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Eir 02-04-2016 12:00 PM

In town today for the man's gig. Staying at his parents, along with his nieces. They are nice but I'm all kinds of firetrucked up. Lots of reminders why I shouldn't be here. Also many as to why I can't leave. Not yet.
Just gonna use the post to wrap up the crud and bury it deep. Activate survival mode. Will try to come up with something positive to add to the post before bed.

Doikers 02-04-2016 02:05 PM

*Glomps Kahlia I can't really get my head around time difference but I think it's about 1 am with you and I'm hoping you are getting some kip.

*Safe hugs to you Ribbons* In my head Canada must be about 8 hour in the past , I hope you slept/are sleeping well.

No Worries Kathryn *Safe Hugs*

*Safe Hugs Eir* Hope You sleep well too :)

Kahlia1981 02-04-2016 02:47 PM

Annie: *safe hugs* It sounds like survival mode is one of the best options with all those reminders flying around in your head. Maybe some mindfulness techniques could be useful.

Mark: *glomps* you right back. As I'm typing this it's 22:43.

My mood is somehow managing to drop even further. I just feel like I can't do anything right. *sigh*

*uses her wheelchair to get to a corner, gets herself out of the chair and sinks into the corner with her head in her hands ready to cry*

Drewbles 02-04-2016 02:54 PM

Kahlia: That's ok! Technology is sometimes messy like that. I didn't take it personally or anything.
*offers safe hugs to everyone*
I'm 5 hours behind you Mark.
I actually did manage to get more sleep than usual.

Drewbles 02-04-2016 02:58 PM

Also sorry to post twice in a row.
I don't know if anyone else will like to have this information but I found it helped me feel less bad about having to cry I dont know if anyone has that problem or not but

Crying is like liquid stress coming out of your face because of all the stuff in tears which I thought was really interesting and helped me feel like it was something that had to be done as part of taking care of myself.

anyways. If you wanna talk about it I'm here. Anyone with any of the things.

Eir 02-04-2016 03:42 PM

0040hrs. Miserable time with the child. At least it kept me busy. She's only just settled.
Watching FMA as distraction... Silly episode. But having the desired effect.
Therapist said much the same thing last time I saw her Kahlia.
It's just so exhausting.

Kathryn_Anna 02-04-2016 07:28 PM

Ready to lose it. Party was not fun. One kid made us 45 minutes late. Second one didn't want to stay in the party room. And the littlest one was screaming like a raptor. We lasted maybe an hour. The oldest then puked on the way home. Hubby said I could get out for a few so I ran to the store to get my son new shoes. Two stores were out of his size. I'm done for today. And the next few days too.

Kahlia1981 03-04-2016 01:32 AM

Annie: I'm not good with the names of television shows, movies, anime etc but is FMA Full Metal Alchemist? Just asking because that show cracks me up. I'm sorry you had trouble settling the little one but very glad you were able to find a distraction and that it had some effect. I guess your therapist and I were basically saying "do what you have to do to get by" so if you find something helpful, use it.

Kat: That really sounds rough. I know I would have felt like screaming my head off or punching pillows, but you made it through. You are probably exhausted and need some time to just be on your own and do whatever it is that allows you to relax but I realise that's extremely difficult with kids. We're here for you if you need to talk. *safe hugs*

Drew: Please don't ever stress about posting twice in a row. It isn't uncommon for any of us to forget something we wanted to write and post twice. I'm glad you managed to get some sleep, I hope you feel/felt a bit better for it. That's an interesting way to think of tears and crying.

Mark: The whole time zone thing can get pretty crazy. Here we are UTC/GMT+10 with no DST (daylight savings time) which is good in a way because it means we are always 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time or the Coordinated Universal Time, whichever you'd prefer. But Australia itself ranges from UTC/GMT+8 through to UTC/GMT+11 with DST in 5 states and territories and not in the remaining three. So even within Australia time zones can be really confusing. But that's why they created UTC lol.

This morning hasn't been wonderful although I woke up early but my head is still going round in circles, telling me how useless I am, how much better off everyone else would be if I wasn't here. Some of that is stemming from being in a wheelchair and not being able to do things but knowing that doesn't make it any easier. When you add to that my really low mood and the frustration of not being able to do things under my own steam or, in some cases, at all and you end up with some serious negativity. I hope no one minds me taking up some space and crying my eyes out.

*leaves hot chocolates and cookies on the table*

*hugs* and *safe hugs* for anyone who needs them

Eir 03-04-2016 03:26 AM

Yup, I was talking bout full metal alchemist. It cracks me up most of the time too

Kahlia1981 03-04-2016 08:42 AM

Woo hoo!! Let's rock our Full Metal Alchemist lol

Doikers 03-04-2016 12:27 PM

Kahlia , I'm sorry your head is going around in circles , Mine does that a lot , it's really hard to stop it *Glomps*

Also , before this thread I'd not heard of Full Metal Alchemist . . . . . . . . . . .

Kahlia1981 03-04-2016 12:57 PM

Mark: I'm really sorry to hear that big brother. It's definitely worth watching, and very funny in parts. Thanks.

I really just want to curl up and cry and physically can't. I hate being in the wheelchair and having to use the wheelie walker but I don't have options. Hopefully I'll be walking again after my surgery and rehabilitation are over.

*runs around everywhere because in here I don't need the wheelchair, then drops onto a bed made of pillows*

Doikers 03-04-2016 01:58 PM

*Tucks Kahlia in to her Pillow bed* :)

Kahlia1981 03-04-2016 02:13 PM

Thanks big brother

Drewbles 03-04-2016 11:11 PM

My username change was approved and I feel a lot better about talking on here :)

*shares snacks and juice*

All of the snow was gone here but it started yesterday again and hasnt stopped yet. Sometimes it's pretty but mostly it looks like there's no colour left on earth. Hoping it stops soon and melts fast. I feel grey to match.

*leaves hugs for everyone who wants them*

Doikers 03-04-2016 11:21 PM

#Hi Drew , How are you ?

Did anyone know Carrie was remade ? Am I the only guy who feel the bullies had it coming, however Sissy Spasek rocks.

Drewbles 03-04-2016 11:49 PM

I'm tired and sad today. I feel really empty and desperately seeking comfort but everything I usually find comforting feels empty too. I want my personality back. Thank-you for asking. I'm sorry I don't have a nice answer.

I did know it was remade. I saw the new one. very unsettling. The bullies were terrible. :(

How are you Mark?

Doikers 04-04-2016 12:55 PM

I'm uber anxious , SW in just over 3 hours .

Kahlia1981 04-04-2016 03:13 PM

Hey Drew. Glad you're feeling better after the username change. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Always here if you need a friendly ear. *safe hugs*

Hiya Mark. Yeah, I wasn't overly impressed with the remake. I'd have to agree with Drew that it was/is unsettling. The bullies definitely had it coming. Hoping the meeting with the SW went well.

So sick of being in a wheelchair. *sigh*

Doikers 04-04-2016 03:15 PM

My SW's not been yet but ty :)

When is your back surgery due Kahlia? *Gentle Glomps*

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