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Sketchy 09-11-2017 06:01 PM

Did you have a nice walk Dawn?

How are you?

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 06:29 PM

Ive put my soup on

Sketchy 09-11-2017 06:33 PM

Excellent. It’s the weather for soup. Yum.

I’m waiting another while before I put my dinner on.

Cpt_Stunning 09-11-2017 06:36 PM

ha, I was a bit confused, I thought you meant soap, as in TV program, I've got a couple of tins of soup, maybe I'll have one tonight.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 06:36 PM

It is indeed

I was going to wait longer but im really hungry!

Sketchy 09-11-2017 06:38 PM

What kind of soup are you going to have Chris? How are you?

Cpt_Stunning 09-11-2017 06:40 PM

I'm fine thanks, I've just checked, I've got broth, & some bread

not_so_insig 09-11-2017 06:41 PM

I am ok thanks Lorraine.

Sketchy 09-11-2017 06:41 PM

Nice. I love bread with my soup.

I might put my dinner on soon.

Sketchy 09-11-2017 06:42 PM

Hi Dawn. What are you having for dinner tonight?

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 06:42 PM

Bread with soup is the best
I have no bread unfortunately!

not_so_insig 09-11-2017 06:45 PM

I am having a burger for tea.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 06:47 PM

Yum! I like burgers

Sketchy 09-11-2017 06:49 PM

Enjoy your burger Dawn.

Sketchy 09-11-2017 06:53 PM

I’ve just put my dinner in the oven.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 07:05 PM

Ive had my soup
It was nice but not as nice as the carrot, swede and potato one!

Sketchy 09-11-2017 07:07 PM

I love soup. I love chunky vegetable soups.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 07:11 PM

Chunky veg soups are so nice
I like soups with pearl barley or lentils best.

Sketchy 09-11-2017 07:14 PM

Ooh nice! It’s needed in this cold. My sister makes amazing soups. I usually get a bowl when I visit her.

not_so_insig 09-11-2017 07:16 PM

I like minestrone soup the best. Failing that a Stilton and broccoli soup as long as it doesn't have chunks in it.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 07:16 PM

My nanny makes really good soup.
Jasmine asks if she has any every time she goes round!

Sketchy 09-11-2017 07:18 PM

My granny used to make brilliant soup too.
That’s good that Jasmine enjoys her soup.

not_so_insig 09-11-2017 07:18 PM

I don't know anyone who doesn't like soup.

[Luna] 09-11-2017 07:28 PM

Hi guys

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 07:29 PM

I dont either Dawn.
I dont see how anyone could not like it.
There are so many different types!

Hi luna!
How are you?

[Luna] 09-11-2017 07:31 PM

I only like chicken soup. It's not something I actively choose though.
I'm ok. Tired. How are you guys?

Eska 09-11-2017 07:36 PM

Evening people :)

[Luna] 09-11-2017 07:38 PM

Hey Eska, how are you?

Eska 09-11-2017 07:45 PM

I’m ok. I’ve done a lot of socialising today so a bit out of it from that but it’s been good. I had lunch with one friend, then spent some time with another, then had coffee with a third.

Sketchy 09-11-2017 07:47 PM

Hey Luna and Eska.

That’s a busy social day Eska. I’d be tired from all that. Hope you get to relax this evening.

Sketchy 09-11-2017 07:53 PM

My dinner was tasty.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 07:57 PM

Hi eska
Id be tired from that too!

Funnily enough i am not tired which is odd because i am always tired!

Glad you had a nice dinner lorraine!

Sketchy 09-11-2017 07:59 PM

I’m quite tired. I’m determined to go to sleep at a reasonable time because I’m going out tomorrow and want to be alert.

I’ve just put the heating on. Hope my flat heats up soon.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 08:03 PM

I'll probably be tired soon

Ive put my heating on too

Sketchy 09-11-2017 08:07 PM

I’ve just put the washing on. I can’t decide whether to write or watch Netflix. I’m taking my notebook to the coffee shop tomorrow, so I’ll probably just watch Netflix. Feeling lazy anyway.

What’s everyone else doing?

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 08:09 PM

Netflix is always a good choice

Im watching the Simpsons currently

Sketchy 09-11-2017 08:10 PM

I like the simpsons. Haven’t watched it in ages.

Buttons. 09-11-2017 08:11 PM

hey all. Simpsons wins life Beckie.

I feel like **** after my appointment so am just sulking and nomming pretzels :P

Sketchy 09-11-2017 08:13 PM

I’m sorry your appointment made you feel like that. Hope you are ok. Enjoy your pretzels.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 08:25 PM

Sorry you're not feeling great Katy
I am scared of pretzels but I hope they help!!

Buttons. 09-11-2017 08:38 PM

^ do you have any fears that aren't weird???

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 08:42 PM

No I don't think so

Buttons. 09-11-2017 08:47 PM

Well if we ever spend Halloween together my end will be fairly easy *throws pretzels at you and runs*

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 08:56 PM

*runs away screaming dramatically*

Eska 09-11-2017 09:07 PM

Lol at you both :P

I just had a shower and now I am all cleeeean.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 09:11 PM

We're a bit special at times :p

Yay for showering!
Clean is a nice feeling

Eska 09-11-2017 09:15 PM

I washed my hair too. Didn’t get as far as conditioning it though... never mind. I don’t have to look smart for work, just presentable.

Cacoethes 09-11-2017 09:21 PM

A lot of people dont condition their hair every time
I do because otherwise my hair is impossible to brush after a shower!

Eska 09-11-2017 10:10 PM

Mine is probably going to be a nightmare, but oh well. I’ll wear it up for work anyway.

Cacoethes 10-11-2017 11:17 AM

Morning guys

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