't think they were coming today but apparently they need to see me in order to hand me back to the cmht :eyeroll:
Then going out with L and her son, then i have a wax and need to go to asda. That's about it!

How about you? And how are you doing?

tamobhuuta 02-04-2024 11:42 AM

Morning guys! I've been to Mass and my sore leg is getting much better.

Zurg 02-04-2024 12:22 PM

I'm okay. Have a cold atm which makes me feel quite pathetic. But the zoo is all going bonkers due to spring which makes me happy because they are usually not this hilarious ;)
A wax???!!!??! On one hand it is very neat and quick. On the other hand also very brutal….!!!
And i totally misread your message, Tamo and i legit thought you had been to Mars….

one_step_closer 02-04-2024 12:32 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Hope you have a good day, Beckie.

Glad your leg is getting better, Tamo.

Poor you, Kat. Sending get well soon wishes. Can you really handle the zoo being even more bonkers? Maybe Tamo could arrange for Mass to take part on Mars.

Cacoethes 02-04-2024 01:06 PM

That's good tamo!

Hopefully your cold eases soon zurg. Never fun!
A bonkers zoo sounds entertaining!

Yeah. Waxes aren't top of my list of favourite things to do! But it lasts way longer than shaving so worth it.

Hey lindsay! How are you?

not_so_insig 02-04-2024 01:13 PM

Afternoon all.

tamobhuuta 02-04-2024 01:54 PM

Ooo a wax, fancy!

Mass was not on Mars.

How are you osc and insig?

not_so_insig 02-04-2024 02:16 PM

I am ok except for a bit discombobulated and very thirsty. I am drinking lemonade but it doesn't seem to be quenching my thirst.

tamobhuuta 02-04-2024 02:25 PM

I've been told water is the most thirst quenching but I'm not sure I believe that. I find any purple squash does the trick.

not_so_insig 02-04-2024 02:36 PM

I don't like water and i can never get squash right. The only squash I have is very sour and been as my tongue is rather sensitive atm I can't drink it.

tamobhuuta 02-04-2024 02:54 PM

Shame. What are you up to?

not_so_insig 02-04-2024 03:04 PM

Nothing much, you? I am waiting for classic Coronation Street to become available on itvx. I can't stand adverts (too many compared to when I was a kiddie) so I have a subscription to itvx.

Cacoethes 02-04-2024 03:18 PM

Yo yo yo

not_so_insig 02-04-2024 03:20 PM

Hello Beckie!

tamobhuuta 02-04-2024 03:27 PM

Addies are annoying. I like bbc iplayer for that reason.

Hi Cacoethes :) how are you?

Cacoethes 02-04-2024 03:29 PM

I'm ok thanks. Getting more annoyed at this MHAA situation by the day though XD

How are you?

tamobhuuta 02-04-2024 03:30 PM

I would say waiting is the worst but that's not quite true imo. But it is very sucky!

I am ok.

one_step_closer 02-04-2024 03:36 PM

Fizzy juice just makes me more thirsty I think.

When adverts come on I just go on Fb until they finish.

Are you all silky smooth now, Beckie?! I think I would be annoyed in that situation too.

tamobhuuta 02-04-2024 03:42 PM

Hi osc, how are you?

Cacoethes 02-04-2024 03:42 PM

It really is!

Glad you're ok

I am indeed!
Thing is, I'm going to hopefully spend pretty much all day driving tomorrow, so obviously won't be able to answer the phone! It's also super important to get as much practice in as i can when i can.
My brother can't do it because he's house sitting at my mum's for the easter holidays and L can't do it because she has her son, who is obviously off for the easter holidays. And my test is in 2 weeks!
So really bad timing to have my test just after the holidays end!

one_step_closer 02-04-2024 05:34 PM

Will you be with your instructor?

Cacoethes 02-04-2024 05:37 PM

No, the carer is gonna have S tomorrow and Friday so L can take me out
I have a lesson on Thursday and then the final lesson the day before the test

one_step_closer 02-04-2024 05:39 PM

Do you feel uncomfortable answering the call if L is there? Like you could use handsfree or pull over if it's safe.

Cacoethes 02-04-2024 05:49 PM

Depends where i am i guess. I'd rather not have to arrange things with them over the phone if i can help it! Especially when i need all the practice driving that i can get. If it's a quick call, I'll try and answer it. If they even call tomorrow. They probably won't

one_step_closer 02-04-2024 05:57 PM

Is there someone you can call who might be able to find out some more about what is going on?

Cacoethes 02-04-2024 06:01 PM

The cmht don't have access to their notes. Apart from one guy but only because he happens to also be an AMHP. My cc should be calling within 72 hours anyway now I've been discharged from crisis

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