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chinahorse 11-04-2020 07:33 PM

Hope you enjoy it. Will geordie get any?

I had some easter egg and pringles. I had loads of fruit and veg for lunch so fancied snacks.

chinahorse 11-04-2020 07:35 PM

Had to readthat 3 times beckie to understand that his girlfriend did not have a beard.

nonperson 11-04-2020 07:38 PM

Lol, Lillie! Maybe she grew one out of boredom. =P Does it look good, Beckie?

Mmm Pringles and easter egg is a great dinner. And no Geordi will not be having any of my salmon!

chinahorse 11-04-2020 07:57 PM

Meany. :-P Bertie loves fish.

I have discovered a range of cow shaped foot stools on wayfair and I'm trying to resist buying myself a herd.

nonperson 11-04-2020 08:18 PM

I know. =P I don't think he's ever shown any interest in it to be honest.

But wouldn't your own herd of cow foot stools be amazing! What about just one instead?

chinahorse 11-04-2020 08:20 PM

Probably should prioritise a wardrobe :-(

nonperson 11-04-2020 08:23 PM

Hmm yes but maybe one day you can have cows to go with it. =)

Cacoethes 11-04-2020 08:49 PM

Haha Lillie!
It does look pretty good actually!

A dinner of easter eggs and pringles sounds awesome

I'd love a cow shaped foot stool!

tamobhuuta 11-04-2020 08:57 PM

I just prayed some of the Easter Vigil with my sister, it was lovely. So now Lent is over!

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 02:37 AM

It's 2:30am and I still can't sleep!
This sucks

chinahorse 12-04-2020 02:41 AM

That sucks beckie. :-(

I'm awake for the third time.

tamobhuuta 12-04-2020 07:58 AM

I'm awake, this is ridiculously early for me.

chinahorse 12-04-2020 08:13 AM

That's sucks tamo. I advise many cups of tea to help.

Been up since 6am. On my 2nd cuppa.

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 09:27 AM

I went to sleep at 6am.
They didn't do any checks at all between me going to my room at 1:30am and when I went to sleep. And my door was still locked when they did handover checks at 8am so I imagine they didn't do them in the 2 hours I was asleep either!
So bad

chinahorse 12-04-2020 09:29 AM

They could have unlocked the door, checked and locked it again?

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 09:37 AM

They never usually do but maybe
But I doubt it somehow!

one_step_closer 12-04-2020 09:42 AM


Happy Easter everyone.

nonperson 12-04-2020 09:47 AM

Morning all.

Happy Easter. How's everyone?

I have an amusing photo that I need to share. Look what mode the camera chose, hehe. =P

chinahorse 12-04-2020 09:50 AM

Hehe dont tell him! He is a beauty!!

nonperson 12-04-2020 10:03 AM

I keep calling him Dog now, can't help it! He was so super stretched out last night. =)

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 10:05 AM


tamobhuuta 12-04-2020 10:19 AM

Aw cutie.

My mum got me a 12 pack of creme eggs (guess what I had for breakfast...) Happy Easter!

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 10:24 AM

Yum creme eggs!
Happy Easter tamo

tamobhuuta 12-04-2020 10:42 AM

You too Cacoethes. Any plans for the day?

one_step_closer 12-04-2020 11:09 AM

My phone has tagged some of my cat pictures as dogs.

Are you going to eat all your Creme Eggs today Tamo?!

What's everyone getting up to?

tamobhuuta 12-04-2020 11:11 AM

I'm going to try and show some restraint!

I'm just having a cup of tea while I listen to the Pope's speech for Easter.

one_step_closer 12-04-2020 11:14 AM

I didn't know the Pope made a speech for Easter.

tamobhuuta 12-04-2020 11:24 AM

It's called Urbi et Orbi (to the city and to the world) and it marks Easter and Christmas.

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 11:35 AM

No plans
Just another boring day
I hate weekends in hospitals

tamobhuuta 12-04-2020 11:40 AM

Yep, hospitals suck. Are you able to focus on things like art/reading/puzzles?

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 11:47 AM

I don't really have the concentration for pretty much anything
Sometimes I'll watch something on the ipad if I feel up to it

tamobhuuta 12-04-2020 12:09 PM

I get like that. Did you say there's a courtyard? Maybe enjoy the sunshine and birdsong?

nonperson 12-04-2020 01:55 PM

It's trying to rain outside. o.o

chinahorse 12-04-2020 02:16 PM

It threatened with a few drops here np

nonperson 12-04-2020 02:48 PM

It came over grey for a bit but it's all bright and sunny again now. =( Was hoping it'd cool down a bit so I can garden without cooking.

chinahorse 12-04-2020 02:52 PM

:-( can you wait till the evening when it's a bit cooler?

Its on and off sunny and cloudy but its warm.

nonperson 12-04-2020 02:55 PM

I kinda need to get a move on with it cos I think the trailer I'm loading up with garden rubbish is being taken away on Tuesday. There seems to be more of a breeze now so it might not be so bad out there. I'll go out for a bit now and hopefully do some more this evening too.

Tomorrow's going to be quite a shock after this weekend!

nonperson 12-04-2020 02:55 PM

Going to finish watching the Vicar of Dibley first. It's the one with the service for the animals. =)

chinahorse 12-04-2020 03:22 PM

Ah that's fair enough. Not convinced I like the vicar of dibley.

I've packed one box. And had lunch. Putting off washing up. And considering ice cream.

Though today I've washed and hung out a pillow and then the bedding. Cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and litter tray. Cleaned downstairs windows and doors both inside and out.

Am sleepy. Have been up since 6am. Though I watched a film and played with the cat until 10.

one_step_closer 12-04-2020 04:00 PM

You're good at keeping busy Lillie. I often get frustrated not knowing what to do with myself.

nonperson 12-04-2020 04:54 PM

Sounds like time for ice cream and a nap, Lillie.

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 05:19 PM

Sounds like you deserve some ice cream Lillie!

one_step_closer 12-04-2020 06:33 PM

The weather's not very ice creamy here if that makes sense!

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 06:36 PM

It rained for about 10 seconds here but remains sunny and hot!

tamobhuuta 12-04-2020 06:46 PM

It's getting cloudy here but it's still warm.

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 07:24 PM

British weather is so weird

one_step_closer 12-04-2020 07:52 PM

It is.

It's windy here.

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 08:02 PM

Gone quite cloudy now

one_step_closer 12-04-2020 08:03 PM

We're like a live weather feed!

Cacoethes 12-04-2020 08:14 PM

We are! :p

What's everyone up to
I have to put my phone on charge now (boo!) so I'll probably watch some tv

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