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not_so_insig 06-03-2018 12:57 PM

Morning all. I am waiting for my tesco order

Pomegranate 06-03-2018 12:58 PM

Morning Dawn :-)

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 12:59 PM

Hey guys

not_so_insig 06-03-2018 01:09 PM

Hi Emma and Beckie

not_so_insig 06-03-2018 01:35 PM

Grr. I asked for tesco pure milk which lasts for a week once opened. I put in the comments box if not available subsitute for Cravendale. They only sent me 4 pints of ordinary milk. I would be wasting my money because I can't get through that much milk in a few days hence me ordering pure milk. So it had to be rejected. So I am sitting here with no milk.

Pomegranate 06-03-2018 01:35 PM

My friends just picking me up to take me to lunch. Currently battling with uni because they haven’t submitted my paperwork for an interrupt and are now saying I’m essentially expelled!! Stressed!

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 01:41 PM

Thats a shame about the milk dawn. What a pain!

That sounds so stresssful emma!
Really hope you get it sorted!

Im just off to asda

not_so_insig 06-03-2018 01:57 PM

Yeah I am not happy. I was planning to do rice pudding but I need milk for it so I am doubly pissed off. I put Cravendale on there for a reason. Every time I end up rejecting it because they take no notice.

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 02:29 PM

What a pain
Have you got any shops near you that sells it?

I treated myself to a choclate orange

not_so_insig 06-03-2018 02:38 PM

There's a co-op in the next village but it only sells 2 litre Cravendale which is no good for me.

not_so_insig 06-03-2018 04:09 PM

I have cheese so all is good. Have put my lasagne in the slow cooker.

wildly insane 06-03-2018 04:29 PM

Mmmm lasagne, my normal milk lasts a week, I just finished off a milk best before date was 1st March and it was still totally fine.

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 04:44 PM

Best before is more of a guideline.
They just have to put it on for legal reasons.
Just about common sense really!

wildly insane 06-03-2018 04:53 PM

If it smells okay and isn't fizzing or mouldy it's usually okay!

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 05:02 PM


not_so_insig 06-03-2018 05:43 PM

I eat things that are past their best before dates all the time. Take no notice of it. I will add another carton of milk to my parents tesco order so hopefully that will come on Thursday. I can survive without milk until then.

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 05:47 PM

I get through quite a bit of milk although I'm not sure how!
I guess I do drink a lot of tea and coffee

not_so_insig 06-03-2018 05:54 PM

I don't drink tea except for herbal and when I have coffee I use my tassimo machine which uses pods for milk. Or have hot chocolate.

nonperson 06-03-2018 06:24 PM

You can freeze milk!

That's what I do anyway. Hardly use much milk so I buy it in pint form and freeze a couple.

I also don't go by use by dates with milk so a pint often lasts quite a while... but as I have no sense of smell the only way I can tell if it's still ok is to taste it! =P

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 06:38 PM

I haven't ever smelled off milk, so sometimes I'll sniff the milk to see if its ok then realise I'm not actually sure what off milk smells like and this is pointless

nonperson 06-03-2018 06:39 PM

I think you'd know if the smell wasn't right.

Maybe test it to find out? =P

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 06:47 PM

Most likely!
Nah, I'm good :p

What are you up to?

Im watching x men and counting down the hours until pizza time!

nonperson 06-03-2018 06:51 PM

I'm watching Pointless... and I should be popping out to hand some paperwork in to the vets so I can get some money back from my expensive cat! But now I've sat down I dunno if I'll go... I probably should.

Oooh pizza time! What flavour? =)

Eska 06-03-2018 06:54 PM

I'm on the train home from work.

Mmm when will you get your pizza Beckie?

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 06:58 PM

Do you have a deadline on when to hand the paperwork in nonperson?

It is ham and pineapple!
I'll probably be back from SW at about 7:45 so I'll have it then

Eska 06-03-2018 06:59 PM

Sounds good!

nonperson 06-03-2018 07:00 PM

I don't think there is a deadline... but it's been nearly a month now so... I probably should just get it done. =/

Mmm, ham and pineapple.

one_step_closer 06-03-2018 07:03 PM

That damn Just Eat app made me order a takeaway.

Also got some angel delight earlier to try but I should probably wait until a day when I've not eaten so much rubbish.

nonperson 06-03-2018 07:04 PM

What did the Just Eat app make you order? =)

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 07:05 PM

Best to get it over and done with nonperson!

Just Eat is awful like that!
I have fallen victim to it many times
What are you getting?

And yay angel delight!

one_step_closer 06-03-2018 07:08 PM

It totally forced me to order my usual Indian of mushroom pakora, chicken tikka masala, and peshwari naan.

NP have you had your dinner yet?

Hope you enjoy your pizza Beckie.

nonperson 06-03-2018 07:12 PM

I had a wrap and some cake when I got home... Not sure what to have for dinner, or if I'll have anything. =/

Could make soup again...

Mmmm, I haven't had Indian takeaway for a long time. Peshwari naan is so good.

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 07:21 PM

Peshwari naan is the best naan!!

nonperson 06-03-2018 07:32 PM


Oooh I want Indian so badly now... My mouth is watering.

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 07:36 PM

I had one the other day.
I fell victim to Just Eat yet again
Could easily have another one though!

nonperson 06-03-2018 07:43 PM

I only have proper Indian takeaway when I visit my parents which isn't that often. Can't beat the ones at home..!

Otherwise I just have supermarket curries here. =/

Not sure if it's lucky or not for takeaway delivery people to not be able to find my house.

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 07:50 PM

Are the supermarket ones ok?

I think it's probably both a blessing and a curse!

nonperson 06-03-2018 07:52 PM

Yeah they're usually nice enough as a treat! =)

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 07:54 PM

Might have to give them a go!

nonperson 06-03-2018 07:54 PM

Asda ones are the best btw. ;-)

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 07:55 PM

Thats lucky because I basically live in asda :p

nonperson 06-03-2018 08:03 PM

I know. ;-)

I'd probably buy them more often if I lived in a supermarket.

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 08:17 PM

I'll check them out for next weeks pizza night!
Which should really be named takeaway food night!

Off to SW. See you later!

nonperson 06-03-2018 08:18 PM

See you later, Beckie. Enjoy your pizza. =)

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 08:50 PM

Am back and pizza in oven! :-D

nonperson 06-03-2018 09:12 PM

Welcome back. =)

chinahorse 06-03-2018 09:19 PM

Evening guys :)

Enjoy the pizza beckie!

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 09:25 PM

Thanks nonperson!!

Hi Lillie!
How are you?

chinahorse 06-03-2018 09:35 PM

Im really tired just for a change! :-P

Just nomming my dinner. Well waiting for it not to be hotter than the sun so I can nom it!

Cacoethes 06-03-2018 09:37 PM

What do you have for dinner?

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