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Zurg 25-08-2022 09:44 AM

Morning Beckie. And yay for rain!!! :D

A ladder is a neccessary accessory in most homes here. I Think finding a chair tall enough to let you reach the ceiling would be impossible (unless you were exceptionally tall yourself…)

I just had a nap because i was awake most of the night due to a headache. Alberte the bun-bun jumped on my couch and pooped next to my head while i was napping XD

tamobhuuta 25-08-2022 10:02 AM


We have muchos rain here too.

not_so_insig 25-08-2022 11:04 AM

No rain here. If anyone has Disney plus then there's an excellent documentary series i recommend called Welcome to Wrexham :-D . Or if you're in the USA then it's on FX.

Cacoethes 25-08-2022 11:08 AM

Never a dull moment with your animals zurg!

It has been constant torrential rain since the early hours.
I got so soaked when i went out, i had to completely change clothes when i got back!

Zurg 25-08-2022 11:21 AM

No fair!!! I want rain too!!! It's too hot and humid here. Such bollocks!!! :-(

Sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee and trying to mentally prepare myself for parcel Pick-up, pharmacy and a wee bit of grocery shopping. And i don't want to. I want to stamp my feet and yell “i can't possibly be expected to adult today!!!!”

Cacoethes 25-08-2022 11:45 AM

Its been sooo muggy for the last couple of days
The rain is definitely needed!

I was feeling the same this morning! Had to go to pilates, pharmacy and asda.
Now i can rest and watch the rain until later this afternoon!

one_step_closer 25-08-2022 02:05 PM

Hey everyone. No rain here, just cloudy.

You're famous, Dawn!

Is rabbit poo stinky, Kat? I wouldn't like to wake up to any poo of course. How is your adulting going?

Resting and watching the rain sounds nice and calming, Beckie.

Cacoethes 25-08-2022 02:40 PM

It stopped raining for 10 minutes, now it's raining again!

Rabbit poo isn't stinky.
Not that i can remember from having a rabbit.
Or when my friend had 11 rabbits.

It was for a bit but I'm bored now lol

Have you been up to much today lindsay?

one_step_closer 25-08-2022 05:01 PM

Do you have much to do this evening, Beckie?

I've not done much because I got up late and felt like I didn't have time to go shopping since I needed to wash my hair. So I just washed my hair and couldn't cut back the bushes in my front garden because my hair was wet. Hopefully I'll get more stuff done tomorrow. I probably would have had time to do other things but my guessing of how much time things will take isn't very good.

one_step_closer 25-08-2022 05:10 PM

Did anyone put their bins out yesterday evening for RYL bin day? My local bin people are on strike so I didn't get my bins emptied today.

Zurg 25-08-2022 05:14 PM

Rabbit poo doesn’t smell. They are just wee, brown pea sized poops. Alberte sometimes drops a few outside her cage. But hey, **** happens, so that's okay!!
She hasn't pooped on me yet XD My birdies and my pet snail are all guilty of doing just that!!!

My adulting eventually happened late this afternoon. I have been feeling sick on and off all day and thus spent most of the day napping. Alberte chose to nap too since i wasn't much entertainmemt ;-)

Just had dinner and i Think i ate too much o_o that is a very recurrent theme of my life, actually…..

I hope the rain brought some cooler Air along with it!!!
And i need a shower because it's friggin hot here and humid af!!!

one_step_closer 25-08-2022 05:18 PM

What is snail poo like? I've never stopped to wonder!

Well done for adulting *high five* I'm sorry you're feeling sick, does anything help? Do you sleep when you nap? I don't have the skills to nap and wouldn't want to anyway.

What did you have for dinner? I hope you enjoyed it despite feeling like you've eaten too much.

Are you feeling ok enough to shower?

Cacoethes 25-08-2022 06:29 PM

I had to put my washing away, change bed sheets and put meds in dosset box. Then taekwando. And beatz soon.

Well done for washing your hair lindsay :)
The other stuff can wait

Yep i put my bin out!
When are the bin people coming back?

I have been pooped on by a snail

Well done for adulting zurg!

The rain has made it much cooler!

I had a very good taekwando class.
The instructor couldn't stop smiling and said she got so excited when she saw how good we are getting. She said most people take a really long time to get the hang of it all but we (2 of us today) have just immediately picked it up. We might even get to do our grading earlier because we're already nearly ready for it!

Cacoethes 26-08-2022 08:17 AM

Morning everyone

It is very foggy this morning!

Zurg 26-08-2022 08:50 AM

It's cloudy, hot and humid here. The worst kind of weather!!! I demand rain, thunder and cool air!!!

Also, morning Beckie :-)
How are you today??

Cacoethes 26-08-2022 09:27 AM

I'm sure it will come zurg!

I'm ok.
I have to pop to the piercing shop this morning because my forward helix piercing came out. It was extra annoying because i got up to use the toilet at about 1am and heard something metal hit the floor. Immediately checked all my piercings! So i had to turn the light on and get my glasses and hunt for it.
It's gold with a swaroski crystal in it so too expensive to leave!
The shop doesn't open until 10 though.
I also have work at 12.
It's a street food festival in the garden today so we're gonna be rammed D:

How are you?

tamobhuuta 26-08-2022 10:30 AM

Did you find it Cacoethes? Good luck at work!

We've got bright sunshine here Zurg.

Cacoethes 26-08-2022 10:55 AM

Yes i did! Thank god!
Thank you! :)

The fog has cleared and it's now sunny but not too hot and not cold. It's the perfect temperature!

Have you got much planned for today tamo?

tamobhuuta 26-08-2022 11:02 AM

It's L's birthday so we're going out for cocktails.

Cacoethes 26-08-2022 11:13 AM

I hope you enjoy it

one_step_closer 26-08-2022 01:47 PM

Hi everyone.

It's the same weather here, Kat. I walked to Tesco with my jacket on and regretted it.

I'm glad you found your piercing especially since it was such an expensive one, Beckie. Hopefully it stays in now. You have a lot of piercings to keep a track of. I hope work is going ok.

I hope you enjoy your cocktails and celebration, Tamo.

Cacoethes 26-08-2022 06:22 PM

Hey everyone

Zurg 26-08-2022 06:35 PM

Hi :-)

I've just had a shower. Didn't help AT ALL!!!! I came home from a short but sweaty bike ride and post shower i feel just as sweaty and nasty as before >:-(
I can't win today!!!
Also, Alberte the bunny hopped up to me on the couch which i assumed was a sign of affcetion on her part. Then she made a bunny poop right next to me and hopped back down. Sucks to be me today!!,

Cacoethes 26-08-2022 06:47 PM

Doesn't sound like you're having a great time today!

Zurg 26-08-2022 08:16 PM

I Think the Universe conspires against me today. I hope it has gotten rid of some pent up anger and frustration because i'd like a more positive day tomorrow :P

I've tucked in my zoo. Sitting in my bed with my fan blowing. This is acceptable :-)

Cacoethes 26-08-2022 08:27 PM

Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow!

nonperson 26-08-2022 08:30 PM

At least bunny poops are easy to clean up.

This evening I discovered that at Sainsbury's self check out you need to scan your receipt to get out! Like, there are literally barriers that won't open until you scan it. O.o

Cacoethes 26-08-2022 08:44 PM

They had those in antwerp!
I was really freaked out!

nonperson 26-08-2022 08:51 PM

So was I. The guy was like "Make sure you take your receipt to get out!" and I thought he was joking...

Anyway, that's my minor indignation of the day.

Cacoethes 26-08-2022 09:00 PM

I hope asda don't bring them in any time soon!

nonperson 26-08-2022 09:15 PM

It's a weird system, I'm not really sure what it's trying to achieve. Just got to get used to it, I suppose!

not_so_insig 27-08-2022 05:07 AM

Morning all. I suspect that you are all asleep. I beat Beckie :laugh:

nonperson 27-08-2022 07:21 AM


Cacoethes 27-08-2022 07:24 AM

Morning guys

not_so_insig 27-08-2022 09:37 AM

How are you doing today Beckie?

Zurg 27-08-2022 09:47 AM

Late riser here.

I discovered that too recently, about needing your reciept to get out of a store o_o
I legit saw myself starve or thirst to death in a self check out area because i just smashed my reciept in my pocket and making it impossible for the scanner to read!!!
….. but the drama passed when the guy working at the self check out just pushed a secret button and let me out XD

How are you all this morning???

Cacoethes 27-08-2022 09:55 AM

I'm ok thanks Dawn. You?

That sounds terrifying zurg!

I'm ok.
Went to asda this morning.
The security thing on one of the doors is broken so it was continuously beeping! Bet it was doing the poor staff's heads in! It was doing my head in and i was only in there for 10 minutes!

tamobhuuta 27-08-2022 09:56 AM

I've never had to do that.

not_so_insig 27-08-2022 10:00 AM

I am brilliant thanks Beckie. Been awake for over 6 hours but I don't feel tired.

tamobhuuta 27-08-2022 10:52 AM

You're weird insig :p

Cacoethes 27-08-2022 10:56 AM

I'm always tired these days.

Zurg 27-08-2022 11:53 AM

That's rather impressive Dawn. When i've been awake for half an hour i'm about ready to take a nap :P

Constant and annoying sounds that can't be turned off is something an evil genious invented on the very day he/she hated humanity exceptionally much!!!

Cacoethes 27-08-2022 12:05 PM

Absolutely zurg!
They tried putting bin bags over the sensors but that didn't work

Zurg 27-08-2022 12:09 PM

If i'd have to work there all day i Think i would eventually have smashed whatever device that provided the annoying Sound. I would most likely have been fired on the spot but it'd still be worth it!!

Cacoethes 27-08-2022 12:11 PM

Yep same!

not_so_insig 27-08-2022 12:50 PM

Well I fell asleep before. Only for half an hour though.

tamobhuuta 27-08-2022 02:16 PM

How do you feel now?

I just got stung by a bee :(

one_step_closer 27-08-2022 02:33 PM

Hi everyone.

Oh no, Tamo. Bad bee!

not_so_insig 27-08-2022 02:36 PM

Oh dear that's not good tamobhuuta.

I feel quite refreshed now :-)

tamobhuuta 27-08-2022 02:56 PM

That's good.

I didn't even see the bee, I just went owch and saw the sting in my arm.

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