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CaiteeBug 05-05-2016 11:05 PM

I had therapy today and it was really hard to concentrate because of the spirits in her office.

Doikers 05-05-2016 11:54 PM

What kind of spirit ,Caitlyn?

CaiteeBug 06-05-2016 02:42 AM

Drew, the spirits of the mill workers. The building where I receive my meds and therapy from used to be a huge Mill building.

RescueIsPossible 06-05-2016 02:48 AM

**Curls up in corner *

Can't cope with all these emotions lashing out at everbody....

Eir 06-05-2016 07:40 AM

Cautiously optimistic. I'm now enrolled in all subjects required to graduate. 8 months of study left

Doikers 06-05-2016 12:03 PM

Hi all , how are we all doing?

RescueIsPossible 06-05-2016 01:43 PM

Not great but better than last nightm........ yoursef?

Doikers 06-05-2016 01:53 PM

Far too hot myself

Doikers 07-05-2016 11:55 AM

Hey guys n gals , how are we all today?

Eir 08-05-2016 01:49 PM

Eh. Mothers day without the girl. Bit coldy too. Just a very low sort of flat
Apparently I look happier tho.
It's pretty quiet on the board.
How about you Mark?

Doikers 08-05-2016 02:41 PM

*Safe Hugs Annie* I'm sorry you are flat . Mothers Day was like a month ago here.
I'm drained , my situation is really complex.

RescueIsPossible 08-05-2016 05:22 PM

Doikers can you pm me again you helped alot last time?

so doikers suggested using the thread. so here goes...... i have alot going on and my emotions are just uncontrollable.... in the middle of a custudy battle with my sister and mom over custudy of my 5 year old nephew who my mom currently has custudy of.. well my sister told him durring her time with him wednesday that nobody but her loves him aand hes not allowed to love anyone else or she will be mad at him. now hes upset bc he wants to love my mom and dad and me but now he cant.... im so mad im shaking. he told me this yesterday and i still havent calmed down from it. i dont know how to handle all of this ...... im sorrry for ranting ......

Kahlia1981 09-05-2016 11:53 AM

Sorry for only bringing darkness and gloom.

Too many deaths too close together. Can't hold on.

*finds a corner, sits down and cries*

Doikers 09-05-2016 12:14 PM

Kahlia *Massive Brotherly Hugs* May I sit with you?

Kahlia1981 09-05-2016 12:22 PM

Sure Mark.

Marshmallow. 10-05-2016 12:45 AM

Need to plop myself in here for a while. It's been a rough month.


Doikers 10-05-2016 10:32 AM

Hi AR, *Offer Tea*

How are all my peeps?

That's a tough situation Haile *Glomps* Maybe you could also post it is serious?

RescueIsPossible 10-05-2016 02:11 PM

I already made a thread not many responded except for sying to contact therapist
How are you mark?

Doikers 10-05-2016 03:17 PM

Not Great Haile , How are you today?

Marshmallow. 10-05-2016 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by Doikers (Post 4032260)
Hi AR, *Offer Tea*

How are all my peeps?

That's a tough situation Haile *Glomps* Maybe you could also post it is serious?

Tea would be great, thanks. Feel free to call me Ashley.
I can't decide how I'm feeling today if that makes sense?
How is everyone else doing?


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