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Cacoethes 22-10-2020 02:27 PM

That sucks Lillie.

It randomly poured down here this morning but only for about 15 minutes.
It's sunny now.

How are you?

tamobhuuta 22-10-2020 02:33 PM

I'm all tense waiting for a call from a GP. So I'm watching friends.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 02:37 PM

Hope the call goes ok tamo.
Friends is a good choice

chinahorse 22-10-2020 02:49 PM

Hope they call soon tamo.

That is strange beckie.

I feel exhausted. But am doing not a lot watching border control and doing crochet.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 02:56 PM

I'm glad you're resting Lillie.
I love border control!

chinahorse 22-10-2020 03:06 PM

I've seen it before.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 03:08 PM

I don't think I'd seen the one that was just on pick.

chinahorse 22-10-2020 03:30 PM

I still don't get why that Nigerian man was so angry about loosing custard powder. Like his kids will starve and Australia doesn't make or sell food?

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 03:36 PM

I know! It was literally just custard powder and breadcrumbs! You can get those anywhere!

tamobhuuta 22-10-2020 04:27 PM

So my GP phoned! She was ... displeased that i haven't had an appointment with the psychiatrist since my seizure. She rang CMHT and apparently they are going to phone. Who knows when!

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 04:29 PM

That is pretty bad tamo!

tamobhuuta 22-10-2020 04:46 PM

What are you up to for the rest of the day?

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 04:51 PM

Watching TV then deciding what to cook for dinner
I'm leaning towards risotto and veg

tamobhuuta 22-10-2020 04:53 PM

I used to really like risotto but I have gone off it, don't know why.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 05:02 PM

Maybe you ate too much of it?
That can make people go off things

tamobhuuta 22-10-2020 05:03 PM

Yeah maybe.

[Luna] 22-10-2020 05:14 PM

Hey guys, how have you all been today?

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 05:17 PM

Hi Luna!
I've been good thanks. How about you?

[Luna] 22-10-2020 05:32 PM

What have you been up to?
I actually can’t remember how my day has been. Waiting for our social worker to come and see the little one soon.
I just want to change back into my PJs.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 05:36 PM

Not a lot really. Had carers in. Went shopping. Had neighbour in to clean. Watched TV.

Hope it goes ok with your social worker!

[Luna] 22-10-2020 05:39 PM

Sounds productive.

Thanks, she said she shouldn’t be here for long so fingers crossed.

yoyogirl 22-10-2020 05:40 PM

I had two very interesting lectures and quite frankly I'm glad I can have some chill time at last.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 05:44 PM

My fingers are crossed for you Luna!

[Luna] 22-10-2020 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by yoyogirl (Post 4281701)
I had two very interesting lectures and quite frankly I'm glad I can have some chill time at last.

What were your lectures on? Enjoy your down time!

tamobhuuta 22-10-2020 05:52 PM

I hope it goes ok with the social worker Luna.

[Luna] 22-10-2020 05:54 PM

Thank you lovely, how are you doing?

tamobhuuta 22-10-2020 05:58 PM

I'm ok thanks. Not too anxious which is nice.

[Luna] 22-10-2020 07:01 PM

Thats great Tamo.

The social worker was 45 minutes late and then only stood on our doorstep for a few minutes lol. :wow:

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 07:11 PM

That's so annoying!

Back in your PJs yet?

[Luna] 22-10-2020 07:12 PM

Not yet but soon. Can't believe I got dressed for that haha!

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 07:14 PM

How very inconvenient of her

[Luna] 22-10-2020 07:18 PM

How are you feeling Beckie? I was reading your R/V and wanted to tell you to maybe stay in safe rooms, like bedroom or living room.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 07:21 PM

Thanks for asking :)
I'm feeling a bit better now I've had something sugary.
It was probably low blood sugar or something

[Luna] 22-10-2020 07:23 PM

Ah yeah, low blood sugar can make you feel like utter crap.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 07:30 PM

It can indeed!

Are you up to much this evening?
('To much' randomly tried to autocorrect to tomahawk)

[Luna] 22-10-2020 08:52 PM

tomahawk is interesting lol

I've been binge watching Gogglebox on netflix.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 09:01 PM

Gogglebox is so good!
It shouldn't be so interesting watching other people watch TV but it is!

[Luna] 22-10-2020 09:04 PM

I know. I love gogglebox.
I like to put it on when I'm at home alone because it feels like I have company lol I'm so sad

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 09:17 PM

That's not sad!
It's why I have the TV on literally all the time. Even when I'm not watching it

[Luna] 22-10-2020 09:18 PM

J always laughs at me because of the amount I talk back to the TV.

Cacoethes 22-10-2020 09:20 PM

I've done that before!
Luckily no one is here to laugh at me :p

yoyogirl 22-10-2020 10:36 PM

I'm watching Skins tonight, already on generation twoe

Cacoethes 23-10-2020 04:08 AM

Ugh it's 4am and I can't get back to sleep

nonperson 23-10-2020 09:49 AM

I was awake then too. =o

Hope you managed to get back to sleep.

tamobhuuta 23-10-2020 09:53 AM

I was having trouble staying asleep so i took a zopiclone.

Cacoethes 23-10-2020 09:58 AM

I did not manage to get back to sleep!
Did you?

nonperson 23-10-2020 10:02 AM

Hope that helped, Tamo.

Erf that really sucks, Beckie.

I fell asleep on the sofa in the evening, woke about 2am, then read in bed for a few hours so think I finally went to sleep at 4:30am... and then was awake 3 hours later when my dad rang me. =/

Cacoethes 23-10-2020 10:16 AM

Oh well. That's what I get for not ordering my meds on time!

That sounds very annoying np!

nonperson 23-10-2020 10:18 AM

Ah yes that might be a good idea. =P

I order everything last minute too though. =/

Cacoethes 23-10-2020 10:20 AM

I just totally forget!
And then sometimes the pharmacy have them ready within a couple of days, sometimes they take ages so I just never know!
I haven't had the text telling me to pick them up but I'm going to go in and check anyway

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