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nonperson 04-07-2018 06:39 PM

Hope everyone's sadness passes soon. =(

I'm just full of tiredness...

Buttons. 04-07-2018 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4178888)
Mmmmm, lasagne!

I think that is actually my all time favourite food - just like Garfield.


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4179010)
Will you people please stop talking about lasagne...!


I had to do it.

Charlie051 04-07-2018 06:43 PM

I'll send you a bed with the hugs :)
I want lasagne :(

nonperson 04-07-2018 06:47 PM

Oh Buttons you are so mean!

I might have to steal your lasagne to teach you a lesson. =P

nonperson 04-07-2018 06:48 PM


Buttons. 04-07-2018 06:49 PM

Why yes, yes I am. Ha ha you would be a couple of hours late my dear.

Buttons. 04-07-2018 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4179042)

Wish it would rain here too!

nonperson 04-07-2018 06:51 PM

I'll wait until next time. ;-)

There was a freak sprinkling of "rain" this morning. Not sure it could really be called rain but it was definitely water from the sky!

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 06:54 PM

I had a dream that it was raining and that I came on here to tell you all.
The quality of my dreams has been lacking lately....

nonperson 04-07-2018 06:55 PM

Haha. =P

Charlie051 04-07-2018 07:04 PM

I have pizza! <3

zombiehunter 04-07-2018 07:07 PM

whats on the pizza?? >.>

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 07:14 PM

Yay pizza!

zombiehunter 04-07-2018 07:16 PM

hi coco :-D

Charlie051 04-07-2018 07:17 PM

Pepperoni and sausage <3

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 07:20 PM

Hey zombie!

Sounds yummy charlie!

zombiehunter 04-07-2018 07:21 PM

*swipes a slice of pizza* YOINK :-p

Buttons. 04-07-2018 07:24 PM

That sounds good Charlie :)

Ha ha yeah Beckie, that's not The most thrilling dream I've ever heard :P

Charlie051 04-07-2018 07:26 PM

Oy!! Hahah i will happily share my pizza <3
Rain dreams sounds nice hehe

Buttons. 04-07-2018 07:31 PM

*waits patiently for pizza to magically materialise in my house*

zombiehunter 04-07-2018 07:32 PM

*presses buttons*

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 07:34 PM

I really wish it would rain
Just had a shower because I was all sticky and ugh
Feel better now!
Its just really humid

Buttons. 04-07-2018 07:36 PM

*pokes zombie*

Buttons. 04-07-2018 07:39 PM

Glad the shower made you feel better Beckie. It is humid. I've just set my crap fan as near to me as I can get it. The dog keeps wandering into the kitchen and flopping on the floor there as it's cooler than the carpet and looks at me with these big eyes like 'do not like this weather, mum, FIX IT'-genuinely think she believes that I've summoned this weather just to piss her off :P

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 07:41 PM

Poor hot doggo!

Charlie051 04-07-2018 07:53 PM

Same here :( i hate the humidity.
Awh poor dog :( mines the same she keeps trying to join me on my bed then gives up and retreats to the floor

zombiehunter 04-07-2018 07:57 PM

mmmmmmmmm hot dogs

but yeah humidity can **** right off

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 08:06 PM

Holby is on! :D

Buttons. 04-07-2018 08:11 PM

I'll tell Molly she's getting your sympathy Beckie and Charlie :) Enjoy Holby.

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 08:13 PM

Give her lots of pets from me!!

Buttons. 04-07-2018 08:13 PM

Will do :)

one_step_closer 04-07-2018 08:16 PM

Sing her a song from me. Any song.

one_step_closer 04-07-2018 08:17 PM

And I am SO glad I prevented you from missing Holby Beckie. I was wondering if you had realised it had been on last Wednesday or not.

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 08:20 PM

I am very grateful Lindsay!!
I had no idea it was on tonight!

Buttons. 04-07-2018 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4179072)
Sing her a song from me. Any song.

Great, now you've got 'who let the dogs out' in my head -_-

one_step_closer 04-07-2018 08:28 PM

Haha! But thanks for sharing that Buttons, I am refusing to get it stuck in my head too!

Did you catch up with last week's episode though Beckie?

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 08:31 PM

I haven't but I will!

nonperson 04-07-2018 08:38 PM

I ate too much baked potato. =/

chinahorse 04-07-2018 08:41 PM

hey all :)

had an eventful half hour. the main fire alarm went off and after we established the lack of fire we all stabbed buttons. and then I had the bright idea of calling the helpline on the front so someone did and now its just bleeping rather than shrieking. finally met most of my neighbours after living here 6 months!

nonperson 04-07-2018 08:44 PM

Nothing like a potential emergency to bring strangers together. =)

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 08:44 PM

Well that sounds fun Lillie!!

chinahorse 04-07-2018 08:49 PM

Lol very true NP. And Beckie- it'd be more fun if it didn't happen when I was naked and just out the shower.

Buttons. 04-07-2018 08:51 PM

Interesting times Lillie!

Cacoethes 04-07-2018 08:51 PM

Oh no! Thats one of my worst fears!

chinahorse 04-07-2018 08:52 PM

:-P its not great no. But its happen in the Cassel and in my 3 years at boarding school several times. You just shove a dressing gown on.

nonperson 04-07-2018 08:53 PM

Please tell us you put clothes on first before meeting your neighbours!

Buttons. 04-07-2018 08:53 PM

Dressing gowns win life.

nonperson 04-07-2018 08:54 PM

I'm not a dressing gown fan...

Buttons. 04-07-2018 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4179089)
Please tell us you put clothes on first before meeting your neighbours!

Oh no no no, please tell us you didn't :P

chinahorse 04-07-2018 08:54 PM

I was more concerned about burning to death than the lack of undercrackers.

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