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nonperson 28-05-2018 12:58 AM

It mostly worked but still had to move a few more things!

Make sure you take a towel this time. =P And that's great about the straight through train.

Aubergine 28-05-2018 01:05 AM

Hehe. They always find something. :P

Did I say that I'm helping out at a thing that church are putting on in the park? I'm doing the craft activity with the under fours. I'm not artistic at all, so someone else has organised what I'm doing and is going to get the materials, and I am going to run it. Got to be there next Satruday from 2pm - 7pm. Hoping I might get off a bit early though. It's a long day otherwise! I wouldn't go because it gets super busy, but I'm hoping that I can just hide in my little tent for the toddlers and not have to go into the crowds!

nonperson 28-05-2018 01:11 AM

I think you've found cool crafty things to do with them before when you've mentioned it. You're probably more artistic than you think. =P

That is a long time. Are you doing it all on your own? And hiding in your tent is definitely a good plan. Make sure you have an escape route out the back!

zombiehunter 28-05-2018 01:12 AM

I am bored, but I have bOOze :-D

nonperson 28-05-2018 01:13 AM

*steals bOOze*

Aubergine 28-05-2018 01:14 AM

Google is my friend! There are crafts for Sunday school on a Website. :D It takes away all of the need for imagination. :P This is going to be for a lot of non-Christian childre, so it needs to be not about anything to do with church. My friend got it from pinterest. :P

I'm doing the craft all on my own. Set up and take down etc. There are other people doing other activities in the the toddler tent. There'll be stations and a soft play area etc. I don't know if it has a back door. I may need to dig a tunnel... ;)

Aubergine 28-05-2018 01:14 AM

Zombie! :D

zombiehunter 28-05-2018 01:28 AM

*steals bOOze back*

hi eggplant :-D

Aubergine 28-05-2018 01:32 AM

You can both have the bOOze. Yuck. :P :D

How's it going zombz?

zombiehunter 28-05-2018 01:37 AM

all ****ing good here thanks eggplant :-D

and you?

Aubergine 28-05-2018 01:48 AM

What've you been up to? (Apart from drinking bOOze. :P)

I'm good thanks! Should be asleep, but I've had caffeine today so I am not! :wow:

zombiehunter 28-05-2018 01:52 AM

well since it was a nice day today instead of going to my wee grannys for sunday dinner we took her up to my sisters and had dinner in the garden.

and my wee niece and nephew pelted water balloons at me :O

Aubergine 28-05-2018 02:01 AM

Hooray for dinner in the garden! I bet your granny loved it! How is she?

It was the perfect weather for water balloons. I'm sure you did something to deserve it. :P :D

zombiehunter 28-05-2018 02:04 AM

my wee granny is as well as can be, defo helps to get her out the house for a bit but she is sad that my uncle is away back to aus

Aubergine 28-05-2018 02:05 AM

Yeah, I imagine it does help her to get out for a bit. Aww, that is sad. She's lucky that she's got you guys though. You are so very good to her - what a wonderful family you are! :)

zombiehunter 28-05-2018 02:09 AM

yeah they are pretty awesome :-D

don't tell them I said that :-p

Aubergine 28-05-2018 02:14 AM

YOU'RE pretty awesome too! :D

(I won't tell them. :P)

I need to sleep. I drank two bottles of diet coke though and I don't usually have caffeine at all, so I am wide awake even though I woke up at 5am yesterday! :(

nonperson 28-05-2018 02:23 AM

I am also still awake but haven't got caffeine to blame it on.

Aubergine 28-05-2018 02:40 AM

What do you have to blame it on, oh wonderful Person? :)

nonperson 28-05-2018 02:41 AM

Nothing! Not even alcohol...

Aubergine 28-05-2018 02:43 AM

How odd! Thinking about anything that might keep you up?

nonperson 28-05-2018 02:44 AM

Not really.

Bit worried that I'm going to contract a sickness bug that has taken down my friend's entire family. She messaged and warned me I might be next because of when she came over earlier...

Aubergine 28-05-2018 02:49 AM

Oh dear! Ho hum. Fingers crossed that you don't get it and remain healthy for your days off!

Cat woke up, strolled across my keyboard and is now curled up in a really awkward place on the bed! >.<

Buttons. 28-05-2018 02:52 AM

Try having an Alsation who seems to believe she is a lot smaller than she actually is decide that there's room on a single mattress for both me and her :P If I wasn't allergic I'd go with the cat :P Although there is a stray cat who likes to sit on my fence and piss my dog off which can be a tad funny :P

nonperson 28-05-2018 02:53 AM

I don't often get sick so I think I'll be ok... I just remember the last time I had a sickness bug (that I probably caught from old people when I visited a garden!) and it was horrendous. It complicates things being diabetic as well though so I really hope I get away with it.

Can you move him a little?

Mine's just got up and disappeared outside again. =(

nonperson 28-05-2018 02:54 AM

I used to share my sofa with my 35kg Alsatian! He took up most of the room.

zombiehunter 28-05-2018 02:54 AM

*presses buttons*

Aubergine 28-05-2018 03:00 AM

Oh dear, Buttons! Hehe. I have a double bed and my cat is small, so I guess I'm lucky really. And I kind of like it if I'm really honest. He wants to be close. <3

I really hope you're OK, Person.

nonperson 28-05-2018 03:30 AM

I think I'll be fine. =)

zombiehunter 28-05-2018 03:33 AM

*poke* you better be

Aubergine 28-05-2018 03:36 AM

Glad to hear it! :) You are awesome! <3

Trying to get someone to cover me on kids church next Sunday. I'm working Thursday and Friday, then doing 2pm - 7pm at the event in the park, then I'm supposed to be at church for 10am to do more toddler stuff. I just cannot. I'll go if I have to (kids team is not very well supported at church - we're very thin on the ground), but I'd really rather not. I hope not to get smited for saying that! :P

nonperson 28-05-2018 03:41 AM

You won't be smited for looking after yourself!

Aubergine 28-05-2018 03:46 AM

I hope not! ;)

You up to much? Cat moved. He is now asleep on my tummy. At least I can stretch out now!

nonperson 28-05-2018 03:48 AM

Just flicking between music channels.

Aww, cute cat. =P

What are you up to?

Aubergine 28-05-2018 03:51 AM

Anything good on the music channels?

Cat's alright I guess. :D

I'm just lying in bed phoneforumming. Hoping to sleep before the birds start!

nonperson 28-05-2018 03:54 AM

Not really. =/

I should probably move up to bed... That might aid with getting to sleep. Changed all my sheets and put summer duvet on so it'll be all lovely up there.

Aubergine 28-05-2018 03:59 AM

Oh you should definitely go to bed! Sounds glorious up there!

nonperson 28-05-2018 04:06 AM

It'd be nicer if the room was decorated. =/

chinahorse 28-05-2018 05:36 AM

Oh dear you silly people! I hope you all got some sleep!

Bit worried I'm awake so early but ho hum.

Eska 28-05-2018 08:16 AM

I hope you all got some sleep in the end!

I'm on my way to work... Booo.

chinahorse 28-05-2018 09:37 AM

Boo to work! Hope it goes quickly!

chinahorse 28-05-2018 10:28 AM

Just found upstairs cat inspecting my shoes lol. So we had a quick cuddle before I put her back out the window.

Aubergine 28-05-2018 10:52 AM

Yay for cat cuddles! :) you were awake early, Lillie! How're you doing?

chinahorse 28-05-2018 10:56 AM

Did you get any sleep lovely? How's things today?

I've been looking at kitty cats on Gumtree! Trying to get brave enough to ask my landlord.

I was but I slept from 9-10 so feel much more human. I'm sore but I'll cope.

one_step_closer 28-05-2018 11:21 AM

Cat cuddles cure lots of things.

What is everyone doing today?

nonperson 28-05-2018 11:27 AM

Morning all.

Still trying to decide what to do today... Feel like I should go out somewhere.

Have you got any plans?

not_so_insig 28-05-2018 11:48 AM

Speaking of people who haven't seen for a while here I haven't noticed Bambi or Cheryl posting. Hopefully they are ok and just having a life.

Aubergine 28-05-2018 11:57 AM

Got a small amount of sleep! Pretty tired. On my way to Dawlish Warren though. Exciting!

I'm sorry that you're sore. Have a hug.

I had lovely cat cuddles this morning too. We chilled on my bed. :)

You could do a day trip, Person! Come to Dawlish. :P it might do you good to get out, in all seriousness. I know it can be hard though.

I hope they're ok too, Dawn.

nonperson 28-05-2018 12:11 PM

Too late for a day trip now! Might just pop out to the supermarket... Dawlish is a bit far. =P

Is it still nice and sunny down there?

Aubergine 28-05-2018 12:15 PM

Well, if you do pop to the supermarket I hope you get something nice. :)

The weather is still beautiful down here. :)

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