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nonperson 09-10-2019 09:41 PM

Oh I didn't think about that...

Changed my mind about moving in now.

Cacoethes 10-10-2019 10:39 AM

Morning guys

tamobhuuta 10-10-2019 10:44 AM

Morning all. How are you Cacoethes?

Cacoethes 10-10-2019 11:08 AM

I'm ok thanks
How are you?

chinahorse 10-10-2019 11:17 AM

Hey guys.

Cacoethes 10-10-2019 11:19 AM

Hi Lillie
How are you?

chinahorse 10-10-2019 11:36 AM

Not good. Too anxious to get to my hospital appointment in bristol. :/ but instead of wallowing I've forced myself to get dressed and message one of mums work mates to see if they want to get coffee. And have decided I will take myself for a drink if they don't reply.

Cacoethes 10-10-2019 11:48 AM

Sorry to hear that
Well done for being proactive though, that's really good!

chinahorse 10-10-2019 11:51 AM

It is over a 2 hour journey on buses and trains. :/ I should call to rearrange but realistically I know I won't be able to manage it alone.

Thanks. Jittery now waiting for a reply. So am doing crochet.

Any groups on today that you fancy?

Cacoethes 10-10-2019 12:04 PM

Oh wow that is a long way to go
Is there anyone that could go with you in future?

Crochet sounds like a good idea

Not really
They did a coping with low mood group this morning but I don't have low mood so didn't see the point.
Plus it sounded boring

chinahorse 10-10-2019 12:08 PM

No. Crisis took me last time. Dad said he'd pick me up from the train station last time but that's still means managing a 50 min bus ride and an hours train journey on my own.

I have really snazzy rainbow wool.

Fair enough. You got anything to do with you or is it tv time?

Cacoethes 10-10-2019 01:10 PM

That's a long way to go
Is there not anywhere closer you could be referred to?


Nope nothing.
Just watching tv and chatting to 1-1 person
I am bored

chinahorse 10-10-2019 01:14 PM

There's no burns unit in my county. It is the closest one. But just looked at my finances and there's no way on earth I can afford to get there anyway.

Is the staff member nice?
If your mum does come on Saturday could you ask her to bring you something to do?

nonperson 10-10-2019 01:35 PM

Hullo all. Had a steroid injection in my shoulder earlier and am now in very uncomfortable pain and need sympathy. :crying:

chinahorse 10-10-2019 01:43 PM

*provides hugs and tea and blankets and sympathy*

Cacoethes 10-10-2019 01:44 PM

Ah ok.
That sounds really difficult

Yeah the staff are nice
But most of them keep going on at me about stuff which is annoying
Asked the nurse if he could ask the dr to take me off 1-1 but they wont -.-
I'm not sure what I could ask her to bring

Ouch np! That doesn't sound pleasant

nonperson 10-10-2019 01:47 PM

Thanks Lillie. That was perfect. =) Am off work for the next two days too which is good at least.

Sorry you're both not having fun times either. What about books, Beckie?

chinahorse 10-10-2019 01:55 PM

Recovery time np.

Books, puzzle books, magazine, craft magazine or sets or books?

Cacoethes 10-10-2019 01:57 PM

Hopefully you can use the time to rest your poor shoulder!

I don't really have the concentration for reading atm unfortunately
Did get a lovely present and card from Buttons today though!

chinahorse 10-10-2019 01:57 PM

Argh mums work friend replied and now am meeting her this afternoon and *panic*

Also since when did I have to apply separately for help with council tax?! I've just done it anyway and now need to email them some evidence.

nonperson 10-10-2019 02:03 PM

Aw that's nice of Buttons.

You'll be ok, Lillie. Do you know each other well?

Cacoethes 10-10-2019 02:06 PM

Try not to panic Lillie. I know that's easier said than done though.
I hope you have a good time

chinahorse 10-10-2019 02:14 PM

I've met her once before for 5 minutes and don't even rember what she looks like.

chinahorse 10-10-2019 02:14 PM

Aww that nice of buttons.

not_so_insig 10-10-2019 02:20 PM

Aww how nice of Buttons. Lorraine sent me a Christmas card last year and a birthday card this year.

Hope the pain eases soon nonperson.

not_so_insig 10-10-2019 02:30 PM

Oooh I almost have enough points on my nectar card to get 2 bottles of sherry for my mum's birthday and Christmas from Sainsbury's.

tamobhuuta 10-10-2019 02:31 PM

Hi everyone! I had a good time with my sister. Now I'm in the queue for the washing machine.

chinahorse 10-10-2019 02:40 PM

You don't have a machine at home tamo?

tamobhuuta 10-10-2019 02:42 PM

Yes but Dad, my brother and I all need to do laundry.

chinahorse 10-10-2019 02:48 PM

You do it separately ?!

tamobhuuta 10-10-2019 03:41 PM


nonperson 10-10-2019 04:15 PM

You should organise different laundry days for each of you. =P

one_step_closer 10-10-2019 04:31 PM

Hello everyone.

nonperson 10-10-2019 04:47 PM

Howdy Lindsay. What are you up to?

one_step_closer 10-10-2019 04:54 PM

I'm listening to snoring cats and rain, and trying to catch up with things on here.

How is your day going NP?

nonperson 10-10-2019 04:58 PM

Aw, snoring cats and rain are good noises.

I don't know where my snoring cat disappeared to. He was here one minute but I don't know quite when he vanished!

My day has got better since this morning. Still in a lot of discomfort but at least I'm not at work again until Monday.

chinahorse 10-10-2019 05:05 PM

Aww sounds nice lindsay.

Glad it's getting better np.

It was nice seeing H and her baby. Who thought shoes were the most evil things ever created lol.

one_step_closer 10-10-2019 05:07 PM

I'm glad your day has got better NP and hope it continues to get better.

I'm glad you had a nice time Lillie. What was the baby doing re shoes?!

I bought salad stuff for dinner but it's totally not the weather for a cold dinner.

chinahorse 10-10-2019 05:10 PM

Can you have something hot with the salad?

She was getting measured for her first pair and every time someone touched her feet she screamed and cried.

nonperson 10-10-2019 05:11 PM

What about something warm with the salad? Then it's a bit of both! I'm thinking pasta bake and salad for myself tonight.

Yeah shoes and babies don't always get along! And also hats. And gloves.

I'm glad you had a nice time too. =)

one_step_closer 10-10-2019 05:11 PM

Aww poor baby!

I'm not sure what hot things I have at home that would go with salad. I'll just eat it anyway.

Do you know what you'll be having for dinner Lillie?

What kind of pasta bake NP?

nonperson 10-10-2019 05:11 PM

Oh, beat me to it, Lillie. =P

one_step_closer 10-10-2019 05:12 PM

I don't really ever have something warm with salad. Used to have chips sometimes but it's not something I think of doing.

chinahorse 10-10-2019 05:15 PM

I'd have like a breaded chicken breast or a bean burger or something like that with salad depending if I ate meat or not.

Not sure what im going to have as the main part but j need to eat it with sweetcorn and broccoli.

not_so_insig 10-10-2019 05:15 PM

I am having curry tonight.

nonperson 10-10-2019 05:15 PM

I sometimes find the combination of hot and cold a bit weird. Like chip butties... hot chips and cold bread... no thanks. But hot lasagne and cold tomatoes, yum!

chinahorse 10-10-2019 05:16 PM

Cat just fell of the window ledge

chinahorse 10-10-2019 05:17 PM

Oh you make me want veggie lasagne now.

nonperson 10-10-2019 05:24 PM

I want aubergine lasagne. What do you put in your veggie lasagne?

chinahorse 10-10-2019 05:30 PM

Whatever looks good in the veg aisle.

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