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long road 29-12-2023 09:42 AM

Glad it all worked out Beckie!

Morning Everyone!

Cacoethes 29-12-2023 10:31 AM

Just waiting to get through the gate now!
Excited and nervous because i don't like flying. But it'll br worth it.

How are you?

nonperson 29-12-2023 10:48 AM

Morning all.

How long is the flight? Hope you have a great time. =)

I'm just waiting for my parents to turn up...

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 11:17 AM

I'm glad you were spared train stress Cacoethes.

I hope you have a good time with your parents np.

How are you lr?

one_step_closer 29-12-2023 11:30 AM

Morning everyone.

Hope everything goes well and you have a really great time, Beckie.

I hope you have a nice time with your parents, NP.

How are you Jen and Tamo?

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 11:32 AM

Good to see you osc. I am ok. Not looking forward to ward rounds. How about you?

one_step_closer 29-12-2023 11:40 AM

Do you know what time you'll be seen? I hope it goes ok.

I'm not so great. Got the newest Saw dvd in the post so will need to see if I can find the brain power to watch it at some point.

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 11:42 AM

Should be 1.30pm

Is that a horror movie? I've never watched a horror film!

one_step_closer 29-12-2023 11:47 AM

Have you got things to occupy yourself with while you're waiting? I hate waiting to see the doctor in hospital.

Yes it's a horror film. No way have you never watched one!

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 11:51 AM

Yeah, Dad's coming soon, I've got to have a shower and lunch, there's other stuff to keep me occupied.

I've watched weird/scarey stuff but not horror.

Pi.R^2 29-12-2023 12:11 PM

Morning humans!

Beckie- hope the flight is going smoothly :)

np- have a nice time with your parents! Going for a meal if I recall correctly?

tamo - good luck with ward round, I hope having your mum there virtually means it goes extra-well

Lindsay - I've seen some horror films but never the Saw movies, would you reccommend?

Jen- how are you?

Who wants to hear about my latest 1st world problem?

long road 29-12-2023 12:13 PM

I was doing ok, made and ate banana porridge for breakfast but had a seizure and fell over around 10am so am now back in bed.

I watched Saw 2 I think, not a fan, didn't find it scary just gross.

long road 29-12-2023 12:14 PM

Ninja Jenna. I want to hear about first world problems

one_step_closer 29-12-2023 12:29 PM

Hope you have a nice visit, Tamo.

Jenna, I do like the Saw films. I definitely want to hear about your first world problem.

That is rubbish, Jen. Poor you. Will you have to take all day to recover?

nonperson 29-12-2023 12:32 PM

Poor you, Jen!

I must have seen a Saw film before but those sorts of films are not my cup of tea.

Yes, we're going for a meal. Currently sitting at home looking at the online menu.

one_step_closer 29-12-2023 12:33 PM

Lots of nice things on the menu, NP?

nonperson 29-12-2023 12:39 PM

Yep, it's a sort of fancy pub. I'll probably go for some sort of burger though.

long road 29-12-2023 12:48 PM

Love a fancy pub.

Do not know how long it will take to recover. Reckon I won't be up to much for a few hours as still feeling dizzy.

Pi.R^2 29-12-2023 12:50 PM

Sorry to hear you've had to go back to bed Jen. Hope a rest helps!

So, I am wracked with indecision over whether to take my car for a mini valet today :P I normally find people who get ridiculously indecisive about everything to be very irritating but it's literally me! I already subjected Lio to it yesterday when I couldn't decide whether to bring a hot chocolate to the meet...

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 01:53 PM

Just Do It Pi.

Sorry you're not feeling well lr.

Enjoy your meal np.

Ahimsa 29-12-2023 02:31 PM

Hi all!

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 03:16 PM

Hi Ahimsa, how are you?

Ahimsa 29-12-2023 03:34 PM

I'm okay thank you, still in bed but I did some of the banking tasks from bed so that still counts.

How're you?

Cacoethes 29-12-2023 04:27 PM

We have arrived at our apartment!
Flight was fine thanks :)

one_step_closer 29-12-2023 04:35 PM

Hope you enjoy(ed) your food, NP.

Did you make a decision, Jenna?

Bed and being productive sounds like an ideal combination, Beth!

Glad your flight was fine, Beckie. What's the apartment like?

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 06:49 PM

Well done on banking tasks Ahimsa.

What have you been up to osc?

I'm glad the flight was ok Cacoethes.

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 08:10 PM

Anyone here? L just left and I'm loooonely.

not_so_insig 29-12-2023 08:40 PM

I am around tamobhuuta. I have been out for the day and then promptly fell asleep when I got in. Hence the lack of posting until now.

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 08:55 PM

Hello! How was your day out?

not_so_insig 29-12-2023 09:17 PM

It was ok. We went to the pub where I had a burger and Guinness.

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 09:18 PM

Very sustaining. Was it tastey?

not_so_insig 29-12-2023 09:21 PM

Yes it was lovely.

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 09:23 PM

Good good. L brought me mint hot chocolate and rocky road, very nom.

not_so_insig 29-12-2023 09:26 PM

Sounds good hope you enjoyed. Did you finish your triptych (sp?)?

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 09:27 PM

Correct sp! I've not finished yet but getting there.

not_so_insig 29-12-2023 09:28 PM

I hope you manage to finish it.

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 09:29 PM

I should be able to tomorrow. Do you have any plans for the weekend?

not_so_insig 29-12-2023 09:47 PM

No plans so far tamobhuuta

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 09:49 PM

Is a quiet weekend good?

Feeling smug because I was first for meds.

not_so_insig 29-12-2023 09:50 PM

Yes tamobhuuta.

tamobhuuta 29-12-2023 09:51 PM

Then I hope you enjoy it :)

maii 29-12-2023 11:59 PM

Same! No plans and expecting peace and quiet and no noise and I usually go to bed by 10:30PM ... so its basically like a normal day for me.

nonperson 30-12-2023 09:51 AM

Morning all. How's everyone?

tamobhuuta 30-12-2023 11:31 AM

Morning np, how are you? I think my stomach is fixing which is good.

I'm waiting for my mum, listening to the radio. I hope my N sister might come too but she's been struggling recently so probably not.

nonperson 30-12-2023 12:04 PM

Hey tamo. I'm ok, just doing some tidying up and gonna pop to the shop in a bit.

Good to hear your stomach is fixed! That was going on far too long.

Have a nice visit with your mum. Hope your sister does come too.

Pi.R^2 30-12-2023 12:09 PM

Morning! How was your meal out np?

Glad your stomach's getting better tamo and I hope you enjoy your visit with your mum and maybe N. Sorry to hear that she's struggling too though :(

Belated report that I did take my car for a valet and as I was grumbling to myself on arrival about having to speak to an employee, I discovered that there is something worse than talking to an employee- not talking to the employee and them just randomly starting to fire water and foam at your car without any attempt to discuss with you the details of the procedure and transaction that you hope will take place!!

one_step_closer 30-12-2023 12:15 PM

Morning everyone. It's snowing here.

I'm glad your stomach is getting better, Tamo. Hope you have a nice visit.

How are you doing, NP?

That sounds like a horrible situation, Jenna!

nonperson 30-12-2023 12:16 PM

Morning Jenna! Meal out was good, quite loud in there though but the food was excellent.

Well done for making the decision! Although now you've made me worry as I'm slowly realising I may have to start taking my car to a automated car wash or a person one and I don't want to speak to anyone or have them not speak either!

You survived and your car is clean though =P

Pi.R^2 30-12-2023 12:23 PM

ooh snow! I want jpgs!

Glad your meal was nice even if the noise levels were not np.

Oops, sorry! Do I need to make an instructional video? You really should just let me visit you and I'll take you to the dump and to a person car wash =D

Also I did not really make the decision, poor Lio had to talk me through it...

one_step_closer 30-12-2023 12:38 PM

It's stopped snowing now.

Jenna you really do know how to entertain. Visiting NP to take her to the dump and car wash.

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