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Cacoethes 24-07-2018 03:47 PM

I do not envy you np
Hope you manage to get some done
Do stay safe in the heat!

nonperson 24-07-2018 03:51 PM

Hm, I've just tried getting a gif into my signature... and can't seem to do it either, Jellycat. Tried the two upload things in the settings and BBCode linked it separately and it shows in the preview but not on here?

nonperson 24-07-2018 03:52 PM

Oh wait, it does!!

I stole Beckie's sig pic as an example, lol.

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 03:54 PM

I was very confused there for a moment!!

nonperson 24-07-2018 03:56 PM

Sorry! I'll take it off in a sec. Was just testing! =P

chinahorse 24-07-2018 03:56 PM

I was confused too!

Stay safe ad get gardening np!!

nonperson 24-07-2018 03:57 PM

I will, but just need to test one more thing first. >.>

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 03:58 PM

I thought RYL had glitched or something!

nonperson 24-07-2018 04:03 PM

Nah just me glitching ;-)

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 04:16 PM

Haha! :tongue2:

I am hungry.
Looking forward to my pizza later!

Charlie051 24-07-2018 04:22 PM

Hey Lillie :) I was at work but im home now :D
Hope your ankle feels better soon Beckie :( pizzaaaa <3
I'll happily help you in the garden np :D

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 04:28 PM

Yay for being home!
Got much planned?

My curtains are up for the first time in like 6 months. It's weird!

nonperson 24-07-2018 04:35 PM

Yay! Come on over, Charlie!

I am going out there now, for real. It's gone all dark like it might rain, but I doubt it will.

Charlie051 24-07-2018 04:39 PM

Just some trash tv but I might draw later :) I got the day off tomorrow so i can finally sleep in <3 this shouldn't make me as happy as it does
Hooray for curtains!!
On my way np :p

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 04:40 PM

Sleeping in is awesome when you don't get to do it often!!

Hope it goes ok np

Charlie051 24-07-2018 04:47 PM

Definitely! What you getting up to with your pizza?

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 04:49 PM

Got slimming world first so have to wait until after 7:30 for my pizza!
Just watching Misfits atm

Charlie051 24-07-2018 04:53 PM

Awh hope you have a nice time though <3 oo i never saw that but i hear its good

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 04:54 PM

It is good!

chinahorse 24-07-2018 05:08 PM

Misfits rings a bell but I can't place what its about :S

Yay for pizza beckie!!

And double yay for a lie in Charlie!!

Charlie051 24-07-2018 05:09 PM

Yay indeed :D i want to watch black mirror after the conversation here the other day

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 05:09 PM

Its about a group of kids doing community service and they get superpowers.

Black mirror is good!

chinahorse 24-07-2018 05:16 PM

Ah yeah I remember it now. I liked the first series the best.

Thats never appealed to me. It looks a tad complicated to follow..

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 05:20 PM

Yep me too.

The episodes don't really relate to one another in Black Mirror, although there are some small things that suggest its all part of the same universe.
It's just pretty messed up!

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 05:36 PM

Keep trying!
I'm sure you'll get it eventually!
Wish I could help but don't have a clue how I even did mine!

Charlie051 24-07-2018 05:52 PM

Awh poor thing :( im sorru to hear, very glad they've retired! Im glad it hasn't affected any other organs and can hopefully be controlled! *Sends many kitty cuddles*

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 05:54 PM

Aww poor kitty
I'm glad someone finally did something.
That other vet was out of order
Hope she's feeling better soon

chinahorse 24-07-2018 06:36 PM

Poor kitty cat :-(

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 06:43 PM

No problem with getting things off your chest at all!!

Pets are family!
Still waiting to see if my landlord will allow me to have a pet

Aubergine 24-07-2018 06:47 PM

Alec is staying with my uncle. I miss him.

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 06:52 PM

Hopefully it won't be too long until you are reunited

Aubergine 24-07-2018 06:55 PM

It will be if they keep moving ward round. >.<

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 06:57 PM

Ugh. Why do they always do that?!

Aubergine 24-07-2018 07:00 PM

Wish I knew.

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 07:01 PM

It's so frustrating
Sorry they're being so sh*t

Aubergine 24-07-2018 07:05 PM


You up to much?

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 07:12 PM

Watching misfits and going to slimming world in a bit

nonperson 24-07-2018 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by Jellycat (Post 4182871)
Thanks, NP hon. I have hopes of a sig pic yet.

I attached the link below with that paperclip thing up there but whether it will work or not remains to be seen!

Attachment 23532

Ah I didn't see this, sorry! Sent you a PM though with a way you can do it yourself, if not I have another idea if it's still not working for you. =P

I'm knackered from gardening now. I potted up some plants and cleaned my pond of a horrible spreading weed aaaand then pulled some weeds. My cat came to "help" with the weeding...

Hope you get to see Alec soon, Aubergine. =(

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 07:28 PM

Well done np!

nonperson 24-07-2018 07:29 PM

Thanks. It's a start. =)

Are you at SW?

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 07:31 PM

Just about to leave!

nonperson 24-07-2018 07:37 PM

Very nearly pizza time then. =D

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 07:59 PM

Pizza in oven!
Far too hot for group. Loads weren't there anyway. But some were drinking tea??!

nonperson 24-07-2018 08:04 PM

That's crazy drinking hot drinks in this weather. A slightly weird woman I used to know always said that drinking hot drinks was better in hot weather because... actually, I can't remember the exact reason... it was something to do with how it affects body temperature, or your perception of body temperature. Like cold drinks make you feel better for a few minutes and then you feel hot again but if you have hot drinks it feels like you're cooling down? I don't know... she had strange theories about a lot of things.

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 08:18 PM

Yeah something about homeostasis, I've heard that too!
Not sure how legit that is though!

zombiehunter 24-07-2018 09:02 PM

apparently drinking hot drinks in hot weather makes you sweat more and this apparently cools you down, that's the explanation I was given anyway.

sounds like a load of crap plus you smell of sweat :-p

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 09:04 PM

Whatever the reason, I think we can all agree that drinking hot drinks in this weather is ****ing mental

Aubergine 24-07-2018 09:14 PM

Lemon squash is the drink for this weather.

Cacoethes 24-07-2018 09:17 PM

Lemon squash is very refreshing!

zombiehunter 24-07-2018 09:17 PM

drinking hot drinks in hot weather is so mental that even coco thinks it's mental, what does that telly you?? :-p

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