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Aubergine 23-07-2018 09:16 AM


Cacoethes 23-07-2018 09:35 AM

Hey Aubergine
How are you?

Buttons. 23-07-2018 09:53 AM

Morning Beckie.

Hope you got to work okay Lillie.

Hope you're okay Aubergine.

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 09:55 AM

Hey Buttons
How are you?

Eska 23-07-2018 10:09 AM

Morning people!

Did you manage to get to work ok, Lillie?

Hope you're feeling ok Aubergine

Beckie, Buttons, how are you both?

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 10:15 AM

Hi eska

I'm ok thanks!
How are you?

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 10:19 AM

Hi jellycat!
It is boiling!


Eska 23-07-2018 10:25 AM

It's not too warm here yet.

I just had an interview and now I'm a bit shaky!

Eska 23-07-2018 10:31 AM

A receptionist job :)

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 10:34 AM

Hope it went ok!

Eska 23-07-2018 10:44 AM

I think so? I don't know, I'll find out later today

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 10:51 AM

Fingers crossed!

Eska 23-07-2018 11:01 AM

Very much so!

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 11:06 AM

Builder guy has been here since 8:30am
He's doing noisy outside stuff atm but will do the curtain at some point!
Hope he doesn't take too much longer!
I'm not even sure what he's doing

Charlie051 23-07-2018 11:58 AM

Hey everyone x
I tried to read through what I missed and am now equal parts confused and amused :laugh:
How everyone today?
Hope your builder stuff is over quickly Beckie!

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 12:05 PM

Hi Charlie!
How are you?

Builder guy is still here
I don't even know what he's doing anymore!

Eska 23-07-2018 12:26 PM

Hi Charlie :) I read back through and felt the same!

Mysterious, Beckie!

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 12:31 PM

He's now taken the curtain rail down and gone off to find a dunelm for some reason.
Hope he doesn't take too long, I need to go to asda to get lunch stuff and I'm really hungry!

Eska 23-07-2018 12:36 PM

How peculiar! I hope he’s back and finished soon.

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 12:41 PM

It is rather peculiar!

not_so_insig 23-07-2018 12:49 PM

Hello all!

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 12:50 PM

I'm really not sure!
He took measurements of the bit where the curtain goes so maybe a new curtain rail?

Eska 23-07-2018 01:01 PM

Hi Dawn! How's it going?

A curtain rail sounds plausible, Beckie!

Thanks Jellycat.

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 01:11 PM

Thanks Jellycat!
Good advice there

And now I'm wondering if fish drink
To google!!

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 01:12 PM

"Freshwater fish do not actively drink water, but absorb the water through their skin and gills. On the other hand, saltwater fish do actively drink sea water. Their gills process the water and take out the salt.

Eska 23-07-2018 01:21 PM

Good to know!

It's actually quite cool here today, only 22 degrees. I heard on the news it's supposed to get up to 34 in some parts of the country this week though!

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 01:23 PM

It's 30 here!!

Eska 23-07-2018 01:29 PM

Ouch. Hope you're hiding in the shade!

not_so_insig 23-07-2018 01:32 PM

I am anxious but otherwise ok. My cpn is coming later. I need to get dressed and open my curtains.

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 01:33 PM

Been in my house all day and it's quite cool in here thankfully!
Do need to go out in a bit though :/

Builder guy is back and putting up a new curtain rail

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 01:53 PM

Hope it goes ok with cpn dawn

Yep! I really hope he's nearly done!!

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 03:07 PM

Just back from asda.
It's 32 outside. I could barely breathe!!

not_so_insig 23-07-2018 03:29 PM

My cpn came. I am feeling better now.

Eska 23-07-2018 03:48 PM

I got the job :D

I'm glad you're feeling better, Dawn.

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 03:50 PM

Yay congratulations eska!!!

one_step_closer 23-07-2018 03:56 PM

Well done Eska!!! Time for an online party?

I'm glad you're feeling better Dawn.

not_so_insig 23-07-2018 04:01 PM

Ham and pineapple pizzas all round then!

Eska 23-07-2018 04:03 PM


*blows up balloons*

Charlie051 23-07-2018 04:06 PM

Well done Eska!

I'm doing good thanks Beckie sorry for the late reply again *bows head in shame*
Its 35 degrees here :c

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 04:13 PM

Eek 35?!

I cannot deal with this heat!

one_step_closer 23-07-2018 04:21 PM

My phone is telling me it's 21 degrees here. It's been raining on and off so not too warm. I did melt a bit on my walk earlier though.

*sends rain and cool breezes*

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 04:28 PM

Gone down to 30 now.
Still far too hot!
We need rain sooo badly!
When we do end up getting rain, I'll probably have to strip off and dance in it

one_step_closer 23-07-2018 04:29 PM

Keep your underwear on at least Beckie!

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 04:31 PM

I'll have to, otherwise I'll end up giving the neighbours nightmares!!!

one_step_closer 23-07-2018 04:34 PM

I think you should maybe wear some additional clothes in case your neighbours are worried that you are going extra insane.

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 04:44 PM

Yeah you're probably right!

Charlie051 23-07-2018 04:45 PM

We definitely need to protest against Summer :( everbody do the rain dance!

I'm happy though cos i just booked a holiday to Italy <3

Eska 23-07-2018 04:49 PM

Ooh, exciting Charlie! Whereabouts in Italy?

Cacoethes 23-07-2018 04:49 PM

*does rain dance*

Ooo how lovely charlie!

Charlie051 23-07-2018 05:01 PM

I'm going to Rome :D I've wanted to travel somewhere alone for a long time and I'm finally doing it *happy dance* I want to send you all treats now :laugh:

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