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Eska 26-09-2018 05:10 PM

Hi Dawn and Beckie, how are you both?

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 05:10 PM

Ok thanks

How are you?

Eska 26-09-2018 05:18 PM

I'm alright. Work was good until the last hour which was totally quiet and boring and I had to sit and listen to the ecg people's boring gossipy chatter about people I have never met or heard of... I enjoyed the rest of the day, though, and the advantage of where I work is that other staff rotate to the site so I get to work with different people from day to day!

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 05:20 PM

Glad it was ok!
Healthcare places tend to be very gossipy in general I have found!

Eska 26-09-2018 05:26 PM

That doesn't surprise me all that much. None of it was mean, which is the main thing.

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 05:32 PM

That's good then!

one_step_closer 26-09-2018 06:43 PM


Cacoethes 26-09-2018 06:45 PM

Hey Lindsay!

one_step_closer 26-09-2018 06:51 PM

Hello. Is anyone ready for dinner chat?!

I had sausage, mash, onions, and gravy. :-)

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 06:56 PM

Mmmm can't beat a good sausage and mash!

one_step_closer 26-09-2018 07:01 PM

Sometimes I have it with beans but I think I prefer gravy.

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 07:05 PM

I prefer gravy with sausage and mash!

Aubergine 26-09-2018 08:03 PM


Cacoethes 26-09-2018 08:20 PM

Hey Aubergine!
What you up to?

zombiehunter 26-09-2018 08:22 PM

hi eggplant and coco :-D

Aubergine 26-09-2018 08:24 PM

Well, I went to church for the second time today (I live about a 3 minute walk away) and have not long got back. Now I am waiting for pizza and chilling out, as I have a cracking headache/am lazy and could not be bothered to cook. :) I'm feeling excited about a course that I'm starting tomorrow! Though not so much looking forward to the train travel...

How about you?

Aubergine 26-09-2018 08:25 PM

ZOMBIE! :) Hello. :)

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 08:33 PM

Sounds mostly good Aubergine!
Is it a long train journey?

Hey zombie!!

not_so_insig 26-09-2018 08:37 PM

I fell asleep.

I have been swimming today. Then had an appointment with my cpn.

zombiehunter 26-09-2018 08:41 PM

why not take your CPN swimming and kill two birds with one stone?? :-p

Aubergine 26-09-2018 08:49 PM

40 minutes. Not too long. I've booked seats and got an e-ticket, so that should make it slightly more straightforward. Haven't got to change or anything. :)

Oops Dawn! Think you'll sleep tonight?

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 08:50 PM

Sounds quite straightforward then aubergine. I'm sure you'll be fine!!

Aubergine 26-09-2018 08:53 PM

Hopefully! Thanks! My pizza arived super quick!

You up to much the rest of the week?

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 08:56 PM

Enjoy your pizza!

I'm going swimming every day except Saturday and got fit beatz tomorrow as well.
And see family on saturday.
Think that's it!

Aubergine 26-09-2018 09:00 PM

Oh my! I hope all that exercise helps you to sleep! I hope seeing your family is excellent. :) What will you do with them? I hope Jasmine has kept her room as tidy as you left it last week. :D

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 09:01 PM

I slept a bit better last night so hopefully tonight will be good!
Jasmine's room will almost certainly be a tip again!
I don't know what she does in there to make it such a mess!

Aubergine 26-09-2018 09:04 PM

Hehe. I remember my room being messy as a teenager, but my Dad used to tidy my room for me when I was a child. :P

Cacoethes 26-09-2018 09:08 PM

That was nice of him!

We had a cleaner when I was at home so I had it pretty easy!!

zombiehunter 26-09-2018 09:08 PM

having a messy room is a sign f intelligence as is staying up late

****ing swearing counts too

Aubergine 26-09-2018 09:23 PM

It was nice, Beckie. No such luck now. :( Though, saying that, my Dad and step-mum did come round and deep clean my flat when I was in hospital. Looked amazing when I got home!

Oh really, Zombie? I'm only 33.33333333% intelligent then. :P

zombiehunter 26-09-2018 09:31 PM

you're being too generous to yourself :-p

Aubergine 26-09-2018 09:36 PM

ZOMBIE! You're so, so rude. :P

zombiehunter 26-09-2018 09:44 PM

you know I wuv you really :-p

Aubergine 26-09-2018 09:45 PM

Hmm. Good job I love you too! :P

Just opened a really nice letter from the art therapist I saw on the ward. Sometimes mail is nice!

Cacoethes 27-09-2018 11:49 AM

Morning everyone!

Eska 27-09-2018 12:10 PM

Morning Beckie! How are you?

I'm in work and bored, I think I've done everything that needs doing!

Cacoethes 27-09-2018 02:05 PM

Im ok thanks.
Just been for my swim

You're efficient Eska!!

Eska 27-09-2018 02:22 PM

Was it a good swim Beckie?

Thank you! I like to get things out of the way (when I'm at work, anyway...)

Cacoethes 27-09-2018 03:33 PM

It was thanks!
I enjoy swimming

Thats a good way to work!

Aubergine 27-09-2018 05:49 PM

Hello. :)

Cacoethes 27-09-2018 05:50 PM

Hi Aubergine
How's your day been?

Aubergine 27-09-2018 06:22 PM

Hello Beckie!

My day has been excellent thank you. Bible course was good and I wasn't completely socially ridiculous, so that was a bonus. There was one point in a break when I was sat on the grass listening to my music and messaging a friend and three other students came and asked if they could join me. Then they saw the large group of more students round the corner and another one said they should go and sit round there... It was a positive thing though, because I think the person who said they should sit with the big group could tell that the last thing I wanted to do was converse. :P Feel a bit spaced out now though. Overstimulation, I think. People are exhausting. :P And there's more church at 7:30pm tonight!

How's your day been?

Cacoethes 27-09-2018 06:28 PM

I'm glad you had a good day! :)

Not done much.
Did my swim and went to asda.
Got fit beatz at 7:30
And just had risotto and veg for dinner

Aubergine 27-09-2018 06:38 PM

You are super good! Well done on the exercise and healthy eating. :) I need to follow your example, really... :)

Cacoethes 27-09-2018 06:41 PM

Thanks! :)
I'm just glad I have finally found exercise that I actually enjoy!
And slimming world has some yummy recipes!

one_step_closer 27-09-2018 07:24 PM

Hello everyone.

I have also been an exercise fiend today. Went to gym group and the circuits we were doing were focusing on cardio so I was knackered! It also annoyed my knees because there was lots of bending involved.

zombiehunter 27-09-2018 07:33 PM

I lifted lots of boxes :-D

not_so_insig 27-09-2018 07:45 PM

I have been for my walk around the park at the bottom of the road. It was hot today though.

nonperson 27-09-2018 08:24 PM

I did an hour's dog walk.

We're all so fit and healthy!

Currently having dinner and relaxing for a bit and then the mass shortbread baking begins.

Cacoethes 27-09-2018 08:50 PM

Well done guys!!

It was hot today.

Mmm shortbread!

I have just had a rather disappointing apple

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