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Cacoethes 08-12-2023 08:16 PM

That's good!

long road 08-12-2023 08:18 PM

Before if I needed a nebuliser I had to call an ambulance but now I have my own so only have to call the ambulance if mine doesnt help.

Cacoethes 08-12-2023 08:19 PM

That must save a lot of hassle

long road 08-12-2023 09:17 PM

Really does! Finished my second neb and feeling mostly better will see how the evening goes.

Cacoethes 08-12-2023 09:34 PM

Fingers crossed!

long road 08-12-2023 09:37 PM

All good so far. Just trying to chill now.

tamobhuuta 08-12-2023 09:44 PM

I'm glad you're not needing an ambulance.

I was having urges to force/trick my way off the ward but i had PRN. How are you Cacoethes?

I've bought an unbreakable nativity scene for my hospital room, should arrive tomorrow :)

Cacoethes 08-12-2023 09:48 PM

Chilling is good!

Well done for having prn instead tamo, i know that can be difficult.
Nativity scene sounds cool! Nice to have nice things about

I'm ok. Just tired and I've finally had to tell my mum I'm in here, which is awkward.

Ahimsa 08-12-2023 10:11 PM

Hi all!

Beckie I'm sorry you're not feeling well. That's super rubbish!

Yay for not needing an ambulance LR.

Hey Tamo! How is it unbreakable?

Cacoethes 08-12-2023 10:20 PM

Hey beth!

How're you doing?
Was it today that you had a day off?

Ahimsa 08-12-2023 10:20 PM

No, today was my last day before annual leave - and it was horrendous ☹️

Cacoethes 08-12-2023 10:29 PM

Oh nooo
Are you ok?

Ahimsa 08-12-2023 10:42 PM

I mean I had a client scream in my face and made both me and one of the vets cry?!

Cacoethes 08-12-2023 10:45 PM

That's awful! What a prick

Ahimsa 08-12-2023 11:19 PM

Yeah, it wasn't great - and then I had an anxiety attack in Asda, for the second time this week :(

However I am going to a small business and local makers fair tomorrow, so positives!

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 09:13 AM

Hope you enjoy it beth!

Morning everyone

long road 09-12-2023 12:12 PM

Morning Beckie!

Bit of a slow start for me today. Took forever to get to sleep last night.

How are you this morning? What time is L visiting?

one_step_closer 09-12-2023 12:21 PM

Morning everyone. Sending good day wishes.

long road 09-12-2023 12:24 PM

Morning Lindsay

one_step_closer 09-12-2023 12:26 PM

What are you getting up to, Jen?

long road 09-12-2023 12:28 PM

Eating a late breakfast of porridge and feeling full of cold so not much.


tamobhuuta 09-12-2023 01:44 PM

Good afternoon all. My mum has been and I've had a shower. But i've got my period, boo.

not_so_insig 09-12-2023 03:15 PM

That sucks tamobhuuta. I am on mine too so we can suffer together. But today I had an Christmas card and some stickers through the post so life isn't that bad.

tamobhuuta 09-12-2023 03:25 PM


I've got my hot water bottle strapped on. I don't know if I should watch a Christmas film or Campus...

tamobhuuta 09-12-2023 03:28 PM

Campus unavailable. Christmas film it is!

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 04:32 PM

Hey everyone! Went out with L for a few hours, back now. Booo!

one_step_closer 09-12-2023 04:50 PM

What stickers did you get, Dawn?

What Christmas film did you choose, Tamo?

I'm glad you got out for a bit, Beckie. What did you get up to?

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 05:12 PM

Went to Costa, got some stuff from the big tesco and then Starbucks!
Then just chilled in the car for a bit because we couldn't think what else to do XD

how are you?

tamobhuuta 09-12-2023 05:21 PM

I'm glad you got some time away from the ward Cacoethes.

The film is called A Pastry Shop Christmas. It's one of 5's really cheesy ones.

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 06:19 PM


Is it one of those ones where you know exactly what's going to happen?

tamobhuuta 09-12-2023 06:49 PM

Yep. It was very cheesy, a good distraction.

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 06:53 PM


I'm watching jodie whittakers dr who

tamobhuuta 09-12-2023 06:54 PM

What do you think of her?

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 07:05 PM

I like her!

tamobhuuta 09-12-2023 07:08 PM

I really hated her, glad you're enjoying it!

one_step_closer 09-12-2023 07:15 PM

Sounds like a good time out, Beckie. Hope you have a peaceful evening and night.

I am a bah humbug and hate Christmas films! But I'm not really a film person in general anyway.

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 07:23 PM

Thanks tamo!

I hope so too lindsay! Should do

I'm not a massive fan of Christmas films either
There are 2 or 3 acceptable ones

one_step_closer 09-12-2023 07:29 PM

What are your acceptable ones? Home Alone is ok.

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 07:45 PM

Muppets Christmas carol (I know you don't like that one!)
And the grinch

long road 09-12-2023 08:16 PM

I am not a big Christmas Film person. But sometimes I am really in the mood for one usually on a lazy afternoon a week or two before Christmas.

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 08:19 PM

Any favourites jen?

not_so_insig 09-12-2023 08:47 PM

Hello all.

Lindsay they were butterfly stickers. I put a sticker in my diary every day I am SI free and each sheet lasts about a month. So I bought enough to last me the whole of next year (the site I bought from qualified me for free postage) year as my new diary is a 16 month one.

one_step_closer 09-12-2023 08:54 PM

How did you remember I don't like the Muppets Christmas Carol?!

That's nice, Dawn. Do you prefer to keep track? I used to keep track but don't any more.

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 09:00 PM

It came up on my fb memories. Today actually! Spooky!

tamobhuuta 09-12-2023 09:14 PM

Listening to music, waiting for meds. Tum ti tum.

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 09:16 PM

They don't do meds until late here. It's annoying.
I may try my asking for paracetamol trick

Ahimsa 09-12-2023 09:16 PM

Good evening all.

Distraction please tonight, it's my work Christmas do and I'm not going, because a) anxiety, b) there is nothing at all Beth-friendly on the set menu, and c) it'll cost a minimum of ?50 in taxis - but I'm seeing all the photos on insta and it's making me feel lonely as I put up my Christmas tree I know no one but me will see.

tamobhuuta 09-12-2023 09:17 PM

I could try that, I do actually need paracetamol!

Cacoethes 09-12-2023 09:38 PM

Hey beth!
Sorry you're feeling rubbish. It does sound like it was the right choice not to go
Think everyone gets a bit of FOMO

Same. But the nurse is being annoying about it :plain:

Ahimsa 09-12-2023 09:42 PM

It's not even FOMO because I know I wouldn't cope - I just wish I was "normal" and could go, you know? And had the option?

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