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Cacoethes 17-01-2023 10:15 PM

Ok I've done a bit of reading and it seems that no one really knows! But possibly because of the loaf tin and possibly also because it rises. Just doesn't use yeast, it uses baking powder.
But yeah. No solid answer! I read a few articles!

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 10:25 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 18-01-2023 01:29 PM

Afternoon :) I'm back on the ward, leave went well. How are you?

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 02:55 PM

Glad leave went well!

I'm ok thanks!

one_step_closer 18-01-2023 03:20 PM

Afternoon everyone.

I'm really pleased to hear your leave went well, Tamo. :-)

What's everyone been up to today?

I got up late-ish but trying to be ok about it because I had to be up early for me the past two days.

RYL bin night!

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 03:56 PM

All I've done today so far is double pilates and asda.
Glow beatz later.

I think it's more than ok to have a lie in if you've been up earlier the last couple of days!

Yes it is! Oddly, my bin is not as full as it normally is!

not_so_insig 18-01-2023 04:29 PM

Afternoon all. It is icy here. Slipped once moving my wheelie bin. Thankfully didn't fall over. Am waiting for evri and amazon.

one_step_closer 18-01-2023 05:59 PM

Did they do a two week in a row emptying of that bin over the holidays? I had way less in my general waste bin the past couple of times. It's my paper/cardboard and food/garden waste bins that go out today. I've not put my food/garden bin out because there's only one bag in it.

I hope you enjoy Glow beatz (which autocorrect changed to bear). Do you have any glowing bears at Glow beatz?

It's icy here too, Dawn. I'm glad you didn't fall. When are your deliveries supposed to be coming? How are you always buying things? You must need/want lots. Just asking because I can never find anything to buy!

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 06:09 PM

Actually, i think it might be recycling tomorrow!
I don't know why that didn't occur to me.
My brain has been super weird lately

No glowing bears! That would be cool though

I slipped on some ice in town yesterday

not_so_insig 18-01-2023 06:11 PM

My evri delivery was an ipod classic case. Still haven't had my amazon delivery but tbh I wouldn't be surprised if they cancel due to the state of the roads. The buses aren't going through the village.

I might not be able to get to the hearing voices group tomorrow as it's due to snow tonight and I can't get home if the buses stop running. That's even if it’s safe to get outside due to the sheer ice.

one_step_closer 18-01-2023 06:14 PM

I always check online what bin(s) are due out. Sometimes I check multiple times just to be sure!

Ice is scary.

I hope things aren't too disrupted for you, Dawn.

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 06:33 PM

My neighbour puts my bins out so I don't get involved in all that XD

When we had all the snow/ice it was taking me forever to walk anywhere! Really quite annoying when you have stuff to do!

long road 18-01-2023 07:15 PM

Clearly the answer is cross country skis..

nonperson 18-01-2023 07:16 PM

Evening everyone.

I'm still upset about being kicked out of the RYL bin night club... =(

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 07:24 PM

Yes Jen, that won't make me look mental at all XD

We all need to petition np's local council to change her bin day back to Thursday!!!

nonperson 18-01-2023 07:27 PM

Haha, I didn't see Jen's ninja post. I'm sure I've seen people using them round here.... We get people using those walking /ski sticks all the time even though the ground is flat and they're usually walking on tarmac paths...

Yes you do! Bastard council. They don't realise what hurt they've caused. *sob*

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 07:30 PM

I had to battle through a group of old people with those hiking stick things. Normal sized path, they were all walking three in a row and were too busy chatting to realise i was there. I just stopped dead and glared at them until they went around me XD

What day do you have it on now?

nonperson 18-01-2023 07:34 PM

Monday. Which in theory should be a good day because it means I have the whole weekend to organise myself to do it but every Monday morning I go through my gate and see my neighbours bins out and curse myself for forgetting and not having enough time to do it as I'm always running late for work =P

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 07:36 PM

But then you also have the whole weekend to forget about it! And EVERYONE feels off on a monday morning!

long road 18-01-2023 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4340537)
Yes Jen, that won't make me look mental at all XD

.... No comment


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4340539)
Haha, I didn't see Jen's ninja post. I'm sure I've seen people using them round here.... We get people using those walking /ski sticks all the time even though the ground is flat and they're usually walking on tarmac paths...

To be fair they do have suspension which is fun,and my old one could have a cap and be animal stick or a point that could help with grip on ice. But I had it because I used to hike a lot.

I now use a snazzy yellow cane because woo disability!

long road 18-01-2023 07:44 PM

My bin day is Friday. But since us and next door both fenced in our garden the only way to get bins to bin store is up concrete steps so everyone just abandons the flats bins at the back of the storage sheds which means they are always out.

nonperson 18-01-2023 07:46 PM

I just don't like going outside my house on weekends. I'm more likely to do it when I get home from work. Maybe I should do it on Fridays then I'd look super organised!

A snazzy yellow cane is at least fit for purpose and used it the correct setting.

I know the walking stick things have a purpose - just not round here.

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 07:47 PM


I'm lucky that my house is right on the road. So when I'm bringing the bins in, it's literally like 4 steps XD
And even when i physically see the bin men emptying the bins, I still have to do a quick check before bringing them in. Why? Just why?!

nonperson 18-01-2023 07:47 PM

I have to bump my bins up steps too!

nonperson 18-01-2023 07:48 PM

I don't have a road.

Haha yes I do that too. Lift the lid to see if they did it although it's not where I left it.

nonperson 18-01-2023 07:56 PM

Enough bin talk. How's everyone this evening?

long road 18-01-2023 07:59 PM

Not great. But I have a blanket on the sofa a while I watch mindless TV and partner is making roast dinner.

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 08:00 PM

We humans are so odd!

I'm ok. About to head off to glow beatz.
Not particularly thrilled about leaving my nice warm house tbh.
But it's only 2 outside. Was -2 last night!

Also. Not a good idea to be watching the walking dead while eating spaghetti with red coloured sauce. Vom.

nonperson 18-01-2023 08:01 PM

Eh I'm sorry to hear that. What's your mindless tv of choice? Roast dinner sounds good though. Warming and wholesome for this weather (unless you're not in the UK and not hating these minus temps)

nonperson 18-01-2023 08:03 PM

I'm ruining the flow of this thread tonight.

Nooo, don't go outside, Beckie!

long road 18-01-2023 08:10 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4340557)
I'm ruining the flow of this thread tonight.

That or Beckie and I are ninjas! QK

I keep switching shows at the moment can't find what I feel like. Was watching a travel you tube video, now rewatching amazing hotels:inside the lobby.

I am in the southwest UK so it is chilly but not as bad as a lot of the rest of the country I think was -2 last night. Partner is making roast dinner as it was only thing I really fancied from what was in the fridge and we are having chicken breast wrapped in bacon not a whole joint.

nonperson 18-01-2023 08:18 PM

Let's blame Beckie.

I don't know any of those shows! Or... is that hotel thing the one with that semi posh sounding and very famous English actor who I can't remember the name of... Richard someone?? ...who did a programme about the Caesar hotel in Las Vegas?

I heard there was snow in Cornwall recently =o

Anything wrapped in bacon is glorious.

long road 18-01-2023 08:24 PM

Yes Beckie isn't here it's the perfect time to blaime her!

There is a posh person his name is Giles Coren.Its on BBC but last series is a year old. To be fair I didn't actually name the you tube channel. I watch a lot of travel stuff as escapism because I can't really travel right now.

There might be snow on the moors but not round me. Hasn't snowed here since the beast from the east in February 2018.

nonperson 18-01-2023 08:34 PM

I;d blame her even if she was here >=P

Oh that's not the same show I'm thinking of then. Travel shows can be nice to see what's out there that you didn't even realise.

Oh wow, probably for the best, Snow is just disruptive generally.

long road 18-01-2023 08:42 PM

There are a lot of travel shows out there!

Well technically it has snowed since then but never more than icing sugar kind of level. I kind of miss it I grew up in an area where a minimum of twice a winter it would snow so much the school bus couldn't make it to our village. And it snowed a fair amount on general. I really enjoyed sledging. .

Mind you now my mobility isn't so good, snow would probably mean I couldn't go out. And snow is always better as a kid as an adult it's more disruptive and inconvenient. In 2018 my pipes froze and I had to sleep on a famuly member's sofa and work from their dining table

nonperson 18-01-2023 08:46 PM

Icing sugar snow still counts. =)

You could get someone to pull you around on a sledge?

I agree though, snow isn't so fun as an adult. Like most things. =P

long road 18-01-2023 09:09 PM

Dinner was tasty had ALL the roast parsnips Om nom nom.

I don't really count it as proper snow unless it's an inch or so. You need about that much to make a snowball.

Sledge pulling could be fun, I could pretend they were huskies and shout mush mush! XD

I am meant to be playing on a tabletop role playing game tonight online where our party is exploring an ancient ruin. But I feel too sad to do anything really.

not_so_insig 18-01-2023 09:40 PM

My amazon order eventually arrived at 7.50 pm! It was spare ear bud rubbers as I had a pair of wireless headphones that was missing an ear bud rubber. Just spent half an hour trying to get the darn thing on. Eventually managed it and had to test it out.

Ah yes the ryl bin day. I have more recycling to put out but considering how slippy it was at 4 pm I have decided not to risk it. Anything will just have to wait until the bin men come tomorrow.

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 09:57 PM

I get back, log on and the first thing I read is 'let's blame beckie'
The absolute audacity!
I think I'm a very blameable person though. Because I've experienced it both at work and in hospital where someone nowhere near me will drop something and go 'beckie!'
I have accepted my role in society.

Was quite slippy on the way to glow beatz! But everything is sparkly which is pretty cool!

long road 18-01-2023 10:01 PM

Must be good to have two earbuds again Dawn. Much nicer to immerse yourself in the music.

Wasn't me it, well it was but it was np who started it... :P

Yay sparkles!like unicorns but icy glow beats sounds fun exercise class. Much less boring than cycling on a machine or whatever

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 10:08 PM

Don't worry, I know np is the bad influence here :tongue2:

I can't stand stationary cycling or treadmills! So boring!

long road 18-01-2023 10:28 PM

I need some kind of group thing to get any enjoyment out of exercise something that means I partly forget I am exercising like hockey or a fun class. Used to play a pick up game of hockey every Monday before Covid and becoming disabled. I tried running on my own and it was just soul destroyingly boring and pointless. Running to get the ball is different to just running Walking worked though because I used it to get places or explore new places or enjoy nature or chat with someone.

not_so_insig 18-01-2023 10:42 PM

Yes, it was good to have a decent set of headphones again, Jen.

I have showered plus washed and dried my hair. Considering making myself a drink. It's cold here. Purely medicinal, of course.

Cacoethes 18-01-2023 10:55 PM

Me too!
I hated hockey at school though. I think maybe because we only played it in winter so i associate it with being freezing!
Much preferred netball.
I'm not a fan of running either. And i can't go for walks just for the sake of going for walks. I have to be going somewhere!

long road 18-01-2023 11:36 PM

Hockey is the only sport I actually enjoyed at school I was on the team and everything! Although I didn't run too much back then as I was the goalie. Hockey is freezing in the winter but I was enjoying just playing for fun.

I spent most of my teenage years hiking up mountains etc. In the scouts so as long as there is good scenery I would happily walk just to walk. Although at the moment it more stumble between benches along the seafront.

long road 18-01-2023 11:38 PM

Hot drinks are needed in this weather Dawn! I decided it was too late for coffee but have made myself a cup of biscuit tea

Cacoethes 19-01-2023 08:38 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 19-01-2023 10:20 AM

Morning Beckie :)
How are you??

As a side note, does anyone fancy going back to bed as much as i do….??? Mmmmm, sleep :D

Cacoethes 19-01-2023 10:27 AM

I'm ok thanks!
Played chicken with a kid on a scooter on the way to pilates this morning. He was very obviously heading straight towards me on the very side of the path. Usually I'd move over but it was obvious he was doing it on purpose. So i refused to move. He chickened out and made a noise as he went past. Lol. Clearly i woke up and chose pettiness this morning XD

Nah i was actually ok getting out of bed this morning!
Taking my meds on time last night probably helped

tamobhuuta 19-01-2023 11:23 AM

I had to get up for a phone call, really want to go back to bed. Maybe just a little lie down...

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