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Aubergine 17-03-2018 10:56 PM

I like whisky in a cup of tea. A single malt is a bit wasted on me though! Cheap stuff tastes just the same in a hot drink!

I agree with the pancakes and jam!

Sketchy 17-03-2018 10:56 PM

Have you decided what to have Lillie? I need to do a shop tomorrow. Not much left in my fridge.

Aubergine 17-03-2018 11:02 PM

What are you going to get when you go food shopping?

Sketchy 17-03-2018 11:04 PM

I’ve no idea. Just going to the shop near my flat, so not as much choice. I’m babysitting Molly tomorrow too.

How is Alec?

chinahorse 17-03-2018 11:07 PM

Maybe a range of stuff for dinner and stuff for snacks?

RUm in a hot chocolate is nice. Never tried whiskey.

Aubergine 17-03-2018 11:07 PM

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Aww yay. :) She'll love that. I hope you get something you fancy. :)

Alec is good! Did you see this picture?

Aubergine 17-03-2018 11:08 PM

Ooo that does sound nice, Lillie!

I like Baileys in a hot chocolate. :)

Sketchy 17-03-2018 11:12 PM

Good idea Lillie.

Oh he’s so cute Aubergine!

Aubergine 17-03-2018 11:13 PM

Honestly Lorraine, he's amazing. So, so cute. I went to visit on Thursday and he was so snuggly and soft and playful! Three weeks until I can bring him home. :) How's Molly doing?

Sketchy 17-03-2018 11:23 PM

I bet you’re looking forward to having him home. I’m excited for you.

Molly is doing well. She recently had a check up at the vet. She’s now almost her full size and everything is going well. The vet was admiring her and said she has a lovely coat.

Aubergine 17-03-2018 11:34 PM

Yeah, I can't wait! Need to set up all of the cat stuff. Like his cat tree etc!

Ah I'm glad she's doing well. She's a beauty for sure. :)

Sketchy 17-03-2018 11:36 PM

Sounds like you’ll be all organised. It’s so exciting.

I think I’ll finish my whisky and head to bed.

Goodnight everyone. Hope you all sleep well.

Aubergine 17-03-2018 11:38 PM

Night Lorraine. I hope you sleep well. :)

chinahorse 17-03-2018 11:39 PM

night xx

Aubergine 17-03-2018 11:44 PM

Up to much, Lillie?

zombiehunter 17-03-2018 11:58 PM

*wanders the **** in*

Aubergine 18-03-2018 12:01 AM


zombiehunter 18-03-2018 12:04 AM

wherethe **** did eggplant go? :O *looks around*

Aubergine 18-03-2018 12:17 AM

Where DID eggplant go?!

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 12:27 AM

THERE THE **** YOU ARE *points*

Aubergine 18-03-2018 12:34 AM

Bum. You found me. :P

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 12:36 AM

bum :-D such a fun word

how the **** are you eggplant?

Aubergine 18-03-2018 12:40 AM

Hehe! I say it quite a lot. It's my swearing. :P

I'm good thanks! Tired. Looking forward to going out for breakfast tomorrow though. It's to celebrate Mum's birthday, albeit a day late! :D

How are you?

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 12:43 AM

all good here, an evening of bOOze and metal but now i'm watching father ted

sunday dinner at my wee grannys house tommoro, my granny cant cook anymore but because my mum is off work she is sorting dinner this week

Aubergine 18-03-2018 12:45 AM

I haven't seen Father Ted for years!

Oh dinner with your Granny sounds nice. How's she doing? Hooray for your Mum sorting dinner! Will is be a proper roast?

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 12:48 AM

she is doing a chicken casserole in the slow cooker I got her for xmas a couple of years ago, that slow cooker is the best present I ever got her :-D

my wee granny is doing fine, has her ups and downs but we all chip in with helping her out.

full house tomorrow, there'll be myself my mum my sister and my niece and nephew and of course my wee granny

Aubergine 18-03-2018 12:49 AM

Oh yum! Sounds awesome! Love a good meal in the slow cooker. I've got a single person slow cooker. :D

I'm glad she's doing fine. It's lovely how you all chip in and help her out. :) That is a busy house!

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 12:51 AM

yeah my wee granny loves it though and my niece and nephew always bring something to sho her, a new toy or book or whatever

Aubergine 18-03-2018 12:52 AM

Aww. :) How old are they now?

chinahorse 18-03-2018 12:53 AM

Slow cookers can be used to make some amazing stuff!

Hope you all have a good time there tomorrow zombie.

I have been staring into space apparently aubergine. My tea is cold and its been a fair while since I last posted. Meh. Should think about bed. Work at 10.15 tomorrow :'(

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 12:53 AM

my wee nephew turned 7 last month and my wee niece turned 10 a week and a bit ago :O

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 12:54 AM

hi chinehorse *waves* :-D

chinahorse 18-03-2018 12:55 AM



Aubergine 18-03-2018 12:55 AM

Bed sounds like a good idea, Lillie. I hope you can get some sleep. When do you finish work tomorrow?

Oh wow! They're so grown up!

chinahorse 18-03-2018 12:59 AM

I'm paid until 5.30. I will probably sleep but my house is FREEZING (14.7 degrees) and I dont want to un-onesie myself. I cant sleep in them, end up necking myself and waking myself up cos I move about.

Shouldnt we all be thinking of bed as like legit-adults, as my 10 year younger than me colleague said today.

Aubergine 18-03-2018 01:01 AM

Could you put your heating on? Even just to take the chill off.

Hehe! I would, but I struggle to sleep if I go now. I'm best to wait until I can't keep my eyes open.

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 01:02 AM

no work for me tomorrow and dinner wont be til around 3 so I can stay up for an evening of bOOze and metal and father ted :-D

Aubergine 18-03-2018 01:02 AM

I'll just sleep in my cooked breakfast. :P

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 01:09 AM

my aall time fave episode of father ted is on next.

kicking bishop brenan up the arse :-D

Aubergine 18-03-2018 01:11 AM

Hehe! What channel are you watching?

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 01:13 AM

more 4 plus 1

I missed it on normal more 4 cos I was watching pacific rim :-D

Aubergine 18-03-2018 01:14 AM

What's pacific rim? Is it something I should know about?

I'm thinking of Alec the cat. :D

chinahorse 18-03-2018 01:15 AM

Now I'm jealous of you both!

Long story short I've forgotten myself with heating recently and need to make up for how enormous my gas usage must be by not using as much gas as possible.

Aubergine 18-03-2018 01:18 AM

Come for cooked breakfast with us, Lillie! I'm sure my Mum wouldn't mind you gatecrashing her birthday. :P

Oh, I see. That's not nice with the weather being as it is. That's what I like about being on a prepayment meter - I think I'd use way too much energy if I got bills!

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 01:20 AM

pacific rim is a film about giant robots beating the living **** out of giant monsters

giant robots = awesome
giant monsters = awesome

Giant robots + giant monsters + fighting each other x mass destruction = ****ING AWESOME

the sequel "pacific rim uprising" is out on the 23rd, it has a different director and I'm a wee bit concerned but I wil till go and ****ing see it

Aubergine 18-03-2018 01:21 AM

Oh I see! We have a robot at work. :) No giant monsters though!

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 01:24 AM

where the **** do you work :O

Aubergine 18-03-2018 01:25 AM

In a hospital pharmacy. :P

zombiehunter 18-03-2018 01:26 AM

and you have a robot there :O

Aubergine 18-03-2018 01:27 AM

Yes. Yes we do! I'm waiting for it to develop a consiousness and steal all of the medication. :P

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