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[Luna] 05-05-2017 10:25 AM

Morning guys.
I'm at the hospital. I'm having a small op in a couple of hours.
The room is so posh.
What are you up to today?

Shy_Bambi 05-05-2017 11:10 AM

Good morning everyone!

My mum is dragging me out for the day to Bluewater noooooooo

I hope your operation goes well Luna!!

not_so_insig 05-05-2017 11:18 AM

Hi everyone.

Shy_Bambi 05-05-2017 11:19 AM

Good morning Dawn! How are you today?

not_so_insig 05-05-2017 11:21 AM

I am fine. You up to much today Rebecca?

Shy_Bambi 05-05-2017 11:28 AM

That's good to hear
My mum is dragging me to Bluewater soon because I've been in my room for the past week. She says going out is good for you but I really want to stay in my room. I hope it doesn't rain! It's very cloudy here.

Shy_Bambi 05-05-2017 11:42 AM

I'm leaving now, bye everyone!!

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 01:18 PM

Hope it goes ok Luna!

Hope it's not too horrific Rebecca!

I had zumba and then went on the Wii fit because I was feeling energised!
Chilling out now with criminal minds and a sandwich!

Sketchy 05-05-2017 05:14 PM

Hi everyone.

I've just been for a walk in the sun. Get to wear my sun glasses. It's so nice here just now. I think we've to have good weather through to next week. Such a rarity in Scotland. I'm now enjoying an iced caramel latte.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 05:25 PM

Hey Lorraine :)
Sounds like you've had a good day!

It's been sunny today! Quite windy though but it's warm out of the wind.

Sketchy 05-05-2017 05:28 PM

You been up to much Beckie? My autocorrect keeps suggesting beckington when I type your name after calling you that a while ago.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 05:32 PM


I had zumba this morning, then went to asda then did a workout on the Wii fit.
Been looking at more exercise classes to go to! There are lots available at the gym.
Now watching criminal minds again!

Sketchy 05-05-2017 05:36 PM

Sounds like a busy day. I hope you find fun classes to go to. You are doing really well with your classes.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 05:38 PM

Thanks :)
I used to hate exercise but since doing the classes I realised I actually love it, I just had to find the right type!

Sketchy 05-05-2017 05:39 PM

I'm too anxious to go to classes, but I am trying to walk more.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 05:46 PM

I still get a bit anxious going but I enjoy it once I'm there!
Walking more is great exercise :)

Sketchy 05-05-2017 05:50 PM

I'm going for another walk on Sunday with my sister. I'm going to talk her into going into the park to see the ducks, fish and reptile house.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 05:51 PM

That sounds cool!

If the weather is nice tomorrow, I'm going to go exploring!

Sketchy 05-05-2017 05:53 PM

Good plan. We've to have good weather tomorrow so I'll try go out for a bit too.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 05:55 PM

The weather forecast for tomorrow say rain here :/
Hopefully it's wrong!
I still have the Wii fit if it is raining though

Sketchy 05-05-2017 05:59 PM

Is the Wii fit fun?

I want to sit in the communal back garden, but I'm scared of my neighbours dog. It barks at everybody and thinks we are all intruders for walking in the stairway. It's also massive.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 06:01 PM

I enjoy it!

That doesn't sound good. Dogs can be scary!

Sketchy 05-05-2017 06:03 PM

I'm terrified of all dogs.

not_so_insig 05-05-2017 06:13 PM

I am ok with the next doors neighbours dog but I feel uneasy with the upstairs neighbours dogs. One jumps up at you which makes me feel uneasy. Another neighbours dog got into my flat and chased my cat once. Fortunately I discovered he was ok with dogs so he wasn't scared. But I have a cat who hates dogs. What annoys me is that they let the dogs out to the toilet in the communal area which according to the tenancy agreement they aren't supposed to do.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 06:13 PM

I love dogs but I can see how someone would be scared of them.

Sketchy 05-05-2017 06:17 PM

I hope they clear it up Dawn. My neighbour doesn't let the dog do it's business in the back.

Now that I'm out I can't be bothered going home. I hide in the flat too much. I might get another coffee and get my sketchbook out.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 06:19 PM

Sounds like a good plan Lorraine!

not_so_insig 05-05-2017 06:19 PM

Yes they clear it up but it's in front of my windows which sometimes set off my paranoia.

Sketchy 05-05-2017 06:21 PM

That must be upsetting Dawn.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 06:40 PM

That doesn't sound good.

Voldemort 05-05-2017 07:21 PM

Evening all.

Buttons. 05-05-2017 07:27 PM

Evening :)

Sketchy 05-05-2017 07:30 PM

Evening Katy and Amy. What are you guys up to?

I ended up just going home. Having a lay down because I'm so warm.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 07:31 PM

Hi Katy and Amy!
How are you both?

I've just got out of the shower.

Voldemort 05-05-2017 07:34 PM

How are you all?

I'm watching America's next top model at the moment. I kind of want a shower but effort.

Sketchy 05-05-2017 07:35 PM

I bumped into the most gorgeous ginger cat on my way home who let me pat her. Made me happy.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 07:36 PM

I didn't peg you for a next top model fan Amy!

Any day where you pet a cat is a good day!

Sketchy 05-05-2017 07:50 PM

I heartily agree. Cats are awesome.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 07:59 PM

They are indeed!

I bought some alpen light bars today. I just tried a banoffee one. It was rather nice!
Tasted more of banana that toffee but still good!
I also have chocolate fudge ones which I'm looking forward to trying!
They have loads of choices!

Sketchy 05-05-2017 08:04 PM

I quite like alpen bars. Haven't had one in ages.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 08:11 PM

I only picked them up by chance. They're in the cereal aisle at asda and I very rarely go down there but I needed sweetener.
I would have thought they would have been in the same aisle as the fibre one bars and breakfast biscuits and stuff.

Sketchy 05-05-2017 08:14 PM

I have mixed nuts and mango to snack on.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 08:20 PM

Oooo yum! I love mango!

not_so_insig 05-05-2017 08:22 PM

I have nothing to snack on.

Sketchy 05-05-2017 08:25 PM

Poor Dawn. I would happily share my snacks with you.

I think I'll watch something on Netflix and curl up on my bed.

not_so_insig 05-05-2017 08:27 PM

It's ok I am feeling full and I will have something later.

Cacoethes 05-05-2017 08:27 PM

Sounds like a plan.
I'm waiting for Have I Got News For You to come on. Love that show!

Sketchy 05-05-2017 08:28 PM

I rarely watch it, but I should because it's a good show.

Buttons. 05-05-2017 08:28 PM

I'm stretched out on sofa watching Friends trying hard to distract after bit of a stressful day. I love Chandler <3

Buttons. 05-05-2017 08:28 PM

Oooh Beckie what time is it on?

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