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not_so_insig 07-03-2023 01:23 PM

Afternoon all. I have cpn and parents coming today. Not sure when cpn is coming because silly me forgot to write it down.

Cacoethes 07-03-2023 01:27 PM

Hopefully it will last a while!
I get through a lot because they don't just eat it, they sleep and play in it too!

I'm not doing a lot.
Had gym this morning and got glow beatz later. Need to go to asda/poundland at some point. I'm just really tired.

How are you?

one_step_closer 07-03-2023 01:37 PM

Can you phone and see when your CPN is coming, Dawn? I hope your parents and CPN don't arrive at the same time! I hope everything goes well with both.

Is there a human version of something we eat, sleep, and play in? :laugh:

Do you need to do all those things if you're tired?

I'm not doing too good. Couldn't go to the gym group but should have forced myself.

Cacoethes 07-03-2023 01:50 PM

I mean, a bed could probably cover all those!
Though i would never eat in bed.

Yeah i do unfortunately.

Sorry you're not feeling great.
It's ok to miss things if you aren't up to it

Zurg 07-03-2023 01:50 PM

No need to beat yourself up, Lindsay. It's okay, really. You'll get there next time :)

I am thinking of buying hay in bulk too, Beckie. But i don't really have room to store it. Not too keen on keeping it in my basement storage room due to the massive interest from mice to find their Way in and set up Camp in our basement…. I'm not scared of mice but i Think i'd quickly become quite unpopular if someone found out i kept mice nesting material in vast amounts in the basement :P

I hope you have found out when your cpn is coming, Dawn. I sometimes text my support worker if i've forgotten. It feels rather stressful to expect people but not knowing when they'll show up….

The blizzard is a huge disappointment. It's just normal snow here. Boo!!! :(

not_so_insig 07-03-2023 02:09 PM

I think my cpn is coming at either 2 or 3. The cmht are useless so it's pointless phoning them. Half the bloody time nobody answers the phones. Last Thursday they didn't have anyone at reception let alone manning the phones in the building. I dont have cpn mobile phone number. My cmht has 1 star reviews on the Internet.

Cacoethes 07-03-2023 02:11 PM

My house is very small, but I have a spacious under stairs cupboard luckily!
So I keep one box in there and the other 2 are just in my bedroom.

Ah yes. Mice and rats would love a big box of hay to nestle in!

My weather app was warning of extreme weather yesterday and today but it's just normal UK weather! Grey and cold.

not_so_insig 07-03-2023 02:15 PM

It's bright and sunny here. Not ventured outside yet however and my cat is currently sitting on me. You can't disturb a cat as it's the law.

tamobhuuta 07-03-2023 02:24 PM

I had a GP appointment, just a review. He's waiting to hear from neurologist, CMHT and hospital, but he says my heart is OK.

I also signed up at the library and got a couple of books out.

Normal snow is better than a blizzard, right Zurg?

one_step_closer 07-03-2023 03:28 PM

But you wouldn't eat your bed though, Beckie. How are you getting on with the things you have to do? I hope you feel less tired soon.

Snow is ok if you don't need to be out in it if it's wild. I don't mind snow though. Just really cold and a bit sunny here.

That sounds like a productive GP appointment, Tamo. I'm glad your heart is ok. Yay for getting a library card! What books did you get? I don't go to the library much because the library assistants know me and I don't want anyone to talk to me. I've got books at home and buy more sometimes but I do want to go to the library to stop having to buy so many books.

Cacoethes 07-03-2023 03:38 PM

I wouldn't personally!
Some people with PICA do though.
There's a woman that has eaten several sofas in her lifetime.

I've been to asda and poundland. Still very tired though

I used to go to the library to use the printers sometimes.
But it's being refurbished now and won't be open again until later in the year

not_so_insig 07-03-2023 03:40 PM

My cpn hasn't turned up so it must be 3 pm the appointment. Must write the appointment times down in future. Fortunately I havent got to go anywhere today.

tamobhuuta 07-03-2023 03:54 PM

I got 2 by Ben Okri. I wanted Richard Osman's third but they didn't have it. Now my concentration is better I don't want to spend all my money on books! I hope your CPN is on time insig.

Well done for going to the shops Cacoethes.

Also, my library card has the Gruffalo on it. Win.

Cacoethes 07-03-2023 04:50 PM

I'm lucky i don't live far from town so didn't take long

That's awesome. My library card is boring

one_step_closer 07-03-2023 05:35 PM

Do you have Glow Beatz later on, Beckie?

I hope your CPN has been and it went well, Dawn.

Cool library card. Mine is just different shades of blue. Does your library do inter-library loans where you can go on to the general library website and reserve the books you want and they'll bring them from other libraries to yours?

Enjoy your books! They are my favourite place to hide.

tamobhuuta 07-03-2023 05:36 PM

I think so yes, within the county.

one_step_closer 07-03-2023 05:38 PM

Maybe another library would have the other book you wanted.

Cacoethes 07-03-2023 05:47 PM

Yep I do lindsay
At 7:30

not_so_insig 07-03-2023 05:49 PM

My cpn has been. It went ok. Did a lot of talking.

one_step_closer 07-03-2023 06:09 PM

Are you feeling ok to go, Beckie?

That's good, Dawn. Did you write down when your next appointment is?

Cacoethes 07-03-2023 06:12 PM

Kind of. I'm really tired.

Should probably do dinner

not_so_insig 07-03-2023 07:19 PM

Yes I wrote down the time. The problem wasn't the date but the time before Lindsay.

one_step_closer 07-03-2023 07:35 PM

Have some dinner and see how you feel, Beckie. It's ok to rest if you're tired.

That's good, Dawn. I always put reminders in my phone and then write them on my 2 calendars.

Cacoethes 07-03-2023 07:37 PM

I'm tired 100% of the time. Lol.
I cannot rest 100% of the time unfortunately. I could probably rest more than I do, but that's a whole thing.

I put everything in my phone.

one_step_closer 07-03-2023 07:39 PM

Has anyone looked into why you're tired all the time?

Phones are good because you can put reminders in them at the time someone tells you an appointment date and time etc instead of having to remember off the top of your head or bring a diary or something.

Cacoethes 07-03-2023 07:43 PM

Yeah. Blood tests are all fine so that was that.

Indeed. I need to be able to double check what I'm doing all the time. Because I'm rarely aware of what day it is

Elmer 08-03-2023 07:28 AM

It's snowing!!!!

Cacoethes 08-03-2023 09:46 AM

It is indeed!
Tbh, my reaction was more 'ffs, snow'.
I don't mind it too much as long as it doesn't make the paths all icy!
And also doesn't interefere with trains, because I'm meant to be meeting my brother for lunch.

Zurg 08-03-2023 09:56 AM

Hi Elmer and Beckie :)

How are you both today???

I was up at 7 am. This is the first time in the entire autumn/winter season i have done that without having something important to get up for. So my male zebra finch decided to punish me by having a screamy day. And Findus decides today is a day for bunny shenanigans and spends an awful lot of time tearing my carpet to shreds and making an ungodly amount of noise. I put on headphones. I can't deal with them today, i'm too tired :|

Cacoethes 08-03-2023 10:21 AM

I'm alive. Just about XD

Does findus ever have a day with NO bunny shenanigans??
I think a nap may be in order for you today!

tamobhuuta 08-03-2023 11:08 AM

We had snow too!

I was all prepped to do laundry today but we're getting a new machine so it's not available.

Cacoethes 08-03-2023 11:13 AM

Its pretty much stopped now.

I was considering doing laundry today but decided not to

Elmer 08-03-2023 11:37 AM

Snow is cold and wet and dangerous and this country simply cannot cope, but it still delights me every time. It's gone now.

Zurg I didn't realise what a collection of animals you have!

Cacoethes 08-03-2023 11:43 AM

It's gone to kind of half rain/half snow now.

Zurg has a zoo!

Zurg 08-03-2023 11:55 AM

Lol, when i was Living in supported housing they other residents had a running joke about me getting rich if i started charging a fee for entrance into my flat/zoo :P
I was pretty crazy back then already.
Sometimes my friends ask me if it isn't about time i go out and meet a nice guy to which i reply “why??? I have pets!!!”

Cacoethes 08-03-2023 12:14 PM

Pets are better than a relationship, 100%

tamobhuuta 08-03-2023 12:26 PM

Cat over man any day.

I think it's snowing again here, but it might be rain, not sure...

Cacoethes 08-03-2023 12:28 PM

My guinea pigs are the only men I need in my life XD

I'm not sure what it's doing now. Possibly rain.

My brother is getting here at about 1pm. Actually really looking forward to it. Despite him living pretty close, we only see each other at Christmas and the occasional birthday. Think I saw him a grand total of 3 times last year XD

one_step_closer 08-03-2023 12:57 PM

Hi everyone. No snow here, just sunny and cold.

I hope you have a lovely time with your brother, Beckie. Are you still able to not be awkward since you don't see him much?

I agree with everyone that pets are better than relationships.

I hope your zoo will calm down a bit and give you peace but also Findus cuddles if you need them, Kat.

Cacoethes 08-03-2023 01:08 PM

Yeah. We were always really close growing up, being only about 18 months apart in age. And all my siblings are just easy going and easy to get on with in general. Social butterfly type people!

Have you got much on today lindsay?

tamobhuuta 08-03-2023 02:21 PM

Hope you're having fun Cacoethes.

How are you osc?

not_so_insig 08-03-2023 02:32 PM

Afternoon all. It's snowing here atm. I am glad I don't have a dog. Though it's ryl bin night tonight so I have to go out in it. Might put my recycling out now whilst the snow is relatively light and it's not dark.

not_so_insig 08-03-2023 02:54 PM

Went and put out all my recycling whilst the snow is relatively light in the end. Paths were covered in snow.

tamobhuuta 08-03-2023 03:56 PM

We had maybe an inch? You could see the foxes' footprints on the lawn.

not_so_insig 08-03-2023 04:23 PM

I am glad that I didn't go swimming today. Too blooming cold.

tamobhuuta 08-03-2023 05:04 PM

Very cold! What have you been up to instead?

not_so_insig 08-03-2023 05:48 PM

Sitting here in pain and washing my bedding.

one_step_closer 08-03-2023 06:03 PM

It feels weird to me that there's not been any snow here. Although I did see a photo of a snowy Aberdeen. I've just been doing my usual bits of housework and trying to read and other small things.

What have you been up to, Tamo?

Have you taken painkillers or done anything else to ease your pain, Dawn? You need to wash your bedding on Sunday because that's RYL bedding change day. (me and Beckie).

Zurg 08-03-2023 06:12 PM

I love how we attempt to allign and do certain chores on the same day(s) :D

Findus has been a wee naughty cuddlebug today. He has had much fun attacking my feet and digging into my trousers because he's happy and wants attention. He is so cute, even when feisty, that i am compelled to forgive him right away and snuggle his fluffy butt <3

My befriender was here this afternoon. We've had a loooong break because she was busy with School and i was a depressed mess but we're giving it another go again :)

not_so_insig 08-03-2023 06:18 PM

I have had chocolate biscuits and a hot chocolate Lindsay. Also sat underneath my heated throw. Might break out the box of chocolates later. My bedding needed washing though I only done the bottom sheet and pillowcases. Havent got the energy to do the duvet cover.

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