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Doikers 23-06-2011 09:53 PM

Yo angel !

aloneintheworld 24-06-2011 01:09 AM

What up everyone :) Feeling much more positive today than I have done over the last few weeks. How's everyone?

PoisonedApple 24-06-2011 01:12 AM

*sits and cries* we had good arguments. we organized our thoughts. we showed how much we wanted it by working very hard. what did we get? a NO. we got told to **** right off. it's not fair. i sent the info off to my union steward and hopefully she can help... i don't know if I can take the bullshit anymore but i know in this economy getting a new job will be difficult or impossible and my family relies on me.
i am not feeling safe right now.
can i has hugs?

Cazki 24-06-2011 01:18 AM

I'm feeling fed up :( my rant thread explains it, if you want to read it. Not that you would.

*Hugs Mark*

*Hugs Louise*

*Waves to angel*

*Hugs Crimson* I'm sorry your not feeling safe. *Sits with crimson*

*Hugs Lindsay*

*Hugs Felicia*

misskitty112 24-06-2011 01:23 AM

*hugs Crimson* I'm sorry everything's so horrible right now.
*Hugs Ian* I'm gonna go read your rant thread. I'm sorry you're fed up.

I'm... going to a friend's house tonight. and this will be a good thing. Surely, my mind won't go off on one when I'm with someone. Surely...

SoMuchMore 24-06-2011 04:26 AM

*hugs ian* I read your r/v thread. I'm sorry you are feeling so fed up with things. But you are a caring, amazing, strong person.

*hugs felicia* I hope your visit with your friend is okay and your mind stays still.

*hugs crimson* I hope you are feeling as okay as you can be. Im sorry things are so stressful right now.

*hugs everyone else* Sorry I didn't do a bunch of individuals. my head hasn't been in a fantastic place and for whatever reason I am having trouble concentrating.

*places treats out*

Doikers 24-06-2011 09:40 AM

*HUGS Crimson*

*Waves to girlofthepuits* Hi , I am Mark :)

*Hugs Ian*

*Hugs Felicia* <3

*Hugs Laura*

one_step_closer 24-06-2011 12:38 PM

*hugs everyone* I'm going hunting for things to make my house more homely, with my brother who thinks he is an interior designer!

Doikers 24-06-2011 01:39 PM

Cool Lindsay *Hugs*

one_step_closer 24-06-2011 05:53 PM

How has everyone's day been so far?

Doikers 24-06-2011 06:29 PM

On and Off Lindsay , How's your day going? *Hugs*

one_step_closer 24-06-2011 07:52 PM

It's been ok but i'm now feeling quite low and suicidal. I'm thinking of saving up my medication to OD.

Louise 24-06-2011 07:59 PM

hugs lindsay - i am so sorry that you feel like you want to od - what has changed do you why you were feeling ok, now not.

Doikers 24-06-2011 09:23 PM

*Hugs Lindsay*

*Hugs Louise*

taz35 24-06-2011 09:26 PM

*hugs everyone*

I've discovered that if I want to have any hope of doing individuals, I need to check back more than once a week ><

I'm just getting ready and heading off to work, but if anybody responds while I'm away, I'll check back in later tonight.

I hope everyone is staying safe and relatively sane.

*glomps Mark* because I see you! How's your day?

Doikers 24-06-2011 09:40 PM

*Squishes Taz* I've missed you :)

Doikers 24-06-2011 10:03 PM

*Night time Hugs all my Wardies*

frenchhorn 24-06-2011 11:10 PM

*hugs all*

sorry i cant do individuals I'm in a really bad place right now.
I took me over an hour to walk home (usually takes 15-20 mins) cos I kept turning round and walking to the supermarkt to buy pills, then I kept going down really dark, quiet roads cos I like the risk and also I have this weird thing where i go risky places cos I want someone to kill me so I dont have to hurt other people by killing myself, is that really weird of me?

now just sat at home shaking.

*hides in a corner* I may be in here the whole night if thats ok.

Emo 24-06-2011 11:18 PM

Oliver am sorry that you are feeling so bad at the moment , just want you to know that am listening and i care

I think i got my husbands cold feeling not so well at the moment .
hopefully it isn't the full blown thing .

Cazki 24-06-2011 11:22 PM

*Hugs Oliver* I'm so sorry that your in such a bad place :( *Sits with Oliver*

*Waves to angel*

*Hugs Laura*

*Hugs Louise*

*Hugs Lindsay*

*Hugs Taz*

frenchhorn 24-06-2011 11:39 PM

thanks Ian and Angel

taz35 25-06-2011 03:53 AM

*tackles Mark* I've missed you too :) Sleep well! <3

*hugs Oliver* Not at all. I've though the same thing many times... my friends always thought it was weird how I'd walk on the sides of the road instead of the sidewalk. Accidents leave people feeling less guilty, including yourself. I'm sorry you're feeling so low. Was there anything in particular that triggered you?

*hugs Angel* Oh that really sucks :( I hate colds! Just make sure you're washing your hands and drinking lots of water! :) Here's hoping you feel better soon!

*hugs Ian* I haven't talked to you in forever. How are you doing today?

Just finished work, which was pretty good. Was working with some of the better people, which made the shift much more fun and bearable. I'm just waiting for my girlfriend to get back so that we can Skype and then I'll be off to bed - waking up early tomorrow because Old Navy has their tank tops on for 2$ each :D

YodaBearInterrupted 25-06-2011 08:24 AM

*hugs all in here and leaves some cookies on the table*

I don't know anymore

Doikers 25-06-2011 09:52 AM

*Super Squishes Oliver*

*Waves to Angel*

*Hugs Ian*

*Hugs Taz* Yey for cheap tank tops!

*Hugs Matthew*

one_step_closer 25-06-2011 10:37 AM

*hugs everyone*

frenchhorn 25-06-2011 11:25 AM

*hugs Mark, Taz, Matthew, Lindsay*
How is everyone today?

I've got bad hayfever, so cant breathe, smell or hear and feel like crap :(

Doikers 25-06-2011 12:56 PM

*Hugs Lindsay*

*Hugs Oliver*

one_step_closer 25-06-2011 01:02 PM

My hayfever is quite bad today too, Oliver.

Doikers 25-06-2011 03:06 PM

I maybe having a bit of Hayfever or fighting off a cold , I can't tell...
I'm feeling anxious and do not like myself today :(

Cazki 25-06-2011 03:30 PM

*Hugs Mark, Oliver, Matt, Tazz and Lindsay* I'm still feeling crap with this cold.

Doikers 25-06-2011 04:04 PM

*Hugs Ian* Cough drop?

Cazki 25-06-2011 04:28 PM

The following content has been hidden - Reason : something i wanted to say for ages but couldnt
Please bear with me. I have had issues with my sexuality for sometime. When i was younger i had doubts but didnt think anything of it. Then i was a little older i had more issues and even though i kind of realised that i couldnt just shrug it off and not talk about it, that is what i did though. Well a few months ago i told my mum who was fine with it. It was difficult but i did it. The whole thing has been difficult. I'v been very quiet about it, i was really scared. Sorry i needed to say this.

Doikers 25-06-2011 04:30 PM

*Hugs Ian* , that's nothing to be ashamed of and you are so brave for telling your Mum :)

Serenity. 25-06-2011 05:43 PM

I feel really low. EHH. >_<

one_step_closer 25-06-2011 08:41 PM

*hugs Ian, Mark, and Alyssa*

I think i'm going to end up cutting or overdosing soon. I wish I had never been born.

Emo 25-06-2011 09:37 PM

one_step_closer i hope you don't here if you need to talk
Ian that's nothing to be ashamed of well done for telling your mother
Serenity Sorry you are feeling low i hope you feel better soon here if you need to talk

Am not so good at the moment my voices are really loud and telling me to cut , am trying not to
but they are so loud but i have to take my medication in a few minutes once my husband has stopped racing on his game.

Doikers 25-06-2011 10:10 PM

Feel so guilt ridden

Emo 25-06-2011 10:21 PM

Mark why ? whats wrong ?
here if you want to talk

Cazki 25-06-2011 10:58 PM

I kept it to myself for ages and wouldnt talk about it. I didnt have anyone in real life that i could talk to about it. I felt unable to talk about it on here though. I was so scared. Its not anyones fault except mine. I should have spoke up. When you have constantly been hurt its very difficult. I just wish id had someone i could have spoken to about it. Its ok though its done now.

frenchhorn 26-06-2011 01:06 AM

*hugs Ian* you should be really proud of yourself for telling your mum, definitly not something to be ashamed of.

*hugs Mark* why you feeling guilty, you shouldn't, always here if you want to talk, even if I'm not online PM me or message me on FB.

*waves to Angel* I'm sorry the voices are really loud, but I'm glad your trying to fight them, keep doing that, you can do it.

serenity, sorry your feeling so low, anything triggered it? *offers hugs if you want*

*hugs Lindsay* I really hope you didnt cut or OD and I know the feeling of wishing you hadn't been born, but you do deserve to live.

just want to say to everyone in here if you ever need anyone to talk to I'm always here, feel free to PM me or add me on FB if you want, anytime I'm here if you need to talk, your all such amazing people.

I've had a mixed day, went to a country house and played my french horn in the grounds along with my fellow students, but was sick on the bus on the way home (I get really bad travel sickness) then had a 4 hour train journey to my parents, am there now, but had a really positive chat with my mum about my appt at the Gender Identity Clinic on monday, hormones and surgery and general trans stuff.

taz35 26-06-2011 03:26 AM

*hugs Oliver* best of luck battling the Hayfever! That's a nasty one :(

*hugs Ian* Well done for telling your mom. It's a big step to take.

*hugs Lindsay* Please keep trying to fight the urges hun. Always here for you <3

*hugs Mark* Sorry you had such a bad day :( Anything trigger you?

*hugs Angel* I hope you managed to squash down those voices and overcome the urge to cut.

*hugs Serenity* Sorry you feel so low. Anything you want to talk about?

Had a decent day. Mostly need to clear my mind, so think I'm gonna try to dig up my ranting/venting thread and just use it as a journal. If anybody want to responds though, you can do so on here or via pm.

Hope everybody sleeps well <3

misskitty112 26-06-2011 04:29 AM

*hugs Ian* You were very brave in telling your mom.

*Hugs Serenity* I'm sorry you feel low.

*Hugs Lindsay* I hope you didn't cut or OD. I'm really glad you're around. You do deserve to live. <3

Angel, I hope you found a way to distract yourself from the voices. I'm always around if you need to talk.

*Hugs Mark* You don't need to feel guilty, darlin'. I love you.

*Hugs Oliver* I'm glad you had a positive chat with your mom. Also, I hope you can get rid of the hayfever soon.

*Hugs Taz* I'm glad you had a decent day.

Well... I had a **** day, pretty much. I got yelled at for hours, then one of my friends decided to start with me over text. I feel guilty, and stupid, and pretty much like I need to crawl in a hole and possibly get lost there.
So, then I went shopping.... and spent too much money. And it just makes me feel stupider.
I don't know what to do. I legitimately just feel like I am the worst person to ever grace (disgrace?) the world. I'm sorry... I'm just bitching and wasting space.

I love you guys.

Doikers 26-06-2011 10:18 AM

*Waves to Angel*

*Hugs Ian*

*Hugs Oliver*

*Hugs Taz*

*Hugs Felicia* <3

one_step_closer 26-06-2011 11:51 AM

Morning everyone, I hope you all have a good day. I'm feeling even worse today. Just want out of here.

Doikers 26-06-2011 12:53 PM

*Squishes Lindsay* I don't really feel crash hot either hun :/

Doikers 26-06-2011 01:28 PM

Last night I Burnt ........... Not done that before :/ I am really stuggling today.

Emo 26-06-2011 02:16 PM

Sorry that you burnt Mark and that you are struggling here if you need to talk

Doikers 26-06-2011 02:26 PM

Thanks Angel :) How are you?

Emo 26-06-2011 02:30 PM

Am ok got a sore throat apart from that am ok

Laura2.0 26-06-2011 07:20 PM

*hugs all* how are you?

I'm back from camp.

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