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nicole94 02-09-2010 08:25 PM

*finds helen and hugs her* there is counselling but i dont really want it, im hoping that the woman who interviewd me today will be my tutor because she was really nice and supportive, yeah, i suppose they are stresfful, but that doesn't make it ok that i cut, im supposed to be stronger than that now.

you are not an epic fail hun, i'm sorry your week has been so hard, is there anything you want to talk about?

taz35 02-09-2010 08:27 PM

*hugs April* I'm glad you followed your meal plan even though you didnt want to <3

*hugs Nicole* Sorry that you cut hun, but the first day is always the most stressful. You can expect a minor relapse... just start all over again, and you can make it longer this time :)

*hugs Mark*

Doikers 02-09-2010 08:32 PM

*Hugs Taz*

nicole94 02-09-2010 08:37 PM

*hugs taz* yeah i suppose...
i also had to put my sexuality on the form...that was scary, i didnt know if they were gonna judge me on it....

Doikers 02-09-2010 09:07 PM

Nicole , I'm sure they won't be judging you over your sexuality , I'm not sure it's really their business anyway:S

taz35 02-09-2010 09:29 PM

*hugs Mark*

*hugs Nicole* It would be rather stupid and immature of them to judge you based on your sexuality. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about there :)

MammaMia 02-09-2010 09:49 PM

*cuddles everyone*

Nicole, they tend to ask for data/date protection and stuff. So can't discriminate against you and stuff. Well I might be wrong, but sure it's something like that.

April, I'm sorry you're struggling but things won't always be this hard babe.

Doikers 02-09-2010 09:52 PM

*Hugs Helen* How are you tonight?

MammaMia 02-09-2010 09:57 PM

Slowly getting better I suppose. Full of cold mind you. Got my interview tomorrow...

Doikers 02-09-2010 10:00 PM

Still full of cold :( *Hands over a Lemsip* Good luck with your interview tomorrow , I hope you feel a bit better for it .

The One Who 02-09-2010 10:04 PM

Hey everyone. Hope we're all doing okay.

taz35 02-09-2010 10:21 PM

*hugs Hels* Hope you're back to normal soon :) Pesky colds always seem to take forever to go away...

*hugs Claire* How are you doing today?

frenchhorn 02-09-2010 10:26 PM

*hugs Nicole* they won't judge you over your sexuality, often places ask for sexuality to see if they are being fair and offering jobs to a wide range of people and to fit in with the equality act, I think its stupid to ask for your sexuality, but some places seem to want to ask anyway.

*hugs Helen* good luck for tomorrow and hope you feel better for the interview

*hugs April* its good you followed your meal plan, sorry your not doing good though *gives you extra special Oliver hugs*

*hugs Taz, Mark, JK, Lia, Luke, Laura, Claire(who I don't think I have said hi to before, so Hi!), Kahlia, Crimson, and all other wardies(sorry if I forgot you don't mean to)

Doikers 02-09-2010 10:30 PM

Hey Oliver *Hugs* How are you doing?

The One Who 02-09-2010 10:31 PM

I think I just need hugs :(

The sexuality thing is usually on a separate form with things like ethnicity, don't think you have to answer them though. It is separated and used for statistics, nothing else. At least that's my understanding of it.

Scarletdreamer 02-09-2010 10:40 PM

*cuddles all*

I... am epically exhausted. I don't know, I got up from a nap and now all I want to do is go to bed proper. :( Feel so lazy, since I've not done hardly anything today, except go spinning and then go grocery shopping. So I suppose I've been out & about a bit more than I'm used to... but still, ugh. :(

It's so warm here. Probably close to 85'F if not 90'F... very very warm. And humid. Too humid for September, that's what I say. Heh. Like what I say matters, at least to the weather. :P But I am uncomfortable, warm and sticky... yuck. :( Hate weather like this any time of year, but why can't fall/autumn be here already??


Oh, and thank you for the support, everyone, about the meal plan + everything else. You're awesome people. :) *extra cuddles for all* <3

Sorry no individuals but I'll try and get 'round to them sometime. :-/

Doikers 02-09-2010 10:49 PM

*Hugs Claire* I spot you !:)

*Hugs April* I spot you too !:)

Bedtime at Marks heh , I tend to announce my bedtime here quite frequently don't I? Is it annoying ? I could stop if it is .

Scarletdreamer 02-09-2010 11:08 PM

I don't find it annoying, Mark, not at all. It's nice actually, to know when you're going offline because then I won't worry about you. :) As much, anyway. Heh. <3 Hopefully that made sense!! But no, definitely not annoying. *cuddles and tucks you in bed*

I wish it were bedtime here... hmmm, could I get teleported to the UK so I can officially go to bed now?? :P Hehehe...

I am also not looking forward to supper. Although, it's not going to be as bad as lunch was, because it is fewer scary things. :-/ If that makes sense. I feel like I'm not making any sense at all right now.

Also, for those of you who read my r/v, I really do apologize for all of the swearing in it. I don't talk like that, I promise. Haha.

*cuddles everyone some more* <3

MammaMia 02-09-2010 11:17 PM

*hugs everyone lots*


Originally Posted by Doikers (Post 2472120)
Still full of cold :( *Hands over a Lemsip* Good luck with your interview tomorrow , I hope you feel a bit better for it .

Thanks Mark, hopefully I will, but we shall see :)


Originally Posted by taz35 (Post 2472149)
*hugs Hels* Hope you're back to normal soon :) Pesky colds always seem to take forever to go away...

*hugs Taz* Should be back to normal tomorrow/Saturday, barring the cold anyway. So that will help :D


Originally Posted by frenchhorn (Post 2472156)
*hugs Helen* good luck for tomorrow and hope you feel better for the interview

*hugs Oliver* Thanks for the good luck etc :D


Originally Posted by The One Who (Post 2472163)
I think I just need hugs :(


Scarletdreamer 02-09-2010 11:31 PM

*huggles Hels* I hope that you feel better by tomorrow. And yes, good luck!! (if you read my previous writing... I am a ditz, hah)

Ugh. Now I'm pissed off by a friend of mine who admits that she is a bitch and also doesn't really know how to put things in a very tactful way. I really like her as a friend, because I know I can expect honesty from her, but at the same time... can't imagine talking with her more often. It's like... I never can really be a good enough person for her. She always tells me that there's something I need to improve, something that I can do better, etc., etc. Anyway. Random pissed off moments. :-/

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