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tamobhuuta 03-01-2023 12:16 PM

I'm ok too. Dad just visited but the coffee he made me at home, the milk tasted off, so I made myself tea. I hadn't seen him in a while so it was really nice.

Do you have any plans for today? I might have ward rounds.

Cacoethes 03-01-2023 12:21 PM

That's nice. Shame about the coffee though!

I had the gym this morning, pilates and glow beatz later. Also need to spot clean the boy's cage, go to asda and go to pharmacy. And shower tonight.

tamobhuuta 03-01-2023 12:56 PM

Busy day then.

I bought myself a really pretty dress and I'm wearing it today but it's all covered up by a jumper and oodie!

Cacoethes 03-01-2023 01:51 PM

Yeah pretty busy!

You must be cold!
It is quite cold today. I never put the heating on in the morning but I did today!

tamobhuuta 03-01-2023 03:05 PM

A chilly day all round.

I've got more home leave!

one_step_closer 03-01-2023 03:27 PM

Hi everyone.

Yay for more home leave! I hope you enjoy it and can stay safe, Tamo.

I hope you're getting through your busy day ok, Beckie.

tamobhuuta 03-01-2023 03:41 PM

How are you osc?

one_step_closer 03-01-2023 03:44 PM

Disappointed with my getting out of bed time. Need to sort myself out but I don't know how.

Do you have any more visits today?

Cacoethes 03-01-2023 04:02 PM

That's great tamo!

Yeah I've just been chilling for the past few hours. So even though it's a busy day, I don't feel very busy right now if that makes sense!

I wish I knew what to suggest lindsay. Well done for continuing to try though!

not_so_insig 03-01-2023 04:02 PM

I have had tesco and put everything away. Annoyingly one of my light bulbs has blown so I will have to change it. It involves a step ladder as it's too high otherwise.

not_so_insig 03-01-2023 04:13 PM

Luckily for me to the bulb was just loose. When I touched it it started working. Which is easier than changing the lightbulb.

one_step_closer 03-01-2023 05:37 PM

Maybe you have a magical finger, Dawn! Best test it out.

It's good that you have some time to chill as well as doing stuff, Beckie.

Cacoethes 03-01-2023 07:05 PM

Yep! Gotta have time to chill! I'm not that good at resting though tbh lol

Pi.R^2 03-01-2023 07:48 PM

Sending restful vibes to Beckie! You should start watching Doctors; excellent way to chill out :P

Happy evening everyone :)

Zurg 03-01-2023 08:20 PM

Happy evening to you too, Jenna :)

Beckie never rests!!! No more abilify for that lady!!

I'm tired. Need to get up early tomorrow. It's going to rain. The weather people say it's almost going to be the mother of all rainy days tomorrow. And i need to venture out in it. I have decided i already hate the day tomorrow >:(

tamobhuuta 03-01-2023 08:21 PM

I just had dinner, L made me a yum cheese omelette. Got to go back to the ward soon.

Zurg 03-01-2023 08:49 PM

That sounds delish, Tamo :)
Do you feel okay with having to go back??

tamobhuuta 03-01-2023 09:57 PM

Not great but I am ok.

Cacoethes 03-01-2023 10:12 PM

I have watched doctors before and I wasn't overly impressed!
Plus I have the attention span of a gnat with adhd

Been raining all day here.
No rain forecast for tomorrow but it's apparently meant to be windy.

Mmm cheese omelette!
I can't make omelettes. I have tried but it always ends up as scrambled eggs

tamobhuuta 03-01-2023 10:14 PM

Weird thing is, I love a good omelette but I hate scrambled eggs.

Cacoethes 03-01-2023 10:22 PM

Oddly enough, they seem waaaay more different to each other than they should!

Ugh I want an omelette now! Or scrambled eggs. Sadly, eggs are expensive! Did actually look at them today and there weren't even many boxes there!

Zurg 04-01-2023 08:12 AM

Morning all :)

Beckie, you can make an omelette in the oven. That makes it a bit easier to handle :D

Cacoethes 04-01-2023 09:54 AM

Morning zurg!

Oohh thank you!
I'll have to give that a go!

Pippin was chirping last night, apparently a very rare noise in GPs, and this morning Merry looked like he was coughing for a few seconds?
They do like to worry me! They're both fine though and ate their breakfast in record time! XD

Zurg 04-01-2023 10:21 AM

Awww, Guinea pigs can make the cutest noises <3
Right now mr. Naughtypants is attempting to tear my carpet under the couch to shreds. Even though he is still ill, he can't possibly stop his reign of destruction!! XD

I went to the gp for blood samples. Poor young lady who did them had some faulty glasses for the samples. Blood flowed everyhwere and nothing wanted to work. Typical wednesday morning, i believe!!! Thank goodness i don't have her job.

Cacoethes 04-01-2023 10:26 AM

They do!

He seems hell bent on destruction!
Master of chaos!

Oh nooo!
Did she manage to get them done in the end?

Zurg 04-01-2023 11:39 AM

I should have probably named him Master Disaster as i had thought about prior to getting him XD

Yeah, she Got the samples she needed. But she had to use both of my arms. Still, she was Way better than my old gp and some of the trainee gp's i've had ;)

What are you up to today???

tamobhuuta 04-01-2023 11:45 AM

I'm glad your blood samples got done Zurg!
I'm also glad your little piggies seem OK Cacoethes.

I'm really looking forward to watching last night's Waterloo Road later!

Cacoethes 04-01-2023 11:59 AM


That's good.
I only have one good spot for a vein. If that goes then I'm screwed!

I only have pilates and glow beatz.
And the laundry. Also an amazon delivery at some point.

Oooh is waterloo road back? Used to like that!

tamobhuuta 04-01-2023 02:45 PM

Yup, it's back! Tuesdays but I don't know what time.

not_so_insig 04-01-2023 03:05 PM

It's a bbc programme Beckie and you don't watch the BBC.

tamobhuuta 04-01-2023 03:37 PM

Why don't you watch the BBC?

Cacoethes 04-01-2023 03:57 PM

They got me sectioned once.
I have slightly eased off on the bbc thing so I do allow myself to watch it now! Not that i really watch it much anyway!

one_step_closer 04-01-2023 05:21 PM

Hi everyone.

You're an anxious Mum, Beckie. Need to chill a bit! How is your busy day going?

Such a naughty bunny, Kat. Although Crookshanks does tend to scratch things and he's made a right mess of a bit at the top of my stairs that he climbs up. I'm glad you eventually got your blood taken but having to try two arms isn't fun. I have one good vein and I hope it will continue to be good for the rest of my life.

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed your TV, Tamo.

Cacoethes 04-01-2023 05:25 PM

I am! And I do need to chill! Lol

It hasn't been busy today. All I have is pilates, pharmacy and glow beatz! Well, I also have washing to put away and a delivery coming. But the washing will only take a couple of minutes and all I have to do for the delivery is sit on my arse until it gets here! It's coming via DPD apparently. I hope it's soon because I've run out of hay! They just have what's left in their cage. Which IS enough. But i like to give them lots!

How's your day going lindsay?

one_step_closer 04-01-2023 05:39 PM

Do you know when the delivery is likely to arrive? I couldn't do three big-ish things in the day like you have. It's hard enough doing one big-ish thing like go to the gym.

I was up late again but got a washing done which was the main thing I had to do. I'm hoping once all my regular things start again I'll have a better getting out of bed pattern.

Cacoethes 04-01-2023 05:45 PM

It just says 'before 8pm'
I leave for glow beatz at about 7. Fingers crossed it comes before then! Or at least leave it somewhere. It's not raining so should be ok.

I think it's just different personalities!
I could never do more than one thing in a day. And I'd have to have a day of doing nothing. But couldn't deal with that now!

Well done for doing the washing!
It is hard to get back into a routine.

one_step_closer 04-01-2023 06:01 PM

And then before 8pm sometimes turns into a delay and it will be delivered tomorrow. You can never be sure with deliveries any more. I hope your delivery does turn up today and at a time that suits you.

I especially couldn't go to things at 7pm, but it's good that you can do these things.

My routine starts next week with psychotherapy, psychiatrist, and gym group. I'm fine with the routine on my to do lists it's just the getting out of bed. I'll need to be up early on Mondays and Tuesdays from now on but hopefully will be ok.

Cacoethes 04-01-2023 06:10 PM

It was actually meant to be coming tomorrow originally anyway!

I think since having a job, I've just found things a lot easier. It's helped in sooo many ways! Just wish the pay wasn't so **** XD

Hopefully it will just become part of your normal routine and you'll start to find it easier

one_step_closer 04-01-2023 06:14 PM

You are amazing. <3

Cacoethes 04-01-2023 06:40 PM

Aww thank you <3
I'm not though. There are people out there who do way more!

The hay has arrived! The boys are very happy!

Zurg 04-01-2023 09:39 PM

Hooray for hay!!! Yes, i just made that up and yes, it did Sound Way better in my head….

Have retreated to my bedroom. But i wish i could sleep in the livingroom because now i miss my zoo :(

Cacoethes 04-01-2023 09:53 PM


Aww :(
Don't worry, they aren't far away!
I really missed my boys over Christmas. More than i thought i ever would!

Cacoethes 05-01-2023 08:28 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 05-01-2023 09:05 AM

Morning Beckie :)
How are you?

tamobhuuta 05-01-2023 11:47 AM

Good morning, how are people?

Cacoethes 05-01-2023 11:52 AM

I'm ok thanks. Tired!

How are you guys?

tamobhuuta 05-01-2023 01:34 PM

I'm ok, had a visit from my dad. Just queueing for lunch, hoping they have a cheese sandwich.

tamobhuuta 05-01-2023 01:48 PM

I got the last cheese sandwich! Om nom nom. Going to eat it in front of Waterloo Road, the whole new series has been put up.

Cacoethes 05-01-2023 03:16 PM

That's lucky!

I'm watching it now. On second episode!

one_step_closer 05-01-2023 03:56 PM

Afternoon, everyone.

Cheese and onion sandwiches are better than just cheese I think.

I've never seen Waterloo Road, what's it about?

How is everyones day going and what do you have planned for the rest of the day?

And, Kat, I actually did enjoy your Hooray for hay, it was very satisfying to read.

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